Romantic Holiday (Event): Victor Right On Time 1

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A week ago, I prepared Victor a gift for "Double Seventh", also known as Chinese Valentine's day.
I didn't know if he would be free, but it's just a few hours after work. He wouldn't refuse, right?
Be that as it may, just in case, I gave Victor a call the day before.
Victor: What is it?
Office hours were long over, but Victor still answered the phone in under a second. And his tone was all business as usual.
MC: Guess and win a prize! What day is it tomorrow?
Victor: ...I'm hanging up.
MC: No, wait, wait, wait! This will only take a few minutes!
As soon as I said it, I felt a moment's hesitation.
But I still decided to go through with it...after a;;, this Double Seventh gift wasn't easy to get!
MC: Um, would you mind playing along and guessing...There really is a prize!
Victor: ...Friday.
MC: I'll give you one more chance! Uh, that is, have another guess...
What was I saying! Giving Victor an ultimatum was a sure-fire way to get hung up on...
But to my surprise, Victor actually stayed on the line. I could even hear him flipping through a calendar on the other end.
Victor: It's a day you're supposed to come to LFG.
MC: Huh?! Didn't I just deliver a report on Monday?
Victor: Yes. This time it isn't for a report.
His voice was cold as ever, and his words hit me like a bombshell. I forgot why I'd even called.
MC: Then...?
Victor: There's a new project. The other party wants to collaborate with your company, and their representative happens to be coming to LFG tomorrow.
This sounded like a great opportunity for the company, but thinking of the murder mystery event I'd already booked for us, I couldn't help feeling a bit crushed.
Victor: The meeting will end around 3 p.m. Don't be late.
MC: it.
You can't always have your cake and eat it too! Gotta put the company first!