Secret Date

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Summary[ ]

"The careless producer who lost the recording pen and the superstar who was alone to relieve the pressure looked in harmony."

General Requirements[ ]

  • Character: Kiro
  • Required Intimacy: 1

Required Karma[ ]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[ ]

In my hurry, I fumbled my recorder per into the cleaning lady's cart.

As I dug away trying to find it, Kiro came on the scene. I didn't imagine an experienced superstar like him would still be nervous about going on stage.

He was so down-to-earth and friendly for such a mega-superstar. He always makes me feel warm as if in sunlight.

He has that natural, incredible magnetic charm to make him undoubtedly the star of any stage he got on, and no one could hope to take the spotlight away from him.

Script[ ]


It's the day of the international superstar Kiro's comeback album release. Reporters are queueing in the cold, waiting.
Everyone wanted to be the first to obtain coverage of Kiro's newest single.
Meanwhile, I was on my knees on the ground in the janitor's closet, feeling around under a table.
MC: Where is it...?
MC: Why do I always mess up at important moments...?
I was supposed to be in the crowd with the other journalists, waiting for the concert to start.

I had been waiting in media area since dawn for a better position for snapping photos.
I flipped through the concert pamphlet. Kiro looks dazzling, eyes bright, aura captivating.
MC: I wonder what his new single will be like? I can't wait.
The reporters came filing in, but were told the concert was postponed for an hour due to strong winds.
I felt a sudden stomachache coming on.
MC: Darn... probably ate too much with Kiki last night!
Stashing my pen recorder into my pocket, I rushed to the restrooms.
After finishing my business, I dashed back, reprimanding myself for overeating.
Cleaner: Hey, watch it!
MC: Ow...
In my hurry, I crashed into the janitor lady and her cart.
Cleaner: You okay, Miss?
MC: I'm fine, thanks...
I assured her with a forced smile. Luckily I wasn't going too fast.
The sound of percussion came wafting in from outside.
Oh, no! All the good shooting spoils are gonna be taken!
I hurried back, patting my pockets by a force of habit.
I lost my pen recorder!
MC: I'm an idiot!
Retracing my footsteps in my head, I realized it must've fallen into the janitor's cart.
MC: It must be in the janitor's closet!
Luckily the backstage area was quite small, and I found the janitor's closet in no time.
I tried the knob. The door wasn't locked.
I snuck into the dark, empty room and closed the door behind myself.
I thought I'd be out in no time, but half an hour passed and I was still not any closer to finding it.
My anxiety was skyrocketing when I heard a knock and a male voice from outside.
My heart was racing. If someone finds me, they'll likely think I'm up to some funny business.
Stranger: Anyone in there?
MC: Nope!
MC: (Panic) Uh, wait, I mean...
The door burst open and someone came in.
MC: K-Kiro!
Kiro held up a finger to his lips immediately.
Kiro: Shh! Keep it down!
MC: What are you doing here? Shouldn't the concert be starting soon?
Kiro: Yeah. I'm really nervous.
Kiro: And my manager won't shut up.
Kiro: I know he's just doing his job, but his nagging is driving me crazy...
Why did Kiro come backstage all alone, right before the concert?
And he sure is talking a lot. It seems a bit abnormal.
MC: Kiro, are you... having stage fright?
Kiro: Ack, you can tell? Actually I always find it hard to calm down before a concert.
Taking a few deep breaths, he cleared his throat and started to sing softly.
Kiro: This Moment is the beginning of forever...
MC: Is that your new song? It's nice.
Kiro: You think so? I feel a bit better, then.
Kiro: I just really hope you like it.
MC: By "you", you mean your fans?
Kiro: Right!
Though nervous, all he could think of was his fans. His fans sure are lucky.
Kiro: By the way, what are you doing here, Miss Chips?
MC: Umm...
MC: (Sighing) I'm looking for my pen recorder, actually.
Kiro: You dropped it here?
MC: Yeah, but I've been looking for some time and still can't find it...
Kiro: I'll help you look, then.
MC: Huh? What about the concert?
Kiro: No worries. With two of us, we'll find it in no time!
I got up and continued searching, and Kiro helped me look as well.

