Rumors & Secrets

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Rumors & Secrets are similar to Dates in that they are scenarios which require specific Karma to unlock. They can be accessed by selecting Dates, selecting the love interest of choice, and then "Rumors & Secrets.

Rumors & Secrets differ from Dates in that:

  • They are only unlocked by Karma that have Main Story CGs.
  • They have 5 sections, which are unlocked using Hourglasses instead of Karma Promises.
  • They are from the perspective of other characters that are not the MC or love interests.

The cost to unlock each section is as follows:

Section Hourglasses Required
1 N/A
2 C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x14
3 C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x16
4 C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x18
5 C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x20
Total C general extrastory big.png Hourglass x68

List of Rumors & Secrets[ ]

Name Summary Featured Character Character Perspective Required Karma
Rainbow Luck He is the sign of rainbow and luck, which Lucien wants to give the girl, and... Lucien's Pen Lucien: Polar Night
Snooper Sometimes, one who plays chess doesn't know, he is a chess piece on the board at the same time. ? Kiro: Silently Waiting
What Is Justice Eli didn't think that this would be the last time he saw Gavin... Eli Gavin: Endless Abyss
When Nobody Knows In the endlessness of time, only human beings make him impossible to understand. Victor's Pocket Watch Victor: Tour to Deep Space