Victor SMS: Love Returns

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General Info[ ]

Character: Victor



How to get: Love Returns (Event)


Victor: I've read the proposal. I think its fine.
Victor: I'll discuss the details with you tomorrow.
Victor: ...
Victor: Busy with something else?
Victor: ... You really have a nerve, ignoring my calls.
Victor: Let me know beforehand if you have an urgent business trip next time.
Victor: Don't just suddenly disappear.
Victor: Just landed?
Victor: Call me when you get there.
Victor: You really have a nerve.
Victor: ... Whatever.
Victor: Text me back when you wake up.
Victor: Is the movie festival over?
Victor: The movie you wanted to watch is showing.
Victor: Let's watch it together when you come back.
Victor: Are you coming back today?
Victor: What's your flight number? I'll pick you up.
Victor: With Souvenir's pudding.
Victor: Why didn't you answer the phone again?
Victor: I heard that something went wrong with the festival's awards. Are you following up on the case?
Victor: Still in Paris?
Victor: I'm at Charles de Gaulle Airport now.
Victor: Where are you? I'll come find you.
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