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General Info[ ]

Character: Victor




Victor: I got the tea you sent.
  • Option 1
MC: Glad you got it! Consider it thanks for recommending the perfect shop to me!
Victor: No thanks necessary.
  • Option 2
MC: I still need to thank you for recommending that store. It's great for a holiday shoot!
Victor: Absolutely. No thanks necessary.
  • Option 3
MC: I hope you remember my gift and yell at me a little less next time!
Victor: ...
Victor: If you like black tea, next time I’ll send you a whole tea set.
  • Option 1
MC: Oh? So generous?
Victor: As a payback gift.
  • Option 2
MC: Don't give me a tea set that's too fancy. I'm afraid I'd break it.
Victor: I know.
Victor: So I wouldn't send you a fancy one.
  • Option 3
MC: Really? Thanks!
Victor: No need. I have lots of sets already.
  • Option 1
MC: Is this the black tea that Souvenir uses? The tastes’re very close!
Victor: It’s the black tea they use for afternoon tea.
  • Option 2
MC: How does the tea taste? I heard it’s a new variety for that shop!
Victor: Pretty good.
  • Option 3
MC: Did you already try some of it? I really like that flavor!
Victor: I had some, It's pretty good.
Victor: What collection is that?
  • Option 1
MC: Uh… what collection? I don’t seem to know…
Victor: Oh? Really?
  • Option 2
MC: It’s what the store recommended to me. They said it’s a new kind of black tea?
  • Option 3
MC: These blend collections're really trendy right now…
Victor: Apple, lemon, and orange-flavored black tea blend?
  • Option 1
MC: It’s my fault! I confess!
Victor: But you don’t seem to regret?
  • Option 2
MC: It sounds like some kind of witch’s brew. Does it taste like fruity tea?
Victor: Do you want to try?
  • Option 3
MC: I really didn't know it was this kind of blend. The store told me it was "a fun" blend.
Victor: Yes, quite "fun".
  • Option 1
MC: Well, I didn’t do it on purpose! I meant well!
Victor: Next time don’t try these strange things.
  • Option 2
MC: Life is all about trying new things. Wasn’t this a fun experience?
Victor: You do have a point.
  • Option 3
MC: Sir, when you get this way I start to panic…
Victor: From now on when you come to LFG, this blend will be just for you.
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