Romantic Holiday (Event)/Tangram/Lucien

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Event Name Scenario Options Results
Lucky Omen You look up to find the stars Altair and Vega, and you happen to see a shooting star. You excitedly decide to-- Rub your eyes to make sure you're not seeing things Lucien takes your hand gently and with great concern asks, "Did you get something in your eye? Need me to help you blow on it?"
Turn to Lucien and ask if he saw it As you turn, Lucien is just about to ask you the same thing. You both smile in silent understanding and keep walking, but you can feel him clasp your hand tighter.
Hold this joy quietly in your heart Lucien sees you smiling happily, and his own mouth perks up in a pleasing smile.
Speak to the Heart A very familiar love song plays from the car radio. You decide to-- Change the station Lucien sings the next line of the song after it's cut off: "Yes, all we're looking for is love from someone else". He's obviously just saying the lyrics, but it also seems like he's speaking from his heart.
Hum along quietly While waiting for a light to turn green, he softly pats your head and says, "I like your version better".
Surreptitiously tap to the beat with your fingernail He starts humming along quietly too. Those tender lyrics hummed by his deep voice become the most moving of love songs, making your whole face blush.
Clingy Child A little girl holding a basket of flowers clings to Lucien's leg. You decide to-- Buy a flower yourself Lucien holds your hand tightly, so you can't take out your wallet. He bends over and picks one out for you, which just so happens to be the one you wanted.
Have Lucien buy you a flower Lucien lets you pick one, and you crouch down and struggle to decide. But he doesn't press you at all. He just stands to the side and laughs.
Try to talk sense with the girl Lucien smiles as he watches you try to reason with the girl, but in the end he still buys a flower and gives it to you.
Worked to the Bone After hand-crafting a Double Seventh gift for him, your hands are covered in cuts. So he doesn't worry, before you go out you-- Spray on some disinfectant Lucien smells the disinfectant right away and takes you back to his house to treat the wounds. "Next time you hurt yourself, just come to get me to help you."
Swap on transparent bandages Lucien looks at your fingers criss-crossed with bandages and, half-laughing and half-annoyed, says, "Are you trying to fool yourself too, or do you just think my vision has gotten that bad, hm?"
Keep the same bandages on Lucien plants a kiss on the bandage and asks, "Does it still hurt?"
Brain Trust You're playing a lantern riddle guessing-game online with friends, but there's one you just can't figure out, so you decide to-- Turn to Lucien for help Lucien takes your hand and spells out the riddle's answer on your palm. "Got it now?"
Search for the answer online yourself Seeing you totally preoccupied, Lucien says nothing and just holds your hand as you walk, making sure you don't run into anything.
Think about it a little longer Lucien reaches out and caresses your furrowed brow. "Is there something I can help you with?"
I Was Here During Double Seventh, the observation tower set up a magpie bridge as a photo-op. Seeing the endless line, you decide to-- Just give up Lucien takes you to the other side where there are fewer people and takes a photo of you leaning excitedly by the window enjoying the night scenery.
Ask for Lucien's suggestion Lucien takes out a "fast pass" that you had no idea he had arranged ahead of time. You skip the long line and get a beautiful picture together.
Lead Lucien to the back of the line While waiting in line, you and Lucien chat a lot and the time flies by.
Dream Couple A brand you like has put out special Double Seventh nightgowns. You decide to buy-- A sexy little lace gown Lucien smiles playfully as he helps you get down the gown. "I don't think I've ever seen you wear this style before? How about trying it on?"
A conservative yet cute magpie-print onesie dress Seeing you unable to choose between the pink and sapphire colors, Lucien has the store clerk wrap up the pink one. "This color's material seems a little softer."
A somewhat pricey silk pyjama set In the end you didn't pull the trigger on it, but just a few days later you receive the same ones as a gift from Lucien.
Flower Emergency A guy carrying a huge bouquet of flowers is running toward you, and you see a "caution: wet floor" sign in front of him-- Run over and stop him Lucien gets there a step ahead of you and prevents a tragedy from unfolding. The delivery man bows effusively to him, but he points at you and says, "She's who you should be thanking."
