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Summary[ ]

"Lucien for the first time refused my request. He seemed to get far away from my life. Will he show up at the party?"

General Requirements[ ]

  • Character: Lucien
  • Required Intimacy: 4

Required Karma[ ]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[ ]

Everyone worked really hard on the company's first show of the year, and when it was finally finished, I was told that Lucien had helped out on it too. But hadn't he turned me down?

I remember that day. I asked Lucien for help, and he coldly refused. So why did he help me in the end? It really didn't seem like him.

At first I thought Lucien wouldn't accept my invitation to attend our team-building outing, but that day, he showed up. He said he was worried about me because he couldn't reach me on the phone. We started playing Truth or Dare, and Lucien admitted for the first time there was someone he liked.

I also said the person who was most important to me, but Lucien was drunk and didn't seem to understand. I rarely get up and sing in front of others, so I don't know why I decided to sing a duet with Lucien. In his eyes, I saw that he believed in me.

Script[ ]


I sat in the editing room combing over the inaugural episode of Miracle Finder.
Because it would affect ratings and sponsorship for the year, it had to be perfect.
Film Editor: This is my 12th edit...
Everyone was fixated on me, awaiting my final approval.
MC: It looks great. It's a go!
They hoot-and-hollered. I felt guilty about the wringers I put them through.
MC: Thanks for the effort, and rest assured you'll all get a nice bonus!
Film Editor: You know, boss, Lucien is who you should thank the most.
I didn't understand what he meant.
Film Editor: I consulted with him privately, and he always took time out of his busy schedule.
I stared into the screen as my mind went back to two weeks ago...

I was still stumped over the show, and Lucien was the first person I thought of.
I reflexively dialed his number like it was a daily routine to ask him for help.
He picked up after several rings.
MC: You got a minute, Lucien? I wanna run something by you.
He didn't speak for several long seconds.
Lucien: Sorry, I'm very busy right now.
Aloofness and distance belied his polite tone. Not fatigue, but standoffish.
MC: Oh, sorry to bother you, I guess you're busy...
Lucien: All right, I've got to go.
MC: Okay.
He didn't have to say anything more for me to feel we're getting farther apart.
MC: Wait!
MC: Even though you're busy, still, take care, okay? Bye.
He breathed a bit faster, then silence...I didn't realize he hung up until later.
MC: No idea if he heard the last thing I said or not.
A weird feeling came over me then.
He's never spoken or given me the cold shoulder like that, ever...
MC: What am I thinking? He was probably busy out of his mind.
Even so, I'm still leery.
I fought to put it all behind. Maybe I should start relying on myself instead.
Film Editor: Boss? Hey Boss, do the credits look okay?
I snapped back in time to see "Consultant: Lucien" rolled before my eyes.
MC: What did the professor say? I mean, what was his reply? And when?
Film Editor: About two days back, when we stayed up till 4 and you fell asleep on the couch.
Film Editor: I called him up and when he asked about you, I said you were out in the couch.
Film Editor: He said he's busy and hung up, but got email from him next day full of suggestions.
Film Editor: Strange, though, he said not to tell you, but I see no harm in letting you know.
Why did Lucien refuse to help, only to do it at last minute?
How come he didn't want me to know? Is there something unusual going on?
I don't get it, nor why he's becoming more and more a stranger to me.
He didn't reply to me and suspended seminars like he wanted us to drift apart.
I felt a tinge of hurt inside at that thought.
Film Editor: Boss, should we get Lucien for our team building? Seemed like he had fun...
The film editor asked casually, not aware of my current baggage.
MC: Uh... He's probably too busy to join us.
Film Editor: But he still showed up before no matter how busy he was...
I left the room in a hurry, not wanting to carry on the conversation.
The company kicked off team-building part at the newest suite in a classy hotel.
It was modern yet classically elegant, had a white piano next to a small stage.
I repeatedly checked the mail on my phone, wherein lied text from 3 days ago.
SMS: Come to our team party in 3 days at the Petrichor, Lucien.
SMS: Want you to come, you seemed so happy last time, but I understand if you're busy.
Yes, I did send them yet still no reply. I sighed, mostly out of disappointment.
Kiki: Why do you keep checking your phone? Come on, leave work behind!
Kiki snatched my phone, pushed some random buttons and put it aside.
MC: Hey, give back my phone...
I put my hand out but Kiki shoved a deck of cards into it.
Kiki: I know you don't sing or dance, so let's play some cards!
Some other colleagues wanted to join in, so I had no choice but to play.
(Lucien's home)
The call phone buzzed, showing an incoming message from MC
Lucien hesitated before checking and saw a hodgepodge of numbers and letters.
What the heck is this, Lucien frowned in puzzlement.
He tried everything, including online search, and still couldn't decipher it.
Why would she send me such a text?
Is she mad about me blowing her off? Or was she just reminding me of the party?
He tried calling her on landline but got the message she's turned her phone off.
Lucien: What's going on with me?
Lucien: Since when do I care about matters like this?
He muttered, his eyes remained on the text she sent 3 days back.
All he wanted was to get close to her, but never figured he'd fall for her.
Lucien: Didn't I decide to stay out of her life?
So why did I help her, anyways? Why get upset and anxious over a nonsensical text?
The pain in his heart reminded him he was fighting a battle he tried to avoid.
He figured some of it out when he opened the door to the suite.
He just couldn't let go.

