Romantic Holiday (Event)/Tangram/Victor

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Event Name Scenario Options Results
Lucky Star A shooting star crosses the sky. Your first reaction is-- Put hands together and make a wish After making your wish, you sneak a peek at Victor, but to your surprise he's looking right at you. Victor looks away and mutters one word under his breath: Childish.
Take out your phone and take a picture The shooting star's already gone before you can get your app open. "You can't get that shot with your phone anyway." Hearing Victor's decidedly uncomforting words of comfort, you don't know whether to laugh or cry.
Grab Victor and make a wish together You thought Victor would call you childish, but he doesn't stop you from making the wish, and even closes his eyes obediently when you take his hand.
BGM Familiar background music starts playing in the store, but you can't think of the love song's name-- Think really hard You can't think of the song's name. While you're racking your brain, Victor reaches out and taps you on the forehead: "Don't trouble yourself."
Ask Victor Victor gives you a resigned look and pulls you out of the store.
Use an app on your phone Just as you open your app, you hear a familiar voice say what you're trying to think of. You mutter to yourself: "Naturally, there's nothing that can stump Victor."
Flower Girl A girl selling flowers looks at you and Victor: "Mister, buy a flower for the pretty lady?"-- You buy one for Victor instead Victor takes the rose you've handed him with a complex look on his face. Seconds later, he buys the rest of her roses and gives them to you as a "return gift."
Find an excuse to avoid her You tell the girl: "This gentleman never carries cash when he goes out," and a wonderful look comes over Victor's face.
Look up expectantly at Victor "Do you like them?" After getting your approval, Victor buys seven roses. As you take them, you seem to hear a whisper: "Happy Double Seventh."
"Weaver Class" You've come to a handicrafts workshop. What should you sign up to learn?-- Handkerchief embroidering You give your embroidered handkerchief to Victor. A "thankful" Victor folds it carefully and puts it away, with a glimmer of tenderness in his eye.
Mitten knitting You give the mittens to Victor, but you realize that you made them based on the size of your own hands. There's no way Victor can get them on...
Cross-stitching Victor immediately discovers the crooked stitches on the back of the cross-stitch, but he accepts your gift anyway, saying, "Not bad."
Time-limited IQ "This kind of person isn't front and centre, but you do get a kick out of them." You look at the riddle before you and scratch your head-- Challenge Victor to answer Victor let's out a "hmph", completely unprovoked by your challenge, and even retorts: "Whether I know the riddle or not, it's clear a certain someone doesn't."
Straight up ask Victor for help Victor doesn't tell you the answer right away. He just gives you a hint: "You fit this bill."
Look it up on your phone The signal here is so bad you can't load the webpage. As you rack your brain, you reach out to Victor and tug his sleeve. "The answer's a sidekick," he tells you.
Atop the Lighthouse After a long climb, you get to the top of the lighthouse. You decide to-- Shout your worries and cares into the distance However, you just notice Victor out of the corner of your eye, so you scuttle the idea. There are some words you just can't say around him.
Take a souvenir photo, pointing the lens into the distance At night, the scenery in the distance appears dim on your phone's screen. While you falter about what to do, Victor makes a couple of taps on your screen and it lights up like a light bulb.
Recite a poem about the wonder of life "Love is an ever-shining lighthouse." You say the first line, and Victor chimes in with the second. You turn around and meet his deep gaze.
A Second Look Nightgowns of different colors are on display in a store window. You can't help take a second look-- A bunny-shaped, plush, pullover nightgown "...It's summertime." Victor takes one look at the fuzzy bunny tail on the nightgown and is speechless.
A red and black lace gown in traditional style Victor, who was on your right side, is now suddenly on your left, blocking your line of sight. "Doesn't suit you."
A silk nightgown with a magpie design "It looks like it would feel cool." Hearing you exclaim, Victor takes one look at the nightgown covered in magpies and looks away disconcertingly.
Pitch Black You're almost at the "Real-Life Secret Room" place. Just one more flight of stairs, but they're pitch black. You-- Hesitate and don't go forward "Scared?" All you can do is nod at Victor's question. After a predictable "dummy", he extends his hand to you.
Muster courage and walk ahead Seeing through your facade of courage, you hear Victor let out a sigh behind you. Then he turns on his phone's flashlight and lights the way before you.
Make Victor go first "You're not scared of something coming up from behind you?" Victor casually tosses out this remark, and in the pitch dark you get so cared you jump forward and cling to his waist.
