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  • Name - String
  • CallCharacter - String
  • Obtain - Wikitext
  • RequiredKarma - =string

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Page Name CallCharacter Obtain RequiredKarma
4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars Shaw Birthday Phone Call 2022
A Constant Promise A Constant Promise Kiro Main Story (Stage 9-7)
A Kind of Warning A Kind of Warning Shaw Main Story (Stage 26-6)
A Long Separation A Long Separation Gavin Evolution Gavin: Sea of Stars
A Small Problem A Small Problem Victor Evolve Karma to Tier 4 Victor: Fragrance
A Surprise for You A Surprise for You Kiro Obtained Karma Kiro: Whisk You Away
A Timely Confession A Timely Confession Gavin Happy New Year 2020
A Wall Away A Wall Away Victor Main Story (Stage 28-4)
About Film Studio About Film Studio Gavin Obtained Karma Gavin: Seize
About Marriage About Marriage Lucien Star Up: Four Stars Lucien: Sound of Silence
About Rebirth About Rebirth Lucien Obtained Karma Lucien: Edge of Future
About Romance About Romance Gavin: Lost Forest Obtained Karma Gavin: Lost Forest
About The Heartbeat About The Heartbeat Lucien Obtained Karma Lucien: Stranded Romance
About the Orphanage About the Orphanage Lucien Main Story (Stage 6-16)
About the Visit About the Visit Kiro Evolution Kiro: Albatross
Acceptance Speech Acceptance Speech Lucien Evolution Lucien: Lifetime Promise
Accident Accident Victor Evolution Victor: Loving Stare
Addicted Addicted Lucien Evolution Lucien: Painted In
Adventure Adventure Kiro Obtained Karma Kiro: Minuet
Aerial Photography Accident Aerial Photography Accident Victor Obtained Karma Victor: Instant Moment
After Crisis After Crisis Gavin Evolve Karma to Tier 4 Gavin: Night Spark
After Embarrassment After Embarrassment Gavin Evolution Gavin: My Hero
After Forgetting After Forgetting Lucien Obtained Karma Lucien: Floating Light
After Rain Care After Rain Care Kiro Evolution Kiro: Star In Hand
After Swimming After Swimming Victor Evolution Victor: Breathless
After the Outing After the Outing Lucien Evolution Lucien: Peach Blossoms
After-class Assignment After-class Assignment Lucien Evolution Lucien: Lovesickness
Afternoon Sweet Afternoon Sweet Kiro Evolve Karma to Tier 4 Kiro: Light Chaser
Age Rage Age Rage Gavin Evolution Gavin: Heat Up
Alcohol Tolerance Alcohol Tolerance Lucien Obtained Karma Lucien: Rosemary
All Hallows Eve All Hallows Eve Lucien Evolution Lucien: Eternal Sighs
All-Rounded All-Rounded Shaw Evolve Karma to Tier 4 Shaw: Law of Speed
Alumni Gathering Alumni Gathering Gavin Obtained Karma Gavin: Blade Cutting Point
Animal Hairstyle Animal Hairstyle Kiro Evolution Kiro: Lone Star
Animal Hotel Animal Hotel Victor Evolution Victor: Night Reflection
Animal Like You Animal Like You Victor Evolution Victor: Gentle Confrontation
Anniversary Anniversary Gavin Obtained Karma Gavin: Refreshing
Aromatherapy Meditation Aromatherapy Meditation Victor Evolution Victor: Evening Haze
Art of Speech Art of Speech Gavin Evolution Gavin: Fatal Love
Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Lucien Evolution Lucien: Golden Days
Artist and Butterfly Artist and Butterfly Lucien Obtained Karma Lucien: Drowning in Love
Ask You Out Ask You Out Victor Obtained Karma Victor: Falling into You
Avoid Suspicion Avoid Suspicion Victor Evolve Karma to Tier 4 Victor: A Look Apart
Barbecue in Mind Barbecue in Mind Kiro Obtained Karma Kiro: Snow Light
Beautiful Future Beautiful Future Gavin: Lost Forest Evolution Gavin: Lost Forest
Beautiful Moonlight Beautiful Moonlight Lucien Evolution Lucien: Sound of Silence
Bedtime Story Bedtime Story Lucien Valentine’s Day 2020
