Shaw's Moments

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Search Scenario Alternative Answer #1 Alternative Answer #2 Obtained from
none File:Sh100.PNG File:Sh100Alt1.PNG File:Sh100Alt2.PNG ?
none File:Sh99.PNG File:Sh99Alt1.PNG File:Sh99Alt2.PNG ?
none File:Sh98.PNG File:Sh98Alt1.PNG File:Sh98Alt2.PNG ?
none File:Sh97.PNG File:Sh97Alt1.PNG File:Sh97Alt2.PNG ?
none File:Sh96.PNG File:Sh96Alt1.PNG File:Sh96Alt2.PNG ?
none File:Sh95.PNG File:Sh95Alt1.PNG File:Sh95Alt2.PNG ?
none File:Sh94.PNG File:Sh94Alt1.PNG File:Sh94Alt2.PNG ?
The weather is just Sh93.PNG File:Sh93Alt1.PNG File:Sh93Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Describe me in Sh92.PNG File:Sh92Alt1.PNG File:Sh92Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
The high school Sh91.PNG File:Sh91Alt1.PNG File:Sh91Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
What's with Sh90.PNG File:Sh90Alt1.PNG File:Sh90Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Can't seem to Sh89.PNG Sh89Alt1.PNG File:Sh89Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
May your fortune Sh88.PNG File:Sh88Alt1.PNG File:Sh88Alt2.PNG Players Birthday
You think it's Sh87.PNG Sh87Alt1.PNG File:Sh87Alt2.PNG Shaw: Law of Speed
What is the Sh86.PNG Sh86Alt1.PNG File:Sh86Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Wait for the Sh85.PNG Sh85Alt1.PNG File:Sh85Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Homemade cold drink. Sh84.PNG Sh84Alt1.PNG File:Sh84Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
The ring-toss game Sh83.PNG File:Sh83Alt1.PNG File:Sh83Alt2.PNG Shaw: Moonwatch
This is all Sh82.PNG Sh82Alt1.PNG File:Sh82Alt2.PNG Halloween 2021
My friend read Sh81.PNG Sh81Alt1.PNG File:Sh81Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Who invented this Sh80.PNG Sh80Alt1.PNG File:Sh80Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
All done Sh79.PNG Sh79Alt1.PNG Sh79Alt2.PNG Shaw: Moonwatch
Gaming is fun Sh78.PNG Sh78Alt1.PNG File:Sh78Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
The weather's Sh77.PNG Sh77Alt1.PNG File:Sh77Alt2.PNG Plot
Why act so Sh76.PNG File:Sh76Alt1.PNG File:Sh76Alt2.PNG Shaw: Captured
Can't believe anyone Sh75.PNG File:Sh75Alt1.PNG File:Sh75Alt2.PNG Shaw: Scorching Heat
I never thought balloons Sh74.PNG File:Sh74Alt1.PNG File:Sh74Alt2.PNG Shaw: Magic Heart
Doing mock exercises Sh73.PNG Sh73Alt1.PNG Sh73Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Why would anyone still Sh72.PNG Sh72Alt1.PNG Sh72Alt2.PNG Shaw: Magic Heart
It's pretty amazing Sh71.PNG Sh71Alt1.PNG Sh71Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Finished the song Sh70.PNG Sh70Alt1.PNG Sh70Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Koalas' hair doesn't Sh69.PNG File:Sh69Alt1.PNG File:Sh69Alt2.PNG Shaw: Grey Rhapsody
The so-called mega Sh68.PNG Sh68Alt1.PNG Sh68Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
I might give Sh67.PNG Sh67Alt1.PNG File:Sh67Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Koalas are more photogenic Sh66.PNG Sh66Alt1.PNG Sh66Alt2.PNG Shaw: Grey Rhapsody
I shouldn't have Sh65.PNG Sh65Alt1.PNG File:Sh65Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
There's something drawn Sh64.PNG Sh64Alt1.png Sh64Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
This restaurant is Sh63.PNG Sh63Alt1.PNG Sh63Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
I was asked a Sh62.PNG Sh62Alt1.PNG Sh62Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Well? Is that Sh61.PNG Sh61Alt1.PNG Sh61Alt2.PNG Shaw: Water Fight
How about Sh60.PNG Sh60Alt1.PNG Sh60Alt2.PNG Shaw: Water Fight
It's that time Sh59.PNG Sh59Alt1.PNG Sh59Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
It was very Sh58.PNG Sh58Alt1.PNG Sh58Alt2.PNG Shaw: Midsummer Sparks
I wanna Sh57.PNG Sh57Alt1.PNG Sh57Alt2.PNG Shaw: Clueless
Found a tiny hedgehog Sh56.PNG Sh56Alt1.PNG Sh56Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
The music festival Sh55.PNG Sh55Alt1.PNG Sh55Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Where are Sh54.PNG Sh54Alt1.PNG Sh54Alt2.PNG Momentos Shaw Bond Level 10
I'm up to my Sh53.PNG Sh53Alt1.PNG Sh53Alt2.PNG Momentos Shaw Bond Level 20
It's better to Sh52.PNG Sh52Alt1.PNG Sh52Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Boring. Next time Sh51.PNG Sh51Alt1.PNG Sh51Alt2.PNG Shaw: Heart Games
Tsk, the shot Sh50.PNG Sh50Alt1.PNG Sh50Alt2.PNG Shaw: Heart Games