Holiday Dress Up For a Double Seventh date with Victor, you specially wear a pair of new shoes, forgetting that they haven't been broken in yet-- Bear the pain and keep walking No matter how steady your pace remains, the uncontrollable grimace on your face gives you away. Victor frowns and pulls you into a shoe store.
Stop and rest a while Noticing you subtly kick of your shoe and rotate your ankle, Victor lets out a sigh and says: "Wait here for me." He then comes out of a pharmacy with a bandage.
Whimper to Victor "..." Victor's brow furrows and loosens several times, until he finally says with a sigh, "Throw this pair out."
Paper Cutter Lots of stalls with traditional handicrafts have set up shop on the street for Double Seventh. You pause in front of a paper cutting stall-- Ask the artist to cut out a little dog You give the dog to Victor and get this in return: "Why isn't it a shiba inu this time?" You respond in earnest, "Next time it will be!"
Ask the artist to cut out a little cat You hold the paper design up to Victor, thinking of the time he wore those cat ears. As if he can guess what you're thinking, Victor gives you a tap on the head.
Whisper in Victor's ear, "This is a real artisan..." You're not sure if the artisan heard what you whispered to Victor, but of his own accord, he takes out a "Double Seventh Lovers" paper design and gives it to the two of you.
Book Sunning Custom After hearing of a Double Seventh custom involving airing out books in the sunshine, you-- Decide to move your books out to the balcony to get some sun The fates don't smile on you. It suddenly starts raining, and your book sunning plans end up ruined.
Tidy up your bookshelf and then "air" it on your social media Amidst a bunch of likes, you immediately see the one response you were hoping for. He gave a like too, but out of habit he also left a mocking comment.
Call Victor and ask if he airs out his contracts on Double Seventh "I see you're a little fuzzy on the details, as usual." After the expected sarcasm, there is an invitation for this evening. Victor asks you to clear your schedule and have dinner with him so he can set you straight.
Holiday Snack What would a holiday be without its snacks. You see a stall selling traditional cookies and-- You buy a bag You eat one first and think it's delicious. Then you hold one out in front of Victor, saying "aaah" and try to give one to him.
Ask Victor if he knows how to make them "I've never tried before." Seeing the expectant light in your eyes start to dim, Victor then hastens to add: "But it shouldn't be hard."
Buy two bags, one for both you and Victor "You should just get what you want for yourself." Although, having said that, Victor still takes the bag of cookies you bought for him.
Double Seventh Wish Although you don't know why there's a Wishing Tree on the street, since everyone else is making wishes, you-- Do like the others and fold a crane and hang it in the tree After you finish folding your crane, Victor helps you hang it high up in the tree. As you watch him diligently tie the knot, you think to yourself, "It seems my wish has already come true."
Say a wish to the tree "How boring..." Victor says a few words and leaves it at that, but you sense that what he really means is-- Why make a wish to a tree when you can make a wish to me?
Ask Victor if he wants to make a wish Victor looks deep into your eyes, and for a moment you're under the illusion that time has stopped. Then you hear a low voice in your ear: "No need."
Street Spectacle You and Victor come upon sword-wielding performers on the street- You think it's dangerous and give a wide berth The next day in the City News you see a story: "Tourist Accidentally Injured by Street Performer". You feel lucky you made the right decision.
You think it's interesting and squeeze in closer to watch You finish watching the show but then realize you can't find Victor. As you start to panic, you hear a slightly angry "Dummy" from behind you.
You stand on tip-toes to see over the crowd Seeing you crane your neck in curiosity, Victor puts his hands on his shoulders and says with a bit of sarcasm: "Want me to put you on my shoulders so you can see?" You can't help but blush.
Proposal Scene Since Double Seventh is basically Chinese Valentine's Day, it's no surprise you happen upon someone making a marriage proposal-- Seeing the man on bended knee, you can't help but say "How romantic" Victor furrows his brow in seeming disapproval of this kind of proposal, but he says nothing.
A proposal out in public in front of everyone makes you feel awkward You quietly ask Victor: "What if the guy gets turned down? Wouldn't that be so embarrassing?" Victor looks you in the eye and says matter-of-factly, "No it wouldn't."
You get excited just like the rest of the crowd To your great surprise, the guy actually gets turned down. Seeing your shocked face, Victor squeezes your hand and leads you away from the scene.
