Romantic Holiday (Event): Victor Right On Time 2

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Lake Road was lined with little stalls. What was normally a traditional little street had been transformed into a Double Seventh night market.
MC: A tangram puzzle!
The familiar puzzle game with its little shapes on display in one stall brought back memories of my childhood.
MC: I knew lots of ways to piece them together into a square when I was a kid!
I thought I was going to show off to Victor, but with one sentence he snuffed out my budding glow of pride.
Victor: You're supposed to make lots of different shapes out of the tangram pieces.
MC: ...Huh?
Victor: Like that.
Victor pointed to one kid at the stall piecing the shapes together into the form of a fish.
MC: But I always thought that was how you played...
Victor gave me a supercilious look and picked up a display board from the stall.
In a few moments, the scattered shapes took the form of a colorful little dog in his hands.
MC: Wow! So you can play it in this way to...! Awesome!
I never thought Victor would be such an expert at a child's plaything like this.
MC: Can you make any other patterns?
This time, the colorful dog was rearranged into a number.
MC: Is this...a "7"?
I looked up at Victor and found myself staring into his half-smiling eyes, with a clear smile on his lips.
MC: Aaah--!
Several hours previous.
The talks about the project collaboration were finally concluded.
After seeing off our future partner, I breathed a long sigh of relief.
Victor also stood up from his chair and started gathering up the documents on the desk.
Victor: Today we're taking off early and going somewhere together.
My head was still preoccupied with the negotiations, and his words took a moment to sink in.
MC: Huh?
Then, I looked up and--
I was staring right into his smiling eyes.
That smile then...could it be?!
Victor's smile widened as e watched a shifting swirl of emotions play across the girl's face.
His slender finger fell on the "7" just pieced together, as he said intently and gracefully:
Victor: MC, happy Double Seventh.