Romantic Holiday (Event): Kiro Right On Time 2

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The main street in Studio City was set up with a long row of stalls for the "Double Seventh Evening" themed event.
MC: Festival lanterns, folding fans, traditional cookies, candied fruits...
The plethora of objects had my head turning every which way. Kiro's pace also started to slow.
Suddenly, the sweet, fragrant smell of pastries hit my nose.
Kiro: Mm, that smell--
Kiro and I both cried out simultaneously.
Kiro: This way! This way!
We entered a little shop on the street corner. Taped to the counter inside were the words "Double Seventh Limited Edition".
Looking up, all I could see was a board on the wall with the names of pastries: Lovebirds in Seventh Heaven, Delicate Dice of Red Bean, Instantaneous Sympatico...
MC: ...What are all these?
Kiro: I have no idea.
Kiro whispered this right next to my ear, his hot breath tickling me a little.
I jumped back a step and rubbed on my reddened ear.
MC: I...can't understand this either. The red bean one must be some kind of red bean paste, but what about the others?
Kiro: Let's just pick one and try it.
Kiro and I stood at the counter pondering over the dozens of pastry names. A moment later...
Kiro & Me: Instantaneous Sympatico!
We said the words at basically the same time, making the shop owner laugh out loud.
Owner: You two really are sympatico!
Kiro: Yep, that's right!
As I watched Kiro nodding in agreement a wave of heat flushed uncontrollably up my cheeks.
Out came a flower-petal-shaped cake dyed a light pink colour, looking extremely appetizing.
I picked up a petal, and as I chewed into it, the filling inside oozed into my mouth.
MC: Mm--
Kiro: Mm--
Kiro & Me: It's a lily!
First there was a faint bitter taste, followed by a refreshing sweetness that overtook the palate.
MC: It's delicious!
My eyes squinted in delight as Kiro smiled happily across from me.
Kiro: I like this flavor, because it resembles you.