MC: You're here, Lucien!
The girl looked at him and there was just him alone in her wide,beautiful eyes.
Lucien brushed across his chest as if to remove a heavy load off the heart.
He sighed.
Forget it, let's go another round with this ditz.
He strode into the suite and casually sat next to the girl.
MC: Aren't you busy with work?
MC: Uh, I mean how come you didn't text back? Thought you weren't coming.
Question marks were all over her face in the dim light.
On top of that, he also clearly saw joy.
He swallowed whatever he had planned to say and touched the girl's face.
Lucien: Sorry about coming without calling you first.
MC: You couldn't get through?
She searched the couch, fished out a phone and coyly bit her lips.
MC: I must've accidentally turned it off...
Lucien chuckled with a slightly resigned "That figures!" look in his eyes.
Lucien: Fool.
She burst out a laughter and quickly covered her mouth, then turned her eyes away.
MC: Were you worried about me?
Lucien: Yes.
He moved closer to her and nodded without any pause.
Kiki: Hey, isn't that Professor Lucien? How come you didn't tell us he's here, boss?
MC: Uh, because...
Lucien: Sorry about inviting myself to your team-building party.
Kiki: Don't be! We still miss how well you sang last time that we want to hear it again!
Kiki ran over to the stage, grabbed a mic and shouted into it with Anna.
Lucien: How come you're not singing?
MC: Huh? Oh, I don't really sing...
Lucien: I know, but I still want to hear it.
That made me blush.
MC: You're teasing me again...
He sighed.
Lucien: I really was concerned about you, and also I really want to hear you sing.
Lucien: It's all true.
Although softly spoken, those words sounded louder than any other noise in the room.
On stage, Kiki and Anna were still belting out a sad love song.
Anna: When the days got worse, you were the first to leave...
Kiki: When the nights get long, you'll realize how unbearable it is without me...
Lucien glanced at the lyrics on the screen, his eyes no longer sparkled.
They were happily singing away on stage, while others played a game off stage.
Upon seeing Lucien, the players all wanted him to join in.
Willow: OK, now we're doing Truth or Dare. Answer truthfully or down all these drinks!
Willow clapped for the film editor to bring on a rack with five full shots of whiskey.
These guys...: ...are playing for keeps!
I stared at the row of liquor with apprehension.One would be enough to plaster me.
But I didn't recall ever seeing Lucien drink, so I looked quizzically at him.
He nodded and patted the back of my hand.
The bottle spun and pointed at Willow.
Kiki: Is there anyone you’re crushing on?
Kiki: All eyes glued on Willow as Kiki went right for the jugular.
Willow stared daggers at Kiki and reluctantly nodded.
The crowd cheered. Willow then gave the bottle a big twist.
Kiki: So, Professor Lucien, is there anyone you're crushing on here?
Willow: Can't you get new materials?
Kiki: That’s why I added “here”!
Lucien chuckled and nodded with no hesitation.
Lucien: Yes.
The answer took everyone by surprise. They forgot to cheer for one whole minute.
My heart was beating uncontrollably from the moment Kiki asked the question.
Lucien likes someone here in the room.... But I was afraid to think about it.
I reflexively pulled my hand back but Lucien reached and held it tightly.
Lucien: Why the red face?
MC: I, uh, had some liquor...
Lucien: But I didn’t see you drink.
MC: Oh, then it must be hot in here.
My voice tailed off, with Lucien's laughter ringing in my ears.
Kiki: the professor again!
The bottle pointed at Lucien again. This time Willow barged in with a question.
Willow: Who’s the one you’re crushing on?
Time seemed to stop after the final word.
My heart jumped even more as I buried my head deeper.
Lucien must have realized something. He raised and downed all the shots.
The crowd seemed somewhat disappointed and resumed spinning the bottle.
The crowd seemed somewhat disappointed and resumed spinning the bottle.
I noticed his ears have turned bright red. He was at least slightly drunk.
MC: Are you all right, Lucien?
He nodded and got close enough for me to sense the liquor on his breath.
Lucien: I’m fine...But you, you owe me a truth.
MC: Umm...
I didn’t know how to respond to that and could only stutter and scratch my head.
It could’ve been the alcohol or revelry but he was getting really excited.
Kiki: Finally, it’s the boss’s turn!
Kiki winked at Willow and they both got in my grill.
Willow: Tell us who is most important to you and why, and be specific.
MC: Why do I get the tough questions?
Come on, don’t try to weasel out of this one!
Most important person… I peaked at Lucien next to me and took a deep breath.
MC: Because I got to know this someone, he showed me a brand new world.
MC: He’s gentle but not pretentious, a mystery but also clear as day.
MC: He can see all my thoughts and teach me the ways of the world.
MC: When I meet setback, he’d guide me with patience and understanding.
I droned on without realizing Lucien was listening intently with knitted brows.
MC: He… is very important to me.
After speaking from the heart, I let out a deep breath.
Colleague A: That was visceral. I bet the person ain’t here or she wouldn’t have said all that!
Kiki: I really want to know who that is!
MC: Never mind. Spin the bottle again...
While they gabbed about who might I be referring to, Lucien took another shot.
The game continued, but strangely, Lucien wasn’t as high like he was before.
MC: Could he be drunk? He sure slammed quite a lot down...
MC: I’ve never seen him drunk, come to think of it. Imagine it’d be funny.
I stood before a sink and giggled when I pictured him drunk in my mind.