Summer Costume Even though there's air conditioning, wearing traditional clothing in the summer has you breaking out in a sweat-- Run over to the air conditioner and let it blow on you "What are you doing? You think dummies can't catch colds?" Victor walks over and blocks the cold air from blowing on you, even though his tone has you feeling even hotter.
Take some tissues and surreptitiously wipe under your neck Your less-than-refined action happens to be seen by Victor. He clears his throat and averts his eyes.
You figure Victor must be just as hot as you You get on your tip-toes to wipe Victor's sweat, but with one misstep you almost fall over. Victor quickly catches you by the waist and says with a frown, "Once an idiot always an idiot."
Joy of Eating You're too full from dinner. What to do?-- Walk it off Your tummy may be a little too uncomfortable, but since you're able to get Victor to take a walk with you, it's worth it.
Find somewhere to lie down The street is bustling, and you can't find a place to lie down, so you ask Victor if you can lie down in his car. After a brief silence, you are coldly refused.
Take a digestion tablet Victor snatches the medicine box from your hand and gives you a scolding look. You pitifully explain: "It's not my fault your cooking is so good."
Sprouting Life For Double Seventh, you decide to try the custom of sprouting a bowl of bean sprouts. Victor sees it and asks you-- "Do you know why people do this 'sprouting life' custom?" "Isn't it just...a Double Seventh tradition?" Your hazy response gets you called an idiot, as expected.
"Do you know why people use bean sprouts?" "Because then you can eat them, of course!" Victor only has this in response to your answer: "Eating is the only thing you think about."
"Have you ever sprouted beans before?..." You explain that you're sure you've done it before in kindergarten. Victor dumps out the bowl full of water and mutters: "You're gonna drown these beans."
New Hairstyle You're going to see Victor. How should you style your hair?-- A bun As Victor walks beside you, and because of the height difference between you, you have no idea how long of a look he takes at that "mound" on your head.
Fishtail braid "You've...never worn this hairstyle before, have you?" You boast to Victor about your braiding skills, and to your surprise you actually get a frank agreement from him.
High ponytail As you get closer, Victor lowers his head to talk to you and seems to take quite a few looks at the back of your neck. You just now realize how sensitive the back of your neck is...
Double 7th Drink A beverage shop has put out several Double Seventh-themed drinks. You decide to try-- "Lovesick Rain" It turns out to just be a banana and strawberry smoothie. The manager tells you that rain during Double Seventh is known as "lovesick rain", then gives you another cup, saying, "Here, it's buy-one-get-one for couples".
"Concubine's Smile" The tropical fruit-flavored drink tastes great, perfect for quenching a summer thirst. After you keep egging on Victor, he finally takes a sip: "Not bad."
"The Pleiades" The cup is more than half full of colourful tapioca balls, and there's no way you can finish it all after your big dinner. Victor chides you, saying, "Eyes bigger than your stomach..."
Ye Olde Hijinks You step into a noodle shop decorated in ancient style on the Double Seventh-themed street and yell out-- "Shopkeeper! See to our horses outside!" The other patrons in the shop bust out laughing, and even Victor by your side lets out a chuckle. The waiter plays along and says with a laugh: "Right this way, my lord and lady!"
"We'll have a flagon of wine and a side of beef!" "..." Victor looks embarrassed, and before you can sit, he drags you out of the noodle shop.
"A bowl of your finest noodles, good sir!" You ask Victor what he would like to eat, and he says he's not hungry. So then you call out again: "Bring a second bowl and set of chopsticks!" as you decide to share yours with Victor.
Maximum Awkward As you watch a movie, you get moved to tears, but then you realize you don't have a tissue-- Wipe tears with back of your hand Sitting to your right, Victor notices your action and hands you a pack of tissues.
Wait for tears to dry on their own The eyeliner you so painstakingly put on makes two little rivulets down your face-- to which you are oblivious. Stifling a laugh, Victor gives you his own handkerchief.
Grab Victor's arm to wipe tears away After wiping your tears all over his hand, you suddenly feel a twinge of regret. But Victor just gives you a look and wipes the traces of your tears away with his fingertip.
Misdial You accidentally made a call, and the person who answers is right by your side: Victor-- Pretend nothing happened and quickly hang up His phone doesn't ring, and Victor doesn't know what happened, but he finds that "nothing to see here" look on your face odd and funny.
