The Darkest Hour Stone Locket Event

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The Darkest Hour Stone Locket Event Promo Banner.jpg

Type: Time Limited Stone Locket Event
Date: August 07, 2019 - September 09, 2019

Wake event limited Crystals in "Stone Locket" for a chance to get limited SSR Karma Shards.


This event includes 4 types of Crystals which unlock 4 kinds of SSR Karma Shards, Star Shards and other items. These Crystals can be obtained from the Love Supply at the cost of C general jewel big.png Gem x328 for 30 Crystals.

Collect 80 Shards to obtain the event-limited SSR.

Crystal Drop Rates

Item Rate
SSR Shard x1 10.5%
C general power big.png Stamina x5 18.5%
C general gold big.png Gold x100 60.0%
C general jewel big.png Gem x5 11.0%

Featured Karma

Star Shards

Star Shards are dropped from every crystal and can be used to trade for items in the Star Store.

Item Star Shard Cost
C general power big.png Stamina x100 119034.png Star Shard x50
C general gold big.png Gold x10000 119034.png Star Shard x50
120003.png Confess Wish x1 119034.png Star Shard x20
135003.png 3-Star Training (Random) x1 119034.png Star Shard x100
C cardluck diamond big.png Galaxy Wish Coupon x1 119034.png Star Shard x200
119051.png Emotion Flower x1 119034.png Star Shard x80
119050.png Emotion Stone x300 119034.png Star Shard x30