Romantic Holiday (Event): Gavin Right On Time 6

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The night was like a thick black ink, profound and impenetrable.
At some point, the crowd of fair-goers had dwindled, and the lantern lights burned out one by one, though the stars above sparkled on.
I pinned the gentleman's mask I'd just bought to Gavin's waist with a satisfied smile on my face.
MC: Let's go!
We returned to our little drinking spot in the tree top, where I looked down over the street looking so picturesque under the cover of night.
A cool evening breeze blew by, giving me a slight chill.
After my involuntary shiver, Gavin instantly took my hands in his, suffusing me with his warmth.
MC: Gavin...thank you.
Gavin: You don't need to thank me.
The moonlight fell gently upon his hair, stirring up a soft glow. Even the mask hanging at his waist seemed to shine.
MC: Gavin...can you give that mask to me as a keepsake?
Gavin lifted an eyebrow, then undid the mask and placed it in my hand.
Gavin: Sure. If you want, we can buy the lot of them.
MC: Just one of these is enough. Also...the reason I want it is because it belonged to you.
Gavin: ...Oh?
Seeing the somewhat startled look on his face, I giggled as I drew closer to him and held the veil we bought over his face.
MC: What about you want to keep my veil?
Gavin: ...
MC: You don't want it?
Gavin: ...I do.
He reached out to take my veil, but I yanked it back.
MC: I've changed my mind now.
I took the mask, and using the veil, tied it securely to a tree branch.
Gavin: You--
MC: Shh! Now I don't have a veil, and you don't have a mask. I'm just MC, and you're just Gavin.
MC: It's not your conviction, or your looks, or the way you treat me that...makes me...
MC: ...It's because behind the mask, you're still Gavin.
After plucking up my courage and saying that, my cheeks felt like they were on fire.
There was a faint smile in his amber eyes, but it was mostly drowned out by a look of sincerity.
The next second, he had me in his arms and gently planted a kiss on top of my head.
Gavin: I'm just me, and you're just you.
Gavin: Let's spend Double Seventh together again next year too.
Gavin: Just like right now, being our most true selves.