Seaside Amusement Park Event

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File:Seaside Amusement Park Event Promo Banner.jpg

Type: Reward Event
Date: Sept 10, 2019 - Sept 19, 2019

Dear Citizens, get End of Summer Gift from the Loveland City Council &…

Have a romantic getaway with someone special in 🏖️Seaside Amusement Park🏖️

Rich gifts & 4 Mr Love await!


  • Join the late summer event from “Seaside Fair” in the menu and get “End of Summer Gift” x1 & “Couples Ticket” x1 daily.
  • Use “Couples Ticket” x1 to invite Him to Seaside Amusement Park, after which you will get a “Memories of Beach Pack” in your Mailbox.
  • Please feel free to share your late summer memories with Him to Facebook or Instagram after finishing the daily romantic getaway.
  • Get multiple rewards from “End of Summer Gift”, “Memories of Beach Pack” including Golds, Gems, Stamina and EXP items. Please claim all rewards in your Mailbox before Sep 23rd.


  • Each day, players can choose between the four guys to go on a mini-date with.
  • Players can then choose to go with the guy on a date to:
    • Ice Cream Truck
    • Shooting Gallery
    • Beach Stroll
    • Beach Cafe
  • Each guy will have a longer date when paired with the correct date spot, otherwise they will only have one or two lines.