Romantic Holiday (Event): Kiro Right On Time 4

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The sky had become completely dark. Occasionally brushing shoulders with people dressed as emperors, generals, and courtly ladies gave one a wonderful sense of travelling through time.
Kiro: Wow, the koi fish here are so fat!
Following Kiro's gaze, I saw four or five koi swimming in a pool cut from stone.
MC: Most probably overfed by the tourists.
I went closer. All I could think was how funny they looked awkwardly waddling through the water.
Kiro: MC, careful!
Suddenly, Kiro called out to me. I saw a shadow rush at me, hitting ,e right in the chest.
MC: Oof!
I was pushed back several steps by the sudden force. When I looked down, the culprit was none other than a little white cat.
The kitty meowed daintily and looked up at me curiously with its big, round eyes.
Kiro: MC, are you okay?
MC: I'm fine. But what is this cat doing here?
Kiro: This is the film crew's cat. He's a real troublemaker! I don't know what this naughty little fellow is doing here.
As Kiro explained, he reached out to shoo away the cat from my arms.
But the cat nimbly dodged Kiro's motion and my clutches, climbing playfully up onto my shoulders.
MC: Ah, don't move!
Kiro: Naughty kitty! What are you doing!
Kiro swiped boldly, his fingertip grazing my collarbone as he did, sending a shiver down my spine.
MC: Wait...wait a sec!
Cat: Meow! Rraarrgh!
Kiro: Are you raising your voice to me?! See if I ever share my food with you again!
Perhaps that threat struck a nerve. The cat stopped, staring at an angry Kiro, as if examining him.
MC: Ppbbbff--
I couldn't hold back my laughter any longer, drawing the two pairs of similar blue eyes onto me-- one curious, and one a little offended.
Kiro: Alright. Seeing as how you've made MC happy, I guess I'll give you a pass.
Kiro gave the kitty a hug and gently rubbed his head, then he looked at me.
Kiro: However, you laughing at me won't be so easily forgiven.
Kiro: Let me see...I think your punishment shall be to go with me somewhere!