Romantic Holiday (Event): Gavin Right On Time 2

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Setting foot on the decorated street, I instantly went into full-on sightseeing mode.
The quaint, traditional style of the street had even been extended to the shops themselves. Lots of little stalls had been set up along the road, and the hawkers were decked in traditional garb trying to attract customers.
MC: Wow...this is so neat. It feels like I'm in a dream back in ancient times.
Gavin: Where do you want to go?
MC: I heard that there is a big event today at Delicioso! Shall we go check it out?
Gavin nodded, then casually took my hand, and off we went.
My hand was completely engulfed in his. As I looked down at his hand, my face flushed red.
After just that second of strayed attention, he tightened his grip around my hand.
Gavin: There's a lot of people today. Hold tight, and don't let go.
MC: Okay...
I squeezed back on his hand, and the warmth flowed through my nerves to my heart, which felt like it was going to ignite.
Today, Delicioso was also decorated in ancient style. A dais was erected in front of the building with a big crowd around it.
Host: Thank you all for coming today! Right now, we begin today's grand event--
As more and more people gathered round, Gavin's brow furrowed. Releasing his hold on my hand, he put his arm around my shoulder, shielding me.
His powerful arm was like a high wall, seemingly even cutting off the noise from the surrounding crowd.
I leaned my head on his chest, hearing his heart beating away within.
I raised my head and just happened to lock eyes with him.
Gavin: Do you wanna take part?
MC: Take what?
Hearing my response, his eyebrows jumped up, and his mouth curled in a handsome smile.
Gavin: This event. The lotus hunt.
MC: Lotus hunt?
My brain ran a keyword search for the term...I must've seemed totally "out of it", because Gavin reached out and pinched my cheek.
Gavin: What are you thinking about?
MC: As I recall, they do this event every year...They say whoever finds a special lotus flower will get the biggest blessing.
MC: But I'm pretty sure no one's found it in six years running...
Gavin: Wanna go?
I nodded firmly, like a chicken pecking at its feed.
MC: Yes! And, with you here...I bet we'll find it for sure!
I spoke cautiously, and also stole a glance at Gavin's eyes.
Gavin squeezed my hand and grinned.
Gavin: Let's go then. We'll search while we shop.