Wait quietly and see what reaction Victor has Victor takes a look at his phone's screen, then looks back at you. He presses the green "answer" button: "Hello, I'm busy at the moment. What is it?"
Stand stunned for a while from embarrassment As you freeze up, Victor sees your phone's screen lit up and sees his profile there. He then gives a grunt and turns off your screen.
Double 7th Gift What kind of gift should you get Victor for this traditional holiday-- Give him a folding fan When the package arrives, you receive a fright. This "little folding fan" turns out to be a meter-long decorative'll have to ask Victor to come to your house to pick up his grand gift.
Recite him a poem You know that the meter and rhyme of your verses isn't perfect, but Victor doesn't nitpick, and he even gives you a rating of "not bad", putting you on cloud nine.
A tri-coloured, glazed pottery camel "A camel for a camel!" You can't help but laugh seeing Victor's speechless face. But you quickly wipe the smile off your face. "I'll give you a lucky koi camel too."
Olden Times As you stroll down the street, you run into a friend from Victor's school days. He waves at you both looking very warm and lively-- Introduce yourself As you're about to introduce yourself, the friend gives a knowing look to Victor, which Victor bristles at, saying "Don't let your imagination run wild."
Walk away and don't interrupt their reunion "I'll just go wait for you at that dessert shop." You let go of Victor's arm, but as you turn to go, he pulls you back: "No need."
Wait for Victor's reaction You take a peek at Victor and realize there's an impatient look on his face, and the hand around your waist seems to tighten up.
Public Affection As you browse your Moments feed, you see a group posting lots of public displays of affection-- Hit "like" on all of them Your thumb gets tired from tapping and still no end to your feed in sight. The situation reminds you of the time you helped Victor respond to all those comments at Souvenir.
Join them and post your own In the end, you give up on this idea: This is our holiday, a memory just between us. With that thought, you squeeze back on Victor's hand.
Show it to Victor standing next to you He responds with a look that says "So?" The look deflates your hopes, but to your surprise, he pulls you close and takes a selfie of the two of you on his phone.
Print Ad You walk past a photo studio, and the owner calls out to you, wanting to know if you'll be a model for their ad-- Refuse straight up "Sorry, we're in a rush," you say as you grab Victor's arm and walk quickly away. As you lean in to Victor you smell the cologne that you picked out originally.
Hesitate a bit, worrying it's a scam Unlike you, this time Victor seems unexpectedly open to the idea. "If you're interested, go give it a try. I'll wait for you." His words make you feel safe.
Use Victor as a human shield "He wouldn't agree...." Seeing Victor's cold face, the owner is a little hesitant. Finally, he bravely asks, "Then what about the two of you together?"
Hazy Start While playing the murder mystery game, you're picked first to talk-- Blindly peg a player as the killer That player takes offence and wants to argue back, but a cutting look from Victor at your side cows him back.
Urgently make the case for your own innocence Your attempt to clear your own name makes others suspicious of you instead, thinking "the lady doth protest too much". You feel like weeping, but Victor soothingly pats you on the hand.
Try to work out clues from the other players' expressions Your straight-faced nonsense has some of the other participants laughing, garnering you some popularity. You take a peek and discover that the "humourless King" also had a chuckle.
Fallen Hair A strand of hair has fallen on your neck, tickling you but your hands are full of loot from the Double Seventh fair-- Ask Victor to hold your things Victor's arms are full of your stuff. A couple passes by, and you hear the girl complain: "Look how nice that guy is to *his* girlfriend!"
Ask Victor to find that wayward strand of hair Victor's breath falls on your hair, so now not only is your neck itchy, but even your heart.
Stick your candied apple in your mouth, freeing your left hand Victor plucks the candied apple out with a frown: "Aren't you afraid of choking." You take a bite out of it as he does. Tart and sweet.
Puzzle Challenge This street even has some brain-teaser stalls. You walk toward-- A crossword puzzle game You know you're not much at crossword puzzles, but you've got Victor with you! You're sure you'll complete it without breaking a sweat.
A guess-that-song game You listen to music all the time when looking for inspiration for show proposals. You win the grand prize. You look to Victor, fishing for praise, and he says with a smile, "Next time, sing the answers."
A "klotski" sliding block puzzle game You're pretty lost when it comes to this game and only ever complete it with luck. This time Victor leads you hand-in-hand, and you actually get the big block out within 100 moves!