Romantic Holiday (Event): Lucien Right On Time 4

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My simple, modest "flying fish" was a surprising hit among the children.
I showed them how to make their own with the leftover dough, and Lucien helped them add scales with a spoon.
In no time, in addition to the children's own imaginative creations, the tray was also full of little fish of varying sizes.
MC: Mr. Lucien and I are going to go cast a magic spell on these now. You all wait here, okay?
Children: Okay!
Unlike a lot of pastries, these cookies didn't take long to bake at all.
Once the oven was pre-heated, I handed the trays of cookies over to Lucien.
Lucien: Shall I set the timer to 10 minutes?
MC: Let's do 6 minutes. I have a little "secret weapon" that I prepared!
As I said that, I took out a bowl of egg wash and proudly started to explain:
MC: This is a little trick I discovered doing some practice runs a few days ago!
MC: Halfway through, brushing this egg mixture on top makes them even tastier!
Lucien: Sounds pretty good. We'll do it your way then.
Lucien patted my head approvingly, then turned and set the timer on the oven.
As we watched the warm glow of the oven, a warm glow welled up in our hearts as well.
MC: I hope the kids like these Double Seventh cookies...
My worries turned into mutterings escaping from my mouth. Lucien gripped my hand, trying to boost my confidence.
Lucien: I'm sure the cookies will hear your wish and turn out tastier than usual.
This was the first time I'd ever heard Lucien sound so whimsical. My nerves evaporated instantly.
MC: Haha, then do you have anything you want to say to them too?
Lucien: Let me think...
As he looked intently at the little cookies baking in the oven, its orange glow tinged his hair and softened his features.
Lucien: I guess, let the people that eat them become happier than usual too.