Yell at him to look out The delivery man doesn't hear you, and you and Lucien end up helping him to a clinic after a nasty fall.
Freeze up and go blank The delivery man avoids the puddle of water, but you still feel guilty. Lucien guesses what's going through your mind and rubs your head to soothe you.
If the Shoe Fits To go with the new skirt you're wearing today, you also put on a pair of new shoes, but they rub your foot the wrong way-- Bear the pain and keep pace with Lucien Lucien immediately realizes something is amiss, and leads you to a bench, and helps treat your blister. "If you're in pain, why don't you just tell me?"
Sheepishly ask Lucien to stop for a bit Lucien sweeps you off your feet like a princess and nuzzles your neck with his, saying: "I was starting to doubt whether you'd ask."
Pull on Lucien's sleeve Lucien squats down and looks at your blister. As you look at his soft black hair, you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Your Silhouette You stop in front of a paper-cutting handicraft stall, transfixed by all the portrait cuttings done in such vivid detail. You decide to-- Have the artisan cut out a single portrait You hold up Lucien's portrait and have him turn to the side so you can compare the two. He does so, but his gaze still remains on you the whole time.
Have the artisan cut out a double portrait The artisan adds a heart-shaped frame for the two of you. Lucien teasingly touches the back of your scalding hot ear, saying, "Your face is even redder than the paper!"
Watch the artisan cut someone else's portrait "If you like it, give it a try," says Lucien as he leads you over to the line. "I want one too, as a souvenir of our first Double Seventh together."
Unruly Clouds You planned a Double Seventh tradition of airing out books in the sun with Lucien, but it suddenly turns cloudy. You have to-- Give up on airing out books Lucien picks up a poetry anthology and takes you in his arms. You sit on the couch listening to his deep voice recite graceful verses, and then accidentally fall asleep.
Makes plans to do it another day Lucien holds down your hand as you go to pick up your books and has you leave them here in his apartment. "Who knows? Maybe tonight we can air them under the moonlight."
Lay some out on your balcony as a symbolic gesture A torrent of rain starts falling out of nowhere, and Lucien covers the books with a plastic tarp. "Don't worry, we can take our time picking them up."
Shape of Love As Double Seventh draws near, Kiki and the others invite you to make traditional cookies. After, you pick one to share with Lucien-- A heart-shaped cookie Lucien sends you a picture of a heart-shaped cloud in response: "And here I was just about to send you this..."
A glasses-shaped cookie It's night before Lucien sends you a response: "Sorry, just saw my phone. Will I also be lucky enough to taste this cookie?"
An "abstract art" style cookie "So is this a rabbit done in abstract style?" Lucien guesses your intention right away. "If we have a chance, I'd like to make some with you too."
Highly Auspicious A temple is holding a Double Seventh fortune-drawing event. You want to try, but you're afraid your luck is too terrible-- Look at Lucien and ask, "Can you cast some luck on me?" Lucien puts his left hand on top of yours too and holds it tight. "How much do you need? Is this enough?"
Hesitate in front of the drawing line Lucien takes you by the hand to the line. "We'll try together. Even if we pull a terrible fortune, we can figure out how to undo it together."
Pull Lucien away from that place "Aren't you really into these things?" Lucien leads you back into the temple. That day, he and you draw a "Match made in Heaven" fortune.
Wheel of Fate As you walk, the two of you come upon a "sugar painting" stall with a wheel game. You decide to-- Give it a spin You hold your sugar painting, eating it as you walk, and accidentally get your hair stuck to it. Lucien helps you extricate the hair and then carefully pins it up for you in an attractive bun.
You just want the rabbit-shaped candy You land on the Ultraman design, and you look none too happy about it. Lucien gives it a spin too, and trades the rabbit he gets with you for your Ultraman with a bite taken out of it.
Curb your impulse and turn and leave Lucien lands on a kitten design and you take turns taking bites as you walk down the street.
Will You? A marriage proposal is suddenly projected on the side of a building, causing a stir in the crowd. You decide to-- Let out a jealous shout While you're busy looking up at the building, you stumble on a rock. Lucien steadies you in his arms, "That kind of thing isn't a reason to envy others".