Suddenly, an arm pulled me with irresistible force into a massive embrace.
Startled, I smelled a unique grassy scent and faint alcohol.
I then realized Lucien had my back against the wall and my wrist pinned.
MC: What are you doing, Lucien?
My heart raced and my mind went blank.
Lucien looked mistily into my eyes.
Lucien: That person who’s most important...
MC: Huh?
Lucien: Who is he? Tell me.
He pressed up against me, hinting threat in his voice.
I froze. Didn’t he hear what I said? Or… did he misunderstand?
I looked at Lucien and saw both rage and restrain in his eyes.
MC: Why?
Lucien: Tell me!
He pressed even closer. I felt nothing but heat coming off his body.
I was at a total loss, since I’ve never seen him this...savage before. I could only say...
MC: It’s you.
MC: It’s you I was talking about. You’re very important to me.
That seemed to sober him up, as the smell of alcohol dispersed.
MC: Everything I said was meant for you to hear but you misunderstood...
More clarity returned to him and he loosened the grip on my wrist.
Lucien: I’m sorry, did I hurt you?
MC: A little bit...
He softly rubbed my wrist I couldn’t see his face but felt every bit of regret.
We got back and the party was still jamming, but I was still a little unnerved.
I patted my chest to calm myself down, then quietly removed Lucien’s liquor.
Kiki: Hey, boss, how about you sing a song this time for a change?
Kiki came up and thrust me microphone.
MC: No no, it’s quite all right...
I turned the offer down meekly as I looked away at Lucien.
I’m not totally tone-deaf, just wasn’t prepared to sing in front of him.
Kiki: If you don’t wanna sing, we’ll make the professor take your place!
That got a huge ovation.
Lucien looked at me and I nodded, since I was dying to hear him sing too.
He smiled, took another class of wine and went up to the stage.
Only then I noticed his sharp black suit jacket, stylish turtleneck and chic scarf.
He casually put a hand into the pocket, standing like a dream under the spotlight.
He put down the glass, paused, then came over and took me on stage..
He used just enough strength to stop me from fleeing.
By the time I came around, he was already behind me, chin resting on my shoulder.
Lucien: What song would you like to sing?
MC: Do I really have to?
Lucien: I want to hear.
MC: Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!
I pouted.
Lucien: So, you ready?
He whispered into my ear in intoxicatingly low, powerful voice.
He made a selection on the karaoke machine and music started to play.
His hand was large enough to palm both mine and the microphone.
His palm felt a bit dry and seemed to send pulses throughout my body.
He kept his eyes on me the whole time, seeing right into my heart.
I saw certainty in those eyes.
Lucien: When love hits my heart, I won’t let it go.
The force in his magnetic voice reminded me of the autumn wind or a rising tide.
Striking my heart with every chord.
The melody took me down memory lane.
He was so handsome in the sun. There were late-night theater, wheat field, rainbow...
All that melted into the song, flowing through the glitzy room like a river..
MC: And I will
MC: Cherish it in my memories
We stood very close to each other the entire time.
Lucien’s eyes, full of joy and anticipation, were on me from start to finish.
Lucien: Never knew a song could be over so quickly.
We got off the stage after the performance.
MC: You still sing a great song!
He pursed his lips in mischief.
Lucien: Is that so? But can I trust a liar?
MC: What do you mean?
Lucien: You said you couldn’t sing.
I thought back to my warning about my singing.
MC: Not my fault you fell for it.
Lucien: Then why did you lie to me?
He rapped my head lightly with knuckles.
MC: Although I said to skip this if you’re busy, I still wanted you here.
I pondered and decided to tell the truth.
He froze. I could feel he was starting to get emotional. His Adam’s apple bobbed.
MC: What’s wrong?
A long sigh emitted from his throat, followed by an even deeper sound.
Lucien: It won’t happen again.
He looked at me with apology in his eyes.
Lucien: Aren’t you going to ask me if I ever lied to you?
I paused and winked.
MC: Of course I know about all your lies.
Lucien: Such as…?
MC: You were obviously drunk but denied it, and misunderstood what I said.
As she rambled on, Lucien snickered and chugged down another shot.
His vision started to blur and he was seeing a double of her face and the lights.
He thought to himself maybe he was drunk, and might as well go with the flow.
Let both the party and the alcohol continue.
That way he could blame the ambience and alcohol for his behaviours tonight.
He raised the glass, threw his head back and slammed it in one gulp.

Video[ ]