Rumors & Secrets

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Rumors & Secrets are similar to Dates in that they are scenarios which require specific Karma to unlock. They can be accessed by selecting Dates, selecting the love interest of choice, and then "Rumors & Secrets".

Each male main character's Rumors & Secrets unlock after a different stage in the Main Story.

  • Lucien - Unlocked after Stage 1-15
  • Gavin - Unlocked after Stage 2-6
  • Victor - Unlocked after Stage 2-15
  • Kiro - Unlocked after Stage 3-20
  • Shaw - N/A

Rumors & Secrets differ from Dates in that:

  • They are only unlocked by Karma that have Main Story CGs.
  • They have 4-5 sections, which are unlocked using Hourglasses instead of Karma Promises.
  • Unlocking the whole Story, yields 3 extra Sunrise Wish Coupon (SSR) on the last section, which isn't available in Dates
  • They are from the perspective of other characters that are not the MC or love interests.


Section Hourglasses Required Rewards Hourglasses Required Rewards
1 - 120002.png Bond Wish x2 120002.png Bond Wish x2 -
2 C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x14 C general gold big.png Gold x4000 C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x14 C general gold big.png Gold x4000
3 C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x16 C general sand5 big.png Memory Stardust x5 C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x16 C general sand5 big.png Memory Stardust x5
4 C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x18 C general jewel big.png Gem x30 C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x18 C general jewel big.png Gem x30
5 C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x20 C cardluck gold big.png Sunrise Wish Coupon x3 - -
Total C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x68 C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x48

List of Rumors & Secrets[edit]

