Romantic Holiday (Event): Victor Right On Time 4

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As we walked on, my feet felt heavier and heavier. Spotting a bench on the sidewalk, I immediately dragged Victor over to it.
Victor say to my right. Maybe it was the moonlight, but he seemed unusually easy-going today.
From getting off work early, to him taking me here to enjoy the holiday...
As I looked at his angular profile, I remembered the drawing guessing game we played one time and suddenly had an idea.
I grabbed on to Victor's left arm with both hands.
MC: Give me your hand.
Victor raised an eyebrow, but he didn't turn down my strange request and allowed me to put his left hand onto mine.
Victor's hand dwarfed my own. As I traced the crisscrossing lines of his palm, my heart surged with warmth.
Victor: What are you staring at now?
MC: Nothing, nothing! This time I draw and you guess! This may tickle...but no peeking!
Victor gave me a noncommittal look. Before he could call me a dummy, I hastily added:
MC: And no calling me childish either!
Victor: Why bother when you've done it for me?
Ignoring Victor's taunting, I drew my riddle on his palm: two halves of a circle sandwiching a single line between.
When I had drawn the fourth set of semicircles, Victor's ring finger twitched a bit.
MC: Ticklish? Just hang in there a bit longer!
As he watched the girl intent on her drawing, Victor seemed to feel a prickle of warmth from his palm spread across his whole body.
Her riddle wasn't hard to guess. He could even guess what had made her suddenly think of it.
By the time she was drawing her sixth hamburger, Victor couldn't hold back a smile. It was a "Double Seventh", but with her own flair.
As the seventh hamburger was about to be completed-- this time with two lines in between-- the "paper" suddenly folded over on that little "pen".
Victor: Had enough rest? Let's go.
Victor cut short this all-too-easy guessing game, took the girl by the hand, and stood up.
MC: Huh? But you haven't guessed...
Victor: Dummy.
As he said that, the look in Victor's eyes was uncommonly tender.