Sea of the Heart (Event): As Long As It's You

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The agent's somewhat boastful answer dashed my plans to pieces, and I immediately crossed all my gift back-up options off my mental list.
MC: Is there really no other option?
Savin: Another option?
Savin rubbed his chin, and then a subtle look showed across his face, seemingly eager yet cautious at the same time.
Savin: My guess is, as long as you come, he'll be happy.
MC: But that doesn't count as a gift...
Savin: Then you'll just have to think long and hard about it.
Savin: It's almost time. Kiro's interview should be just about finished.
MC: Wait, I'll go with you!
Interviewing him in B.S.'s reception room was one of the most influential magazines at the moment. Seems they were planning an exclusive interview for Kiro's birthday.
Interviewer: That concludes the interview. Thank you, Kiro!
Kiro: You're welcome! I look forward to your new issue!
MC: Finished? How do you feel, tired?
Kiro: MC!
Kiro: What are you doing here!? Are you visiting me on the job? I'm so happy!
MC: Yeah! Right, I...
Oh no! I didn't bring anything, or buy anything!
MC: I guess I forgot to get you a "set visit" gift...
Kiro: No need!
Kiro shook his head. He seemed very happy.
Kiro: I'm thrilled just to see you!
Kiro: Although...
Kiro suddenly got closer and took a couple sniffs.
MC: Wha-- what is it?
His face turned all serious, and I started wondering whether or not I had some kind of strange smell on me.
Kiro: I distinctly detect the sweet smell of vanilla extract and butter!
Kiro: Have you been eating alone?
Met with his accusing eyes, I was momentarily speechless.
I purposefully changed clothes before going out. How was he able to still smell it?
MC: I'll give you two servings of pudding next time!
Kiro: Really? That's great!
MC: Uh...Is there anything you've been wanting lately?
Kiro looked at me and flashed a somewhat cunning grin, as if he had figured something out.
Kiro: As long as it's from you, I'll like it!
Although this was nice to hear, it still wasn't much of an answer.
MC: I...
Kiro: I'm really looking forward to it!
Savin: Kiro, up next you've got an ad shoot, so you've only got ten minutes to rest before we've gotta go out.
Kiro: So soon?
MC: Huh? Didn't the interview just end?
Kiro: You heard it too? Only got 10 minutes. Not enough time at all.
MC: Then you better get some rest!
Kiro: I've only got ten minutes to be with you, so you've gotta stay with me.
There were things I wanted to ask, but I just couldn't say them out loud.