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"Too many questions. Just follow me."

Details[ ]

Age 20
Height 1.82 m
Birthday June 21 (1997)
Zodiac Gemini-Cancer Cusp
Occupation Graduate Student
Evol Thunder Control
CV (EN) Eric Keitel
  • Aleks Le
CV (JP) Makoto Furukawa (古川慎)
CV (CN) Zhao Lu (赵路)
CV (TW) Yi Chi Lin (林逸麒)
CV (KR) Choi Seung Hoon (최승훈)

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General[ ]

Personality[ ]

Shaw is a dangerous, mysterious, provocative, imperious and untamed type of guy. He's very carefree and likes to tease MC a lot. He cares about MC but never shows it directly, he rather hides it behind his jokes.

When Shaw is in a good mood, the weather will likely change from sunny to rainy. And when he's upset, the weather changes drastically to a dark sky. Lighting and thunders can appear as well.

Meaning of the Name[ ]

CN: 凌肖

Background[ ]

Hobbies[ ]

Top1: Skateboard

Top2: Graffiti Painting

Top3: Teasing

Secrets[ ]

Quotes About Shaw[ ]


-- '

Star Sign[ ]

Gemini-Cancer Cusp

Spoilers[ ]

This secti lol on marks spoilers revealed only in later chapters.

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In Gavin's Rumors and Secrets "Little Guardian" it's indirectly implied that Shaw is the younger half-brother of Gavin. They both grew up together and had a good sibling-bound, but after their father separated them from each other they lost their intinal connection and somehow became rivals. Shaw showed signs of an Evol as a child while Gavin did not, so their father forcefully took away Shaw from him.

Back in chapter 10, Shaw used his Lighting Evol by mistake on MC who was mortally wounded while he was aiming at Victor.[1] When Gavin found out about that, he and Shaw started fighting while using their Evols.[2]

References/Further Readings[ ]

Both official and unofficial references for further reading if interested.

Gallery[ ]

  1. 10-29
  2. 11-24
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