Romantic Holiday (Event): Lucien Right On Time 6

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Some time after Double Seventh, Lucien gave me some group selfies that we'd taken with the kids.
In it, we looked like a group of time travellers, our traditional clothing clashing with the building in the background, with everyone holding up "peace" signs.
MC: eyes are closed in a lot of them.
I looked with some regret at myself in the photos, but Lucien gestured for me to keep looking.
Lucien: The selfies leave a little something to be desired, but there are a few toward the end that I think I did a good job on.
MC: Haha, I didn't know Professor Lucien could be so boastful.
I laughed as I flipped through the stack of photos, mostly pictures of me with the kids--
Me making cookies with them, teaching them calligraphy, them chasing me...
Seeing them all captured like screenshots, I couldn't help feeling nostalgia for everything that happened that day.
Not just the things in the photos, but everything that happened next to the stream with the lotus lanterns too.
At the time, I worried that the wish I made to the river god wouldn't reach his ear. But now, it was clear to me that my wish had already come true.
Perhaps noticing that my hand stopped, he rested his hand on my head and patted it gently.
Lucien: What is it? Not satisfied with the pictures?
MC: No, they're beautiful.
MC: But if I had to nitpick, I guess there is one thing I'm not satisfied with.
Lucien: Oh? Mind telling me what it is? Next time I'll know what to improve upon.
As I looked at his earnest expression, I pointed at all the pictures besides our group photos.
MC: In all these photos, there's no you.
MC: I want to have a photo together with you, as a souvenir of these happy moments we had together.
Afraid that my requested sounded too childish, I was too embarrassed to look at his reaction.
But he took my face in both his hands, gently brushing the corner of my mouth with his thumb.
Lucien: That was my negligence.
Lucien: I promise you, from now on, whether it's Double Seventh or any other holiday, every day worth photographing and remembering will be spent with you.