Rosé All Day

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Summary[ ]

"My hard-earned vacation has finally arrived. Victor and I went to a South American town for the annual "Rose Festival". Despite all the preparation we had made, a little accident disrupted my plan..."

General Requirements[ ]

  • Character: Victor
  • Required Intimacy: 4

Required Karma[ ]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[ ]

I was sitting in a cafe on a foreign street, waiting for Victor. I started to feel a little sick from the stuffy heat, but I dismissed it as nothing.

As Victor and I were walking down the street, I offered to take a picture of him. The moment the shutter clicked, a wave of dizziness came over me...

Because of the sudden heatstroke, we had to suspend our trip and checked in a hotel nearby. I dozed off as Victor prepared lunch. When I woke up, I found him lying next to me...

After finishing the belated lunch, I took an interest in the red wine Victor brought back. In an attempt to snatch it from his hand, I accidentally tackled him on the bed. At the end of this short trip, I found the most beautiful rose in town.

Video[ ]

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