Take a picture like the rest of the crowd Seeing you struggle with capturing a good image, Lucien takes your phone from you to help. When you take it back, you find that he just took a picture of you standing on your tip-toes to see.
Squeeze Lucien's hand tightly You are bumped by a passer-by into Lucien's arms. When you look up, you're staring into his tender, reassuring eyes.
Look Hot, Feel Hot Even in air conditioning, you break into a full sweat wearing traditional clothes. Lucien even has on a wig, so you decide to-- Wipe his sweat with your silk handkerchief To facilitate your movements, Lucien bends down a little, placing his face close to your ear. He spots some hair plastered with sweat to your neck and says, "In a moment I'll help you wipe off too."
Give him a cooler hairstyle You hold back laughter as you give Lucien a big braid. Half-smiling, half-annoyed, he flicks your nose and says, "I think you're the one who should be wearing this hairstyle."
Lower the temperature of the AC He grabs your hand as you pick up the remote control, saying: "Turn it too low and you'll catch cold."
Post-Meal Activity After dinner and a dessert, you stand up and see you have a little paunch. Just then you decide to-- Hide it with your purse Thinking that you've got an upset stomach, Lucien places his hands on your shoulders with great concern and asks, "Are you feeling uncomfortable?"
Suggest to Lucien that you both walk home "There just so happens to be a place I want to show you." He leads you to a practically-empty little park, and you wait on a bench for the hourly fountain show.
Walk behind Lucien "You shouldn't have forced yourself to finish off that cake just now. There's always next time." Lucien takes you by the hand and pulls you to his side.
Sow and Reap The flower shop downstairs is selling Double Seventh beans, and you want to try growing some, so you choose-- Red beans "Ah, red beans, a symbol of lovesickness in ancient culture," says Lucien as he "plucks" a little red bean from behind your ear and places it in your hand.
Mung beans You and Lucien go back and put the beans in a bowl of water to sprout, each keeping some on your respective windowsills.
Beans for carving letters into You have the shopkeeper carve Lucien's name on a bean, and he sees it. He laughs and quips to you, "Isn't one of me enough already?"
First Things First As you prepare to go out, you still haven't decided how to do up your hair to go with your traditional clothing. In the end, you-- Just keep it the way it usually is Lucien pins a cute hair accessory in your hair, just the one that you had your eye on earlier. "Yes, a nice match, as expected."
Switch it up with a mature-looking bun "I'm simply stunned. This hairstyle really suits you." After pausing for awhile, Lucien finally smiles and compliments you.
Put it in a casual, cute double-bun With just a few steps, your butterfly knot comes undone. Lucien helps you tie it up again, but it's a little crooked. "It seems you need to give me more opportunities to practice in the future."
Drink the Feeling In summer, it's still scorching even by nightfall. Halfway down the street, you decide to beat the heat with a beverage-- "Perfect Pair" You can't figure out what it tastes like. Seeing the puzzled look on your face, Lucien takes a sip, and with feigned earnestness says, "It tastes like the essence of you."
"Fond Dream" The shop forgets to make your order. Lucien pats you on the head to console you. "I'll make you some tea after we go home."
"Crane Cloud" You get a glass of milk with coconut. You take a drink and then start to choke. Lucien pats you on the back, saying, "Next time don't try to gulp it down so fast."
Profession of Love A din of voices comes from the Double Seventh street market. You turn and here someone sing-- "Falling leaves blot out the moonlight..." The melody sounds a little bleak, disturbing your good mood. Lucien notices the change in your emotion and puts his arm around your shoulder as he leads you out of there.
"A pair of lovebirds on the horizon..." You subconsciously sing the next line in the song, and you can feel Lucien's fingers entwined with yours tighten a little.
The phoenix soars, searching for his mate..." Lucien makes a bird with his hands and lands it gently on your lips. "Found it."
Changing Weather A storm kicks up out of nowhere, and the two of you are stuck in a little bookshop. You decide to kill some time with a book-- A Brief History of Time Just a few pages in and you start to feel sleepy. Lucien snatches the book from you and pulls your head onto his shoulder. "I'll wake you when the rain stops."
Collected works of Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska Lucien sits beside you to read along with you but you feel like his gaze is falling more on you.
The Three-Minute Breakfast You ask Lucien if he likes Eastern or Western style breakfasts. He looks at you with a slight smile and says, "After I tell you, will you make it for me?"
Object of Fate A hand-crafted hair clasp stall attracts your attention. You take a liking to-- A silver-inlaid enamel clasp Lucien helps you coil your hair into a bun, and the stall owner erupts in praise: "Miss, your boyfriend sure seems good with his hands."
A feather-accented clasp Lucien holds the clasp up to your head and eyes it. "This colour suits you nicely."
A wood-carved clasp Lucien picks out a pretty pattern for you, saying, "In the past, this pattern meant eternal health. Now, will you accept this blessing?"
Tangled Web Under the streetlight outside your building, you discover a massive spider web, and it's in the shape of-- A heart You make a heart with your fingers and hold it up to the web from a distance. Lucien covers your hand with his, saying, "Does this count as a heart-to-heart?"
Some words, seemingly As Lucien walks you back home hand-in-hand he suddenly says out loud, "Will you?" You freeze for a moment, then he adds, "Wasn't that what was written in the spider web just now?"
A chess board You say to Lucien that you guess he's probably pretty good at chess, and he nods without a hint of modesty. "If you're interested, I can teach you."
Fall Into Place Lucien's long fake hair gets blown into a tangled mess by the breeze. It looks so bad that you decide to-- Fix it with your hands The strands of hair get wound around your fingers, and Lucien patiently helps you unravel them one by one.
Help him comb it with a comb Your comb gets stuck halfway through. He just takes the whole wig off and says, "This is what I call a hairy situation."
Let him fix it himself He looks back and places the comb in your hand. "Help me, will you?"
Ink Blot During the kids' calligraphy class, you get ink on your sleeve. You marvel at your bad luck and-- Go to the bathroom to take care of it Lucien goes with you and carefully uses wet wipes and tissues to clean the ink blot.
Wait till after class to deal with it Lucien circles behind you and helps you roll up your sleeves. "This is a little easier, isn't it?"
Gruffly push up your sleeves "This is the first time I've seen such a bold female calligrapher." His words make you blush, and in your distraction you mess up a character.
Back Home After parting ways with Lucien, you discover his brush in your pocket. Just then you decide to-- Ring his doorbell Lucien opens the door and takes the brush, then he invites you in. "It's still early. Would you like to try some new tea?"
Send him a text He calls you back and asks, "Can you hang on to it for me?" Even though you've spent the whole day together, you still keep talking.
Put it somewhere safe until you give it back next time "It seems my brush was unwilling to part and went home with you. Can you look after it for me?" You laugh at this text and respond with: "Okay".
Added Bonus The restaurant you're eating at is having a buy-one-get-one promo. You decide to-- Order what you were going to order anyway Your selection didn't end up tasting good. Lucien pokes your face and says, "Someone looks a little unsatisfied. We can always go somewhere else and eat some more."
Only select the buy-one-get-one items You accidentally ordered too much. Lucien holds down you hand and urges you, "If you can't eat it all, don't worry about it. Don't stuff yourself."
Ask Lucien what he thinks "Just order what you originally wanted." Lucien sits down beside you and flips through the menu together with you.
Love Abounds As the elevator doors open, you see the couple next door kissing at their apartment entrance. You feel compelled to-- Go straight for your door Lucien feels your flushed face and asks with feigned ignorance, "Why is your face so red?"
Close the elevator doors Lucien holds your hand and walks out of the elevator, saying, "If you're embarrassed, how about going to my place first to sit down.
Let out a cough Lucien laughs at your side, then leans into your ear and says, "I think I need to thank them for giving me the chance to see you being so cute."
Concede Defeat Before going out, you make a bet with Lucien about whether you'll be able to see stars tonight. Having lost the bet, you decide to-- Try to act cute to get out of it He buys your cute act, taking your face in his hands, pecking you on the cheek, and saying "There, you're off the hook."
Readily accept the penalty "I'll think it over and let you know your penalty some other day," he says smilingly as he caresses your worried face.
Try to haggle He pretends to seriously consider your suggestion and pats you resignedly on the head, "I guess I just can't say no to you."