Romantic Holiday (Event): Lucien Right On Time 5

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After the cookies came out of the oven Lucien plucked out one of them and held it up to my mouth.
Lucien: Here, taste it. But be careful, it's hot.
The enticing aroma compelled me, but I also didn't want to seem like a glutton in front of him.
After a brief pause, I daintily opened my mouth and moved tentatively toward the piping hot cookie in Lucien's hand.
Lucien: Could you open your mouth a little wider? I can't feed it to you like that.
Lucien: Say "Aaah"--
A sweet sensation spread through my mouth. I couldn't help but eat the whole thing up.
Lucien: How's it taste? Was your "secret weapon" effective?
MC: Yes! It's delicious! You try one too!
As I reached out for one, a serious problem suddenly occurred to me.
MC: Lucien! What'll we do?! Did I just eat one of the children's by mistake?!
I had promised to let the children eat the ones they'd made themselves, but looking at the tray now, I couldn't even pick out my own cookie.
Seeing my expression of hopelessness, Lucien plucked another cookie from the tray and put it in my hand.
Lucien: Not to worry. The one you just ate was the one I made.
Lucien: And this one here, is the one you made.
He spoke with such certainty, I couldn't find any reason not to believe him. I carefully examined the little baked good in my hand. It did indeed seem a bit familiar.
MC: Lucien, this time it's your turn to have a taste. "Aaah"--
Imitating his tone just now, I held the cookie up to his mouth.
With a smile, he grabbed my hand and put the cookie in his mouth, getting even the crumbs on my fingertips.
As I watched his Adam's apple slide up and down, I could feel my cheeks grow hot.
MC: How does it taste...
Lucien: Great. Just the way I like it.