The new mechanical Sh49.PNG Sh49Alt1.PNG Sh49Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Isn't this sunrise Sh48.PNG Sh48Alt1.PNG Sh48Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
One-minute countdown Sh47.PNG Sh47Alt1.PNG Sh47Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
How do some people Sh46.PNG Sh46Alt1.PNG Sh46Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
I hate backtracking Sh45.PNG Sh45Alt1.PNG Sh45Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
That concert was Sh44.PNG Sh44Alt1.PNG Sh44Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Deadly Barbie Pink? Sh43.PNG Sh43Alt1.PNG Sh43Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
The outcome of Sh42.PNG Sh42Alt1.PNG Sh42Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Who'd still play Sh41.PNG Sh41Alt1.PNG Sh41Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
New year, new Sh40.PNG Sh40Alt1.PNG Sh40Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
When we were little Sh39.PNG Sh39Alt1.PNG Sh39Alt2.PNG Shaw: Little Expert
Why would you Sh38.PNG Sh38Alt1.PNG Sh38Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Just a childhood Sh37.PNG Sh37Alt1.PNG Sh37Alt2.PNG Shaw: Little Expert
What are people Sh36.PNG Sh36Alt1.PNG Sh36Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Grudges are Sh35.PNG Sh35Alt1.PNG Sh35Alt2.PNG Shaw: Somewhere Silent
I've been feeling Sh34.PNG Sh34Alt1.PNG Sh34Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Who says you Sh33.PNG Sh33Alt1.PNG Sh33Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
What happened to Sh32.PNG Sh32Alt1.PNG Sh32Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
A children's song Sh31.PNG Sh31Alt1.PNG Sh31Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Obscure doesn't mean Sh30.PNG Sh30Alt1.PNG Sh30Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Who would give Sh29.PNG Sh29Alt1.PNG Sh29Alt2.PNG Shaw: Tailor-made
It actually does Sh28.PNG Sh28Alt1.PNG Sh28Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
So an Egyptian Sh27.PNG Sh27Alt1.PNG Sh27Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
You don't need Sh26.PNG Sh26Alt1.PNG Sh26Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
The fun of guessing lies Sh25.PNG Sh25Alt1.PNG Sh25Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
I've dropped my ice Sh24.PNG Sh24Alt1.PNG Sh24Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
I can't believe Sh23.PNG Sh23Alt1.PNG Sh23Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Can't believe how Sh22.PNG Sh22Alt1.PNG Sh22Alt2.PNG Halloween 2020
Never let life Sh21.png Sh21Alt1.PNG Sh21Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
How can someone Sh20.png Sh20Alt1.PNG Sh20Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
I never thought Sh19.png Sh19Alt1.PNG Sh19Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Why do people Sh18.png Sh18Alt1.PNG Sh18Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
A very interesting day Sh17.png Sh17Alt1.PNG Sh17Alt2.PNG Players Birthday
Let me say Sh16a.png Sh16Alt1.PNG Sh16Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Why do people Sh15.png Sh15Alt1.PNG Sh15Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Boring. Sh14.png Sh14Alt1.PNG Sh14Alt2.PNG Shaw: Rosa Rubus
Only the real Sh13.png Sh13Alt1.PNG Sh13Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Why would anyone Sh12.png Sh12Alt1.PNG Sh12Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Got a pair of Sh11.png Sh11Alt1.PNG Sh11Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
The more I Sh10.png Sh10Alt1.PNG Sh10Alt2.PNG Holiday Journal Event
As expected Sh9.png Sh9Alt1.PNG Sh9Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Ginger coke Sh8.png Sh8Alt1.PNG Sh8Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
A prompt reply Sh7.png Sh7Alt1.PNG Sh7Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
New wave punk Sh6.png Sh6Alt1.PNG Sh6Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
It's almost time Sh5.png Sh5Alt1.PNG Sh5Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
I'm going for Sh4.png Sh4Alt1.PNG Sh4Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
"Those that died Sh3.png Sh3Alt1.PNG Sh3Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
It's a good day Sh2.png Sh2Alt1.PNG Sh2Alt2.PNG Daily Quest
Ten o'clock Sh1.png Sh1Alt1.PNG Sh1Alt2.PNG Shaw: Night Fire