Before Shooting Before Shooting Gavin Obtained Karma Gavin: Endless Abyss
Before Sleep Before Sleep Victor Evolution Victor: Winter Infatuation
Before the Ball Before the Ball Victor Star Up: Three Stars Victor: Dance Invitation
Behind The Mask Behind The Mask Lucien Evolution Lucien: Mist Landscape
Beside You Beside You Gavin Evolution Gavin: Endless Abyss
Best Booth Best Booth Lucien Evolution Lucien: Snowfall Shadow
Best Rope Best Rope Gavin Evolve Karma to Tier 4 Gavin: Galloping Wind
Best Support Best Support Kiro Unlocking Momentos Level 33
Bird on the Wing Bird on the Wing Gavin Evolution Gavin: Cerulean Vow
Blessing Blessing Kiro Main Story (Stage 35-9)
Blue Date Blue Date Kiro Star Up: Four Stars Kiro: Starry Sky
Book of Fairy Tales Book of Fairy Tales Gavin Evolution Gavin: Silent Night's Song
Bouquet Bouquet Gavin Evolution Gavin: Summer Trades
Bracelet and Tracker Bracelet and Tracker Gavin Main Story (Stage 2-19)
Brave Call Brave Call Victor Evolution Victor: Full Moon
Breakfast Time Breakfast Time Lucien Obtained Karma Lucien: Autumn Whisper
Bucket List Bucket List Victor Evolution Victor: Birthday Morning
Buzzing Atmosphere Buzzing Atmosphere Shaw Happy New Year 2021
By Mistake By Mistake Shaw Evolve Karma to Tier 4 Shaw: Surge
Candy Gift Candy Gift Kiro Main Story (Stage 34-14)
Care Care Victor Main Story (Stage 19-Victor-3)
Care about the Patient Care about the Patient Victor Obtained Karma Victor: Sentimental Attachment
Catfish Effect Catfish Effect Lucien Evolve Karma to Tier 4 Lucien: A Way Out
CEO's Care CEO's Care Victor Evolution Victor: His Temperature
CEO's Trouble CEO's Trouble Victor Star Up: Three Stars Victor: Soft Encouragement
Change Change Gavin Evolve Karma to Tier 4 Gavin: Open Heart
Change Hairstyle Change Hairstyle Lucien Obtained Karma Lucien: Promise
Change Hotel Change Hotel Victor Evolution Victor: Marauder
Change of Plan Change of Plan Kiro Obtained Karma Kiro: Stray Star
Character Background Character Background Victor Evolution Victor: Tuberose
Charmer Charmer Lucien Evolution Lucien: Deep Snow
Chatting on the Go Chatting on the Go Victor Star Up: Four Stars Victor: The Maze
Cheesy Pick-up Lines Cheesy Pick-up Lines Victor Valentine’s Day 2021
Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom Kiro Evolution Kiro: Dances with Flowers
Chicken Soup Chicken Soup Lucien Star Up: Four Stars Lucien: Memory Lapse
Childhood Snacks Childhood Snacks Victor Evolution Victor: Baby Step
Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip Gavin Evolve Karma to Tier 4 Gavin: Windy Time
Choice Choice Kiro Obtained Karma Kiro: Twin Star Fragment
Christmas Plaza Christmas Plaza Lucien Evolution Lucien: Under the Mistletoe
Christmas Preparations Christmas Preparations Gavin Obtained Karma Gavin: Diamond World
Christmas Promise Christmas Promise Kiro Obtained Karma Kiro: Snowy Night Carols
Christmas Stocking Christmas Stocking Victor Evolution Victor: Winter Wish Melody
Coded Call Coded Call Lucien Obtained Karma Lucien: Riddle
Concealment and Protection Concealment and Protection Gavin Evolution Gavin: Hot-Blooded
Confession Confession Gavin Birthday Phone Call 2020
Constantly Sleepy Constantly Sleepy Kiro Obtained Karma Kiro: Flicker
Cool Tech Cool Tech Kiro Obtained Karma Kiro: Summer Vow
Create Avatar Create Avatar Kiro Evolution Kiro: Candy Party
Cruise Ship Cruise Ship Shaw Obtained Karma Shaw: Young and Frivolous
Crystal Shoes Crystal Shoes Gavin Evolution Gavin: Gift of Life
Cultivate Interests Cultivate Interests Victor Evolve Karma to Tier 4 Victor: Heart in Bloom
Daily Care Daily Care Victor Main Story (Stage 11-16)
Daily Frustration Daily Frustration Gavin Main Story (Stage 4-5)