Victor SMS: Confession

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General Info[edit]

Character: Victor


How to get: Rainy Day Date


MC: Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about what happened today.
Victor: What do you mean by "what happened today"? Nothing happened today.
  • Option 1
MC: Okay, okay. Nothing happened.
Victor: You should go to bed earlier. You got wet in the rain, that can't be healthy.
  • Option 2
MC: I swear I'll keep your secret.
Victor: Didn't you hear what I just said?
  • Option 3
MC: I know that if word of this gets out, it could affect you as CEO...
Victor: You should use your overly-active imagination solely on your job.
  • Option 1
MC: Sorry you got caught in the rain.
Victor: It's fine. It's just rain.
  • Option 2
MC: Thanks for bringing me home...
Victor: No need to thank me. I just wanted the presentation to go smoothly.
  • Option 3
MC: I guess you aren't as cold as I thought.
Victor: Just how scary do you think I am?
  • Option 1
MC: Get some rest soon.
Victor: Okay. Good night.
  • Option 2
MC: You're not as cold as they say.
Victor: When it comes to what kind of person I really am, you still have a lot to learn.
Victor: You should go to bed soon. Good night.
  • Option 3
MC: You shouldn't be so sharp-tongued all the time.
Victor: My sharp tongue? You should just get used to it.
Victor: Have a good rest. Good night!