Romantic Holiday (Event): Kiro Right On Time 1

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Ever since learning that Kiro was shooting a period piece film, I had been brimming with curiosity.
But no matter how I tried to ask, Kiro's answer was always the same.
Kiro: If you want to know, then come down to Studio City and visit the set this Friday!
MC: Really? Alright, then I'll...think about it.
I decided to keep Kiro in suspense.
On the day of Double Seventh, without telling Kiro, I secretly entered the set using the pass I had gotten from the crew beforehand.
This was the biggest courtyard in Studio City. Looking through a latticed window and obscured by vines, I could just make out some figures busily shooting a scene.
I craned my neck, straining to try to pick out Kiro's form from among the other actors.
MC: Hmm, not that one...not that one either...
??: Not "what"?
MC: Ah!!
The voice suddenly sounding behind me made my heart skip a beat as my head spun around.
Kiro's face loomed large before me. Seeing how taken aback I was, he looked offended and let out a disappointed sigh.
Kiro: What are you so scared of? Didn't you come here to see me after all?
Kiro: I guess me and MC aren't the world's bestest besties...
MC: H--How did you know I was here?
Kiro: Because not a single clue you leave behind ever escapes my notice.
MC: You wouldn't have...
I looked suspiciously at Kiro, and he hastily shook his head.
Kiro: No, no. Actually, I just knew that you'd definitely come for a set visit, MC!
Kiro, who was wearing normal street clothes, beamed happily, and even that little bit of disappointment I felt quickly melted away.
MC: How did you know I was definitely going to come?
Kiro: Of course I knew, because I knew you definitely felt the same way I feel.
Kiro: After all, this is the first Double Seventh that we've had the chance to spend together.