Romantic Holiday (Event): Kiro Right On Time 3

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The packed crowd made for a magnificent sight, especially since they were all wearing traditional clothing.
MC: There seems to be something going on over there. Shall we go take a look?
Kiro: It seems to be...that traditional embroidered ball toss. You know, kinda like tossing the bouquet at a wedding, but in reverse.
MC: Oh yeah! The woman tosses the ball down, and whoever catches it will marry her!
My interest was instantly piqued, and I followed the crowd closer to the building festooned with red silk ribbons.
The person tossing the embroidered ball was a pretty young woman dressed in a traditional red bridal dress. From the stir she caused below, it was clear everyone found her quite attractive.
MC: This is my first time seeing one of these in person. What'll I do if I catch the embroidered ball?
Kiro: Uh, I think that's a question that I should be considering.
Kiro took hold of my hand, locking our fingers together. The heat from his hand and the smile on his face warmed me to my heart.
Kiro: It's a big crowd. We wouldn't want to get separated.
As I was about to respond, my voice was drowned out by a sudden outburst from the crowd. Looking up at the sound, my vision was filled with the sight of a colorful ball with silk ribbons falling from on high.
It grew closer, and closer, finally landing in Kiro's arms as the whole crowd looked on.
Kiro: ?!
Oh no! If the word got out it was Kiro who caught that ball, then I knew what the entertainment news headline would be by tomorrow!
Before anyone could react, quick as lightning I snatched the ball from Kiro like a hot potato.
Kiro: MC, what're you...
Holding back a laugh, Kiro snatched the ball back from my hands, throwing it high up into the air as I looked on anxiously.
Traveller: Look, the ball is over here!
As the ball fell back down, an uproar erupted from all over again.
Kiro: Silly Miss Chips. That's all it took, see?
MC: Now it seems like we're just here to stir up trouble!
I stuck out my tongue and followed Kiro as we slipped away from the crowd.
When the sounds of the crowd were far behind us, I finally asked him:
MC: What would you have done if you had been caught holding that ball?
Kiro: If I'd been caught, it's just a game, and besides...
Kiro: I belong only to you.