Romantic Holiday (Event): Kiro Right On Time 6

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The fireworks were just a few moments of brilliance, but their beauty was already locked in memory.
I wanted to remember everything about this night with Kiro forever.
MC: I didn't expect it to be over so soon. I kinda wish it wouldn't end.
Watching as the crowd on the street thinned out, I couldn't help feeling a little downhearted.
Kiro: But wasn't this the perfect ending to a perfect night?
MC: Yeah, you're right!
I looked over at Kiro. The person important to me was by my side. I had nothing to regret.
Kiro: Although, now that you mention it, there is one more thing we haven't done.
MC: What?
I looked imploringly at Kiro, but he didn't answer as he led me away by the hand.
As the fireworks concluded, the crowd cleared from the riverside. The "Magpie Bridge" over the water reverted back to being just a plain stone bridge.
Kiro: It's said that any couple that walks over this bridge will stay together for a long, long time.
MC: People say that about every bridge! Although, perhaps this one is different.
It was clearly just an ordinary stone bridge, no ornate carvings, no signs of being worn over time, but when imparted with a special significance, it became beautiful in itself.
We walked to the crest of the bridge. The shimmering river underneath with its countless lotus lanterns looked like a Milky Way brought to Earth.
MC: Look at this! It's really beautiful!
I turned around, and my mind suddenly went blank-- Kiro was standing a few feet away, his eyes focused on me.
The willows on the bank swayed with the breeze, blocking most of the dim lantern light and casting a shadow on him that was mottled, but not gloomy.
He looked at me with eyes that seemed full of stars, piercing straight into my heart.
Kiro: What's the matter, MC? Too beautiful for words?
Kiro stepped forward, placing his warm palm over my two hands.
Kiro: Now, it's perfect.