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About Me

Hello, I'm a user who mainly starts up Wikis for mobile games as a hobby. I started on the Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki where I learned most of what I know about Wiki editing now. I eventually moved on from the game to start up and contribute to other Wikis including:

Unhappy with Fandom's buyout of Gamepedia, I began to look for other hosting options. I started up the Another Eden Wiki around February 2019 as a "test run" of Miraheze, was spoiled with the flexibility and features Miraheze offered, and haven't looked back. Miraheze Wikis I've also founded include:

Outside of Wiki editing, I'm a software engineer by trade with an M.S. in Computer Science. My native language is English with beginner/intermediate understanding level reading Spanish and Chinese.

Contact Information

If you need help on any of the listed Wikis or if you need any help starting/editing on your own Wiki, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I can be contacted via: