Romantic Holiday (Event): Gavin Right On Time 3

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Although we said we'd just search around while we shopped, we really ended up turning every place we went to inside-out looking for that mystery lotus.
MC: you think maybe this lotus just doesn't exist? And that's why no one's found it in six years?
Gavin: Patience.
MC: Is there anything different about that lotus?
Gavin: It's a twin-headed lotus.
MC: Is it...still light purple?
Gavin: Yes.
I took a hard gulp and pulled on Gavin's clothes, my eyes glued to the man-made mountain at the center of the lake.
MC: Gavin, I think I see it...
In a grey cave on that mountain, a speck of delicate purple was sticking out plaintively, as if waiting for someone who was now six years late.
Gavin stood up straight and held his hand out to me.
Gavin: We'll go together.
I placed my hand in his, and he pulled me to his side. The next moment, we were riding on the wind.
The wind stirred up the drooping willow branches, their reflections on the water seeming to stir up ripples.
Gavin picked up the flower and handed it to me. It's faint purple hue seemed innocent and wonderful in the gentle light.
Perhaps because of the main in front of me, or because of this special flower, my head was swimming with emotion.
MC: I just knew, with you here, we were sure to find it!
Gavin: Silly.
Little did I imagine, but not long after getting the flower, someone took notice.
The young man that suddenly sprinted up to Gavin and me looked like he was practically begging us.
Gavin frowned, but before he could say anything, I held him back and turned to ask the man:
MC: Can I help you?
Man: Could...could you give that lotus to me?
MC: ...Huh?
Man: I made my girlfriend mad, and she said if I find this lotus, then she won't break up with me. I've been looking all over...
I gave Gavin a conflicted look, but his expression was unperturbed as ever.
Gavin: It's up to you.
Seeing the young man's pleading look, my heart sank, and I handed him the lotus.
MC: Here you go. Don't make your girlfriend mad again. Girls need a supportive, understanding partner.
As I watched the man go away with the lotus, I started feeling a bit down again. Gavin took my hand and squeezed.
Gavin: It's okay if we don't have the lotus.
If you're feeling down, I can be supportive and understanding too.