Romantic Holiday (Event): Lucien Right On Time 2

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Although they hadn't seen him in a while, the children were excited as ever to see Lucien.
Several of his little "fan girls" surrounded him, pulling on his sleeves and chattering incessantly.
Girl A: Mr. Lucien, where did you go to this time?
Girl B: Mr. Lucien, do you like the new clothes I'm wearing today?!
Girl C: Mr. Lucien...
As the other children were about to burst with excitement, a little boy rushed over and grabbed me by the hand.
Without waiting for me to react, he pulled me through the crowd in front of Lucien.
Boy: If you keep chatting with Annie and those other girls, I'm going to make off with your girlfriend!
He had a loud voice that drew the attention of everyone present. I was too embarrassed to speak. All I could do was look to Lucien for help.
MC: I, uh...
Lucien: How about...we ask Miss MC what she thinks first?
Lucien: Let's see which one of us she would choose.
His eyes twinkled with laughter as he chucked the ball back in my court, looking on expectantly.
Not expecting this development at all, I was once again too embarrassed to react.
As I was hesitating, the boy pulled on my hand and stood on his tiptoes to whisper something to me.
I hastily squatted down as he cupped his hands over his mouth and leaned up to my ear.
Boy: Miss MC, really I just wanted to give Mr. Lucien a scare, that's all...
Boy: I'll give you my stash of candy, if you just play along, okay?
His pleading tone melted my heart, plus...seeing Lucien's playful smile, I wanted to tease him back too.
MC: I've decided! I choose...
And then, the girl named Annie suddenly led away the boy next to me, looking none too happy.
Girl: I thought you said you'd only hold hands with me! Liar!
Boy: I-- I was just...
Seeing that the children had brought an end to the situation, I breathed a sigh of relief.
To my side, Lucien was still smiling away, making me think, perhaps I'd miscalculated the situation?
Finally I couldn't resist, and I tiptoed up to Lucien's ear--
MC: Are you curious about which choice I was going to make?
Lucien looked casually over, his narrowed eyes full of mischief, as if he could see right through my little ploy.
Lucien: My certainty has won out over my curiosity.
Typical Lucien! I started sulking and went to move away from him, but he suddenly caught my arm.
Lucien: But I'd still rather hear it straight from your mouth.