Romantic Holiday (Event): Victor Right On Time 6

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Thinking back on that Double Seventh holiday, it still felt a bit unreal to me.
From my contrived invitation, to the night-long "murder mystery", to that kiss at the end...
I couldn't help but flip through the pictures on my phone-- the bustling street, the old-fashioned street stalls, the sky blooming with fireworks...
...and so many different sides of Victor. Victor eating flower pasties, Victor looking up at fireworks, Victor playing with a tangram, and...
...Victor dressed in traditional clothes, looking so unlike his usual self. I couldn't help smiling.
So much so that, eventually, I drew the attention of the subject of those pictures.
Victor: What are you grinning about this time?
We happened to be at a red light, and Victor turned his head to me. I hastily pressed my phone to my chest so he couldn't see my screen.
MC: It's a secret!
Victor: Dummy. No secrets allowed here.
Maybe it was Victor's tone, or the fact I was already used to his calling me a dummy, but I just pouted and handed my phone over.
MC: Just so you know, it's already backed up, so there's no use deleting anything!
Victor gave me an unamused look and glanced over the screen, his reaction more subdued than I was expecting.
Victor: What's so funny?
MC: It's just, just--
MC: I never thought in all my years that I'd see you wearing traditional clothes.
Victor: You're making a big deal out of nothing.
MC: No, I'm not...It really is a big deal!
And not just the clothes. I would never even dream that past-Victor would play this game with me...
Watching Victor as he drove intently, I had a sudden impulse and blurted out:
MC: Let's spend Double Seventh together every year doing a bunch of stuff, okay?
I regretted saying it immediately. Must've been the dazzling moonlight that caused me to say such a "lunatic" thing. Little did I expect...
Victor: The first half.
MC: What?
Victor: I like the first half of what you said.
Did Victor mean...!?
A thrill of joy quickly supplanted my initial shock.
MC: Okay!
Victor's words exploded in my heart just like the fireworks that night.
Then they dissolved into honey sweeter than the flower pastries, coating my whole heart.
This year, the next, the one after that...we'd be together every Double Seventh from now on. Perhaps we'd spend them in different ways, with new surprises each time.
But no matter long as it was with him, it would be the most wonderful Double Seventh ever.