Romantic Holiday (Event): Victor Right On Time 3

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Seeing all the sales and promotions aimed at couples on the street, it really did make Double Seventh seem like a Chinese version of Valentine's Day...
As I was thinking that, suddenly--
Young Man: Hi!
A young man had suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and was kneeling before me.
Before I knew what was going on, he'd pulled a rose from thin air like a magician, hanging it to me.
Young Man: Lovely lady, please accept this rose! And if you bring a friend, there's a couples discount!
It was a white rose wrapped in a flyer with the word "Salon" clearly printed on it.
I'd never seen this advertising tactic before. I shifted suddenly from shock to pleasant surprise.
MC: Look! This shop is pretty clever...That was really creative!
I held the rose up to Victor, clearly trying to show off as I did.
Victor: Yes, quite something.
Just then, my stomach suddenly let out a rumble.
Victor: Wait here for me.
Without so much as blinking at my potentially embarrassing little "outburst", Victor strode off to a particular nearby stall.
Moments later--
Victor: Eat.
MC: What's this...?
Opening the paper bag, I saw several round little pastries.
Victor: Recommended by the owner.
I tentatively took a bite of one of the little pastries.
A sweet-tasting filling, along with the scent of fresh flowers. This was a flower cake! So delicious!
Victor: Take your time. No one's going to take them from you.
He casually brushed a crumb from the corner of my mouth with his fingertip. In the moonlight, Victor's eyes seemed tinged with a hint of laughter.
As my mouth was stuffed with pastry, I had no way to respond to his teasing.
Victor: Compared to that inedible rose, this seems to suit you better.