Kiro: Check under the tables and chairs...
We were doubled over combing the place.
MC: (If I lose it, lots of important material will be lost too...)
I was busy being worried when I crashed into Kiro, who was also searching on all fours.
He reflexively grabbed my shoulders to steady me. As our eyes met, I felt myself blush.
Kiro: You all right?
MC: Uh... I'm fine.
Kiro: Where, oh where are you, pen recorder?
MC: (Frozen in place)...
MC: Shouldn't you go prepare for your performance? I don't want to hold you up...
Kiro: Every time I lose something, I don't bother looking for it. I won't find it anyway.
Kiro: And then, when I stop looking, it appears out of thin air! Poof, just like that!
Kiro made huge gestures as he spoke. I know that, in his own unique way, he's trying to comfort me.
MC: I'm the same, actually.
Kiro: Hehe, if only everything had its own phone number, so we could just call it when it got lost!
Kiro: Hello? Where've you been? I've been looking all over for you!
I burst out giggling, my worries melting away.
Kiro: See? You're smiling now! Frowning doesn't suit you, you know? We'll find it in no time!
We began our meticulous search once again.
Kiro: A pen recorder must be important to journalists like you.
Kiro: Oh, wait, I forgot, you're not a journalist.
MC: It's fine.
MC: To us, a pen recorder is like a microphone to singers like you.
MC: A journalist friend once told me that his pen recorder was his life.
MC: I thought he was exaggerating until I got into journalism myself and realized he was right.
MC: Every recording is material we had to literally fight for. We really can't afford to lost them.
Kiro: So reporters don't have it easy either. My manager used to complain a lot about the paparazzi.
MC: I never realized how busy an entertainment journalist was until I became one myself.
MC: So many reporters queued outside for hours for your concert, you know?
Kiro: Really? But it's so windy today!
MC: That's the life of a reporter. Wind, rain, none of that can hold us back.
MC: Heh, I sound pretentious, don't I? Anyway, reporters lead a difficult life too.
MC: All careers deserve respect, I guess.
I gave a wistful sigh, not realizing that Kiro was staring earnestly at me from the side.
Kiro: I'm glad I got to know you, you know?
Kiro: You showed me an entirely different world.
If that's how Kiro felt, imagine my side of it!
MC: Yeah, me too.
We couldn't help bursting out laughing as we looked at each other.

After a few minutes, I heard Kiro let out a whoop.
Kiro: Ha, found it!
Kiro: Is this what you're looking for?
MC: (Nodding in excitement) Yes! Thank you so much, Kiro!
Kiro: You'd better keep it safe from now on!
MC: (Scratching my head, feeling awkward)...
Kiro: So where are you headed next? You gonna watch my concert?
MC: Of course. I've been looking forward to it for a long time.
Isn't it exciting? To be able to watch Kiro perform right in front of me...
And to run into him like this too...
Kiro chuckled, waving his hand in front of my face.
Kiro: What's wrong with you?
MC: Huh?
I snapped back to reality and realized I'd been ogling him just now.
I'm a fan, seeing her idol at close quarters, after all...
Ack, how embarrassing!
The voice of Kiro's manager came floating in from outside.
Agent: Kiro, it's show time. Where are you?
Kiro: I gotta go. See you next time.
MC: Next time?
Kiro: Yeah. Looking forward to seeing you among the reporters.
Kiro: Will you still be covering my news, Ms. Producer-Who's-Also-an-Entertainment-Journalist-Sometimes?
MC: Of course.
As Kiro left the room, he seemed to bring all the brightness along with him as well.
And then he peeked back inside again.
Kiro: Oh, right, I left you a little something on your pen recorder...
Kiro: It's a secret between you and me!
Laughing, he turned away and disappeared.
MC: A little something? Inside here?
MC: Gazing at the pen recorder, I tapped the Play button...
It was Kiro's voice, singing: May this be the beginning, to something eternal...
It was his new song, sung a capella.
So he already found the pen and hid it until he could record his singing...?
MC: Why'd you do that, Kiro...?

Video[ ]