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Sign in is a task which can be completed daily. It rewards Activeness and ultimately unlocks R Karma - which changes each Month.

Rewards[ ]

Unlocks after Chapter 1-10, can be found under Events. Sign In resets at 5:00 AM (UTC-8) in-game time. Not collected Sign In rewards can be reclaimed afterwards using Gems:

  • 10 Gems first reclaim
  • 30 Gems second reclaim
  • 50 Gems next X reclaims (at least 14 times)
  • next prize increase unknown, please try and fill out

VIP Users get double rewards. So instead of 3000 Gold, VIP Users Claim automatically 6000 Gold. Instead of 25 Gems, VIP Users claim automatically 50 Gems and so on.

A good tactic to maximize rewards is to start the VIP Membership a few hours past 5am and claim the last Sign In Bonus for one more day before it expires. Then start the next VIP Membership one day later. If you refresh the VIP before it expires, you can't use this tactic.
On Months with 31 Days, the reward is 4000 Gold.

Related Achievements[ ]

After Signing in for 365 Times - does not have to be continuously, you will gain an Avatar Frame:
Frame 10020.png

Monthly Sign-In Karma[ ]

Requires 28 Sign In in total - does not have to be continuously.

Month Sign In 2019 Sign In 2020 Sign In 2021
January - Gavin: Excessive Sweetness Victor: Elegant Temperature
February - Lucien: Folded Wishes Lucien: Snow Rabbit
March Kiro: Go to Sleep Kiro: Small Happiness Kiro: Cup Telephone
April Lucien: Nightmare Be Gone Victor: Considerate Victor: Tug at Heartstrings
May Gavin: Cherry Rain Gavin: Above the Sky Gavin: Blue Star Trail
June Lucien: Gift Lucien: Little World Lucien: A Show Called You
July Kiro: Summer Aroma Kiro: Tender Company Kiro: Passionate Strike
August Victor: Cute Victor: Be There Victor: Sweet Aroma
September Gavin: Undefeatable Gavin: Left Hook
October Kiro: Spotlight Kiro: Music to My Ears
November Lucien: Dream Weaver Gavin: Autumn Exclusive
December Victor: Within Seconds Lucien: Winter’s Here

Note: They return periodically in the Box Office Redeem Event at the cost of 1800xC general pvp big.png Box Office Medals (Total)

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