Winery Date

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"I didn't want to trouble Lucien but he offered me advice and help again. I seem to have been dependent on him."

General Requirements[edit]

  • Character: Lucien
  • Required Intimacy: 7

Required Karma[edit]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[edit]

Section 1

In the hopes of a long-term partnership with the city council, I accepted an invitation from the Loveland City Council. But I was stressing out because I couldn't think of a better subject matter. While I was moping, Lucien suddenly appeared. What was he doing here?

Section 2

It turned out Lucien knew about my troubles and had come to look after me. He was so kind. Not only did he listen to my worries, encourage me, and make me feel better, but he also slowly coaxed a new idea out of me. But then when he demanded that I let him bring me home to get some rest, I seemed to see yet another side of him, which gave me quite a stir.

Section 3

The maple leaf promise with Lucien made me blush. Hearing Lucien introduce me also made me blush... He always makes me blush or makes my heart pound so easily. What's that all about? The wine in the winery was delicious, and the owner Eileen's story was so moving. I don't want to end up like her, letting love slip through my fingers. I wonder what Lucien thinks?

Section 4

Through talking with Eileen, the show was slowly taking shape in my mind, thanks in large part to Lucien's help. Apparently I just can't do without him. On the ride back, Lucien said people would return like clockwork, but I wasn't sure who he was talking about. He really kept you on your toes.