Romantic Holiday (Event): Gavin Right On Time 1

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In the blink of an eye, over half of the calendar had been torn off. I looked at the upcoming festival with a feeling of anticipation.
The traditional Double Seventh festival would soon be upon us, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, and this year was going to be a once-in-a-decade celebration.
Preparations for the holiday began a month ago on the central thoroughfare of Loveland City. Word was that it was being redecorated to look like it did in ancient times.
My eyes moved from the calendar to the number on my phone's screen. I dialed it.
The call was quickly picked up, and Gavin's voice came through from the other end.
Gavin: MC?
MC: Um...why do you sound a little surprised?
Gavin: ...You must have misheard. What is it?
Gavin: Whatever it is, just come out and say it.
MC: It's just...well, Loveland City is holding a really big fair these few days. Have you heard about it?
Gavin: I have.
MC: They say it's really, really rare, and they've even made everything to look like ancient times!
MC: I've never been to an event like this before. Would to experience life in olden times?
Gavin: If you want to go, I'll go with you.
MC: Huh? You don't want to...?
Gavin: I do, as long as it's with you.
MC: ...
Gavin: Do I need to bring anything? This would be my first time going to something like this.
MC: ...Huh? You don't need to bring anything. Really the only thing is--
MC: You have to bring yourself, of course!
Gavin: Okay.
Gavin: Ahem...I'll pick you up outside your place. See you tomorrow.
There was a tenderness in Gavin's cool tone-- and even a touch of some other emotion-- that was like music to my ears.
Outside, the lush green grass was swaying in the breeze, and a gust of wind came through the window, stirring up everything around me.