Romantic Holiday (Event): Kiro Right On Time 5

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A jade-green pond, drooping willows, winding corridors, and leaves rustling in the breeze.
The sultry summer air seemed exiled from this patch of earth.
Kiro: Nice here, isn't it?
Kiro turned to me, fishing for praise, his unruly golden hair sticking up in a few places.
It feels great. But how did you find this place?
I lay shoulder-to-shoulder on the grass with Kiro as the cool breeze blew by, cut off from the noisy world beyond the wall.
Kiro: Take a guess.
MC: You...did a shoot here before?
Kiro: Nope! was because I got lost.
MC: You can get lost in a courtyard?
Kiro: You don't find all these narrow little paths super-- confusing?
To emphasize how confusing they were, he made maze-like gesture with his hands.
Kiro: In the end, I got reprimanded by Savin, but I still don't regret it one bit!
Kiro: At the time, I just kept thinking, I'll definitely come back here with you sometime.
Kiro looked at me, his expression seeming more tender than usual under the soft moonlight.
MC: And the scenery at night is sure to be even more awesome than in the day.
I looked up at a night sky full of glittering stars. Reaching out my hand, it was like I was bathed in starlight.
Kiro stretched out his hand too and extended a finger at the sky.
Kiro: In the summer sky, the brightest star is Vega, the weaver maiden. And that star on the other side of the Milky Way is Altair, the cowherd.
Kiro: Legend says that these lovers are reunited every year on Double Seventh, but in reality, who knows how many light years lie between them.
Kiro's clear voice wafted in the air, speaking of a distant fairy tale.
MC: That far? What if they get lost then?
Kiro: They'd still be fine...
Kiro's outstretched hand leaned to the right, taking hold of my own hand still suspended in the air. A soft glimmering of light fell on his profile, mellowing the smile on his lips.
Kiro: I'll find you. I promise.