Unwrap the Gift

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Summary[ ]

"Upon learning that Kiro had won the annual award, I took the gift I prepared for him and headed off to his house. Just then, a little incident threw my plan into disarray..."

General Requirements[ ]

  • Character: Kiro
  • Required Intimacy: 8

Required Karma[ ]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[ ]

I came to Kiro's house, ready to celebrate his winning the annual award. Halfway through putting up the lights, he came back.

To ensure Kiro got the rest he needed, I made him lie in the bed. Just when I felt relieved, he got bored and started playing with my fingers. I had to gave him his phone back so he could make a post on social media to comfort his fans.

Kiro's sudden move startled me. Luckily he was okay. The prank reminded me of the gift I prepared, so I offered to give him a massage.

The romantic vibe in the dimly lit room left me short of breath. Kiro started to undo the ribbon he had wrapped around me, telling me he'd unwrap the "gift" slowly, bit by bit...

Video[ ]

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