  • The list is grouped by each guy and then organized by the order the Rumors & Secrets released in from earliest to latest.
Name Summary Featured Character Character Perspective Required Karma
What Is Justice Eli didn't think that this would be the last time he saw Gavin... Eli Gavin: Endless Abyss
Little Guardian The mischievous and clingy kid was Gavin's companion for a short time during childhood. Narrator Gavin: Against the Light
Best Partner Either on missions or in ordinary life, Gavin's best partner is me! Gavin's motorcycle Gavin: Imprison You
Lost On the lonely path forward, he finally met a person who could accompany him and stay by his side. Narrator Gavin: Fatal Love
Boundary On the boundary between darkness and light he looks for someone. Narrator Gavin: Turbulence
Walk with the Wind He's seen this city's dawns and dusks, and all of its hidden wounds... Narrator Gavin: Lost Forest
Follower As he ventured on his own path without hesitation, many had also voluntarily chosen to follow him. Narrator Gavin: Wind Chaser
NW Plan Only the twinkling stars continued to brighten the night sky. Narrator Gavin: Faith
Folded Time All encounters are long-awaited reunions. Narrator Gavin: Sea of Stars
Last Time We Met The sound of the wind chime brings back our shared memories. Narrator Gavin: Sharp Blade
Borderline At the end of the dark world is an unquenchable fire. Narrator Gavin: Fearless
Trials A heart can only be hardened into a tough blade through trials. Narrator Gavin: Blade Cutting Point
Irresistible He often feels his heart uncontrollably drawn to another. Narrator Gavin: Night Plunge
Snooper Sometimes, one who plays chess doesn't know, he is a chess piece on the board at the same time. Narrator Kiro: Silently Waiting
Secret Base The secret base is where the youth's special meals and his favourite person await. Food Shop Owner Kiro: Stranger
That Boy Makes Me Worry Come back and tell the whole company that my nickname is Sweet Patootie if you dare! Savin Kiro: Snow Light
Between Light & Darkness The darkness before dawn was the hardest but was also the most hopeful. Narrator Kiro: Flicker
Night Watchman He walks alone in darkness, carrying a light called "Longing". Narrator Kiro: Wasteland
Origin No matter how long he's been gone, he'll never forget his origin. Narrator Kiro: Glancing Ray
Observer No matter what's going on in the world, his heart has never changed. Narrator Kiro: Illuminated Corner
Parameter Error The story of a light defender walking in darkness. Narrator Kiro: Stray Star
Thriving in the Sun At last, he found his sunshine... Narrator Kiro: 52 Hz Melody
Daytime Star He's like a star in the daytime, shining but invisible. Narrator Kiro: Hide and Seek
Loner Courage Even if this world collapsed, nothing would stop a determined heart. Narrator Kiro: Crack of Light
Casting Light The "superstar" is always full of surprises. Narrator Kiro: Twin Star Fragment
Apple Colored Song He will find all of those lost treasures one by one, sooner or later. Narrator Kiro: Lone Star
Rainbow Luck He is the sign of rainbow and luck, which Lucien wants to give the girl, and... Lucien's Pen Lucien: Polar Night
Lion Slumbering in the Dorm That gloomy-looking one from the east is no match for me, no matter when it comes to looks or brains! Arthur Lucien: Nightmare
An Elusive Man Which is the real him? Maybe both, maybe neither. BS Agent/Security Guard Lucien: Dark Night Fireworks
Beneath the Iceberg That night, a slender figure appeared in his dream. Narrator Lucien: Rosemary
Not Planned On From beginning to end, there was only ever one person his plans had never included. Narrator Lucien: Imprisoned Mind
Shards of Memory Maybe everything is this world is an illusion, and only she is real. Narrator Lucien: Mist Landscape
Profile He walks in darkness, steadily, to the future. Narrator Lucien: Edge of Future
Personas All personas and lies lead to the only truth. Narrator Lucien: Everlasting Day
The Dividing Line No plans can survive the impact of sudden disruptive changes. Narrator Lucien: Fleeting Moments
Hidden Agenda Meeting your true match is not as easy as imagined. Narrator Lucien: A Way Out
Passing The sealed ripples will eventually bloom and guide the way forward. Narrator Lucien: Lost Signal
Discovery of a Genius Ever since I was lucky enough to be Professor Lucien's assistant, I have embarked on a new journey of discovery. Narrator Lucien: Paradox Mirror
Hidden Erosion Where dream and reality meet, he has seen your eyes. Narrator Lucien: Painted In
Glimpse At that time Winston didn't realise that everything he saw was perhaps only what the other person wanted him to see. Hades' Underling Lucien: Deviation
The Eye That Witnesses Silent, colorless, and quiet. Hades' Underling Lucien: Grey Illusion
The Tidal Wave A good drama has to be a fun drama. Narrator Shaw: Captured
Boat on Ice An uneventful summer day melts away like ice in heat. Narrator Shaw: Scorching Heat
Traces He can bring out light even in a barren world. Narrator Shaw: Surge
The Dark Horse He never fails once he takes action. Narrator Shaw: Swift Crisis
When Nobody Knows In the endlessness of time, only human beings make him impossible to understand. Victor's Pocket Watch Victor: Tour to Deep Space
After Tomorrow A suspicious-looking man is sitting on a bench in Central Park. Street Clown Victor: Time's End
The Fragile He held the pocket watch in his palm as if grasping both hope and her fate. Mr. Chuck Victor: Instant Moment
Crossing Paths It was now their fourth encounter and each time, she left indelible traces. Narrator Victor: Embers
Undercurrent A strom is coming. The undercurrent roils and surges, where it goes no one can foresee. Narrator Victor: Upstream
Going Solo He wants a bright, shining shooting star. Narrator Victor: Night Reflection
Fleeting Mercy leads to greatness, but through sacrifice. Narrator Victor: Silent Twilight
Homeward Bound The years are long yet worth the wait. Narrator Victor: Beyond Reach
Finally, we meet again I wish this moment of reunion could last forever. Narrator Victor: Rosy Night
Holiday Eve (Victor) It's a feeling that mixes trust and doubt, like the scent of pudding that mixes sweet and bitter. Narrator Victor: Emotional Walls
Ever-changing There has always been only one thing on his mind. Narrator Victor: Time for the Hunt
Mysterious & Great Everyone wants to know how he secured that throne at the top. Narrator Victor: Puzzle in Darkness
Word and Thought Following the handwriting, he will surely find where it all started. Narrator Victor: Baby Step