Romantic Holiday (Event)/Tangram/Gavin

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Event Name Scenario Options Results
Meteor Shower On that tranquil Double Seventh night, a streak of light suddenly flashes in the sky-- "A meteor shower?!" you ask and quickly make a wish As you look up again, you see a smile on Gavin's face. He asks, "What did you wish for?"
You turn to Gavin and say, "A meteor shower!" Gavin takes you in his arms, saying, "You're all I need."
"What's this...?" "A meteor shower." Gavin pats your head and laughs warmly.
Rare Love Song You're drawn to a street artist singing a love song. The song is-- Drops of Jupiter After listening awhile, Gavin takes you into his arms, cutting you off from the crowd so all you hear is his breath and his voice: "Still remember? I'm your Jupiter."
I Will Always Love You You can't help singing along, but trying to hit those high notes makes you light-headed and you nearly fall over. Gavin catches you quickly in his arms and asks, "Tired? I can hold you if you want to keep singing."
My Heart Will Go On You sing along with the words, "Near, far, wherever you are..." Gavin reaches out for you and takes your hand in his saying, "You will always be safe in my heart."
Flower and Girl While walking down the street with Gavin, you're stopped by a girl asking if you want to buy flowers. You-- Don't want to and pull on Gavin's hand to go The girl turns pressingly toward Gavin, saying "Mister, buy a flower for your pretty girlfriend!" Your cheeks turn red, and you hastily buy the flower. Casting a glance at Gavin you see that he's smiling.
Ask the girl how much for one flower The girl picks out the prettiest flower for you. "You're so nice, Miss. I hope you and the nice man grow old and happy together!"
You go to pay but discover you have no spare change... Gavin stuffs a wad of money into the girl's hand with a smile: "I'll take the whole bunch. You can go home early." He picks one out and hands it to you saying, "Happy Double Seventh."
Embroidery Class On the street you see a Double Seventh-themed embroidery DIY class. You can't wait to try. You want to embroider-- "GAVIN" on a handkerchief You accidentally prick your finger and leave a dab of blood right inside the "A". Gavin helps you put on a bandage and then puts the handkerchief in his pocket.
Two roses on a handkerchief You take a selfie with Gavin and the roses, smiling as you say, "One rose is you, and one is me!" Gavin chuckles and replies, "They're all you."
Mandarin ducks on a handkerchief You give your finished handkerchief to Gavin, saying, "I only had time to make one!" Gavin takes it and tears it in two, giving you half: "A keepsake for you."
Clever Riddle The lantern riddle at the fair sure is difficult. You read it over, then look at Gavin and-- Ask Gavin for help "This?" Gavin reaches a hand out from behind you, draping his arm over you as he reaches for the riddle card. His touch melts away your ability to answer any questions...
Pretend like you've figured it out "A one-letter love letter? I guess 'u'?" Gavin thinks out loud as he looks at the card in your hand. You look surprised, but Gavin looks intently at you and says, "Because 'u' are all the love I need."
Want to escape but don't know how to drag Gavin away Gavin just happens to turn and meet your gaze. He sees what's on your mind, puts down the card, and takes you by the hand. "Let's get outta here."
Intoxicating Night The observation tower is packed with people, but the scenery in the distance is tranquil and beautiful. You decide to-- Take a selfie with the night scenery A person squeezing past knocks the phone out of your hand. Gavin steadies you with one hand and catches the phone with the other.
Have Gavin take a photo of you You hold your pose for a long time, but Gavin still hasn't started counting down. Then he gives you back your phone, and you realize he's already captured a ton of beautiful moments.
Take a photo together with Gavin You're pushed into Gavin by the crowd and he smoothly catches you while also taking your phone. He then takes a selfie of the two of you with the beautiful night in the background.
Shopping Astray You pass by a Double Seventh-themed clothing store. You drag Gavin in to look around and realize it's-- A pyjama and sleep wear store Looking around at all kinds of skimpy outfits you get red in the face and freeze. Gavin let's out a cough and asks, "You like this kind of stuff?"
A men's only store You pick out a few things for Gavin to try on and realize he looks good in practically any style.
Actually a photo studio Upon entering, you're warmly greeted by the manager: "Such a charming couple! I simply must take your portrait-- free of charge!"
Flowers Abound In the distance, you see a guy holding a large bouquet of flowers rushing toward you-- You try and nimbly dodge to the side You accidentally twist your ankle and end up tripping the guy with the flowers. Gavin scoops you up with a frown and gives a cold look at the man sprawled on the ground.
You freeze in place Gavin quickly pulls you away, shielding you with his body as he collides with the flower-carrying man. Rose petals even end up stuck in his hair.
You cling to Gavin at your side A gust of wind sends rose petals scattering in the air, and the guy running headlong at you is brought to a halt by the gust.
Bad Foot Rub To go with your new traditional outfit, you wear a new pair of shoes which end up rubbing your feet raw-- You ask Gavin for help Gavin's brow furrows and he scoops you up in his arms. "Don't wear these next time."
You stop to rest for awhile Gavin leaves after getting you situated, and he comes back holding a shoe box. "Change into these."
Try to hide it from Gavin so as not to bother him Gavin sees that you're in discomfort and picks you up by the waist. With a face full of concern he says, "If you're hurting, tell me."
Paper Cutting Seeing a stall full of vividly-detailed works of paper cutting art, you decide to-- Ask the stall owner to teach you how to cut out one of Gavin As you give Gavin your cutting of him, he smiles and places one he made of you in your hand.
Pick out a cutting in the shape of wandering swordsman You turn to show it to Gavin: "Looks like you, doesn't it?" Gavin doesn't reply and picks up a design of a knight and a lady instead: "One with you by my side is more like it."
Pick out a cutting of a happy couple You hold up the paper cutting and tell Gavin a story with a wistful ending. Seeing your disappointment, Gavin draws you into his embrace and says, "That's not us."
Heart String You pass by an old man who suddenly calls out to you and places a red string-- a symbol of fated love-- in your hand. You-- Use it to make a "telephone" with Gavin You give one end to Gavin and hold the other up to your ear. Gavin freezes for a long moment and then laughs. His low voice travels along the red string into your ear...
Tie one end around Gavin's finger and one around yours Gavin hooks his little finger around yours and presses your thumbs to get to "seal the deal".
Just stand there feeling very awