Romantic Holiday (Event): Victor Right On Time 5

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It was getting late, and people had started gathering at the central square at the street's end.
MC: Is there some kind of event? Let's go check it out too.
Victor didn't answer; he just furrowed his brow and tightened his grip on my hand.
Just then, a "boom" suddenly sounded on the horizon.
The next instant, colorful fireworks bloomed across the pitch-dark sky. There was a fireworks show!
MC: No wonder everyone's walking over there!
I stood on my tiptoes, a little disheartened by the throng of people in front of us. If we went now, we definitely wouldn't be able to get a good spot.
And where Victor and I were standing now, we were mostly blocked by buildings, preventing us from getting a full view.
MC: The central square is pretty much the only place we'd be able to see it...
Victor: Not necessarily.
Victor suddenly took my hand and strode off in the opposite direction of the crowd. We crossed an alley to another street.
Compared to the bustling street back there, this ordinary one looked almost desolate.
MC: Here...?
I looked around, not seeing any sign of fireworks.
The skyscrapers were even denser than the previous street. I really couldn't imagine how we were going to see any fireworks here.
Victor: Wait for it.
Just as Victor said that, the sound of fireworks exploding again came from the distance.
The next moment, I saw countless reflections of fireworks light up the glass facades of the skyscrapers.
The building with the most beautiful, most complete reflection...was the LFG building.
Among the kaleidoscope of colors were a series of smiley-face fireworks blossoming on the glass.
MC: Look at those fireworks...
Before I'd gotten the words out, the moment ground to a halt. Time seemed frozen, and the world was suddenly silent.
My eyes were filled with the reflection of Victor, whose eyes in turn were consumed by fireworks.
The golden bursts of smiley faces burned extra bright in the dark depths of his eyes.