Sea of the Heart (Event): Visit to the Set

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I sent Kiro an appointment request. I didn't know if he'd have any time that day, but I still really wanted to give him his present in person.
In order to collect super hero cards and try to make the potato chip cake, I basically cleared out half the shelves in the supermarket I also caused Kiki, Willow and the others-- who were forced to eat all of them-- to turn green at the smell of a potato chip.
There was still one more week to Kiro's birthday, and today, I was heading to the office as usual.
MC: Oh yeah, I...
Anna: MC, you're here? I set up meeting with an advertiser. It's almost time, so I gotta go!
Willow: I-- I suddenly have a bit of a stomach ache. I'm going to the restroom!
Kiki: ...Boss, take pity on my miserable self!
MC: What are you saying? I didn't bring a cake today.
Kiki: Really?
MC: ...Really.
MC: I just thought, beside a cake, wouldn't it be good to give some other gift too?
Kiki: Then you should go down to Kiro's offices and check it out, Boss!
Willow: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I heard that lots of fans sent gifts to B.S. You should go see!
MC: Don't you have a stomach ache...?
MC: Although I was a bit skeptical, I went to go check it out anyway.
When I got to B.S., Kiro wasn't there, so that meant I had a chance to probe his agent for some information.
Savin: You're looking for Kiro? He just went to do a magazine interview.
MC: Actually, I was coming to see you!
Savin: See me? What's this about? My boy Kiro is booked solid these couple days. There no time to take your...
MC: That's not it! I, uh...I wanted to ask...Kiro's birthday is coming up, right? What kinda present do you think I should get him?
Savin: Birthday present? Well, what were you planning to give?
MC: Um, snack food?
Savin: The amount of snacks Kiro's gotten these past two weeks is enough to fill several warehouses. It's enough to circle Loveland City three times.
Savin: You'd better not give snacks. I really doubt his ability to control himself. Calories are a star's natural enemy.
MC: Then...I hear naming a star after someone is a popular thing lately?
Savin: That's not bad. But we've been getting a bunch of those every year since a few years back. I hear there's even one named "Kiro#049".
Savin: As for other star-shaped ornaments and star-related stuff, there's too much to count.
MC: Oh...
Savin: Whether it's food, handmade goods, collectibles, limited editions-- if you can think of it, Kiro's gotten it!
Total failure... Of course I could never compare to those rabid fangirls!