Romantic Holiday (Event): Lucien Right On Time 3

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White, soft balls of dough had the children immediately captivated and bouncing with excitement.
MC: Next, Lucien and I will pass out little dough balls to everyone.
MC: You can all let your imaginations soar. Make any shape that you want.
After passing them out to the kids, I took a little piece of dough too and started kneading it in my hand.
MC: Hm...what shape should I make?
I snuck a look at Lucien at the other end of the table, unable to resist wondering, since he was usually so straight-laced, what he would make of a project like this.
Despite being diligently absorbed in forming his dough, he seemed to sense my gaze and stopped working to cock his head at me.
Lucien: Yes? Need help with something?
MC: No, just looking for inspiration. Think you could give me a little spoiler about what you're making?
Lucien: But, if I tell you now, I feel like that will take the fun out of it, and possibly limit your own imagination.
Lucien: There are some things that you can only do for yourself.
MC: Something only I can do...oh! I've got it!
Suddenly inspire, I split the dough into two pieces. I made one half into a fish and the other into a wing.
After sticking them together, I still had the feeling that I was missing something.
Then Lucien, who at some point had walked over to me, picked up a little spoon, using it to press scales into the fishes back.
Lucien: This makes it more lifelike, no?
Lucien: Care to explain your inspiration for this creation?
MC: ...if I do, promise you won't laugh at me.
Lucien: Well that depends on what you're going to say.
MC: Then I won't tell!
Lucien: I was only making a tiny, little joke. Tell me, okay?
Under his gaze, it was useless trying to resist. I had no choice but to tell him my childish thought that I'd never told anyone else before.
MC: When I heard the Double Seventh myth as a kid, I always thought the "Silver River" was a real river of water. I didn't know it was the name for the Milky Way.
MC: And so when I heard the part about the magpies forming a bridge across the river to help reunite the cowherd and the weaver maiden...
MC: ...I was always worried, what if the poor magpies fell in the water. Would they drown?
MC: And so I would tell myself that the magpies were actually like this-- able to both fly and swim.
As I spoke, I fluttered my flat flying fish in front of his face, like an awkward puppet show.
A laugh instantly erupted from Lucien's face, and mine went red as I put the fish back on the table.
MC: It's stupid, I know...
Lucien: Silly girl, you have some flour on your face.
He helped me wipe it off with his fingertip, but the smile on his face didn't go away.