Romantic Holiday (Event): Gavin Right On Time 5

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After our "locked-arms toast", I found that everything before me started to look different.
For example, that strange looking tree in the distance looked just like that twin-headed lotus--
MC: Gavin, Gavin! Look at that tree. Doesn't it look like a lotus?
Gavin followed my gaze, then paused a few seconds.
Gavin: You still want that lotus, don't you?
I shook my head.
MC: Relinquishing it for the sake of another love is perfectly fine with me.
I wasn't sure if perhaps I'd said something wrong, but Gavin seemed to clam up a bit.
I was about to reach out and smooth his pursed lips, but a feeling of weightlessness suddenly came over me.
I could feel the wind rush past my ears, making my heart almost jump up in my throat.
I heard Gavin call out, and then the next second I had fallen into his embrace. I clung to his clothes, as if it was my one and only lifeline.
Gavin cradled me to the ground, anxiously inspecting me for any injuries.
Gavin: Are you okay?
I shook my head.
Gavin looked at me for a few seconds, then held me tight again. I cautiously held on to his waist.
MC: ...Don't worry.
My voice was quiet, and muffled further by his increasingly taut embrace.
Gavin: Hold tight.
I nodded and did just that. He stirred up a gust of wind, pushing us into the air. Soon, we stopped over another pond.
Gavin: Look.
I followed his gaze to see a pond full of lotuses, their pink leaves lying dormant in the night, not burning bright, only twinkling in the starlight.
His arms grew tighter around me, as if he had some prized possession in his arms.
His sonorous voice fell on my ear, along with a thin stream of his breath.
Gavin: It doesn't have that lotus. But is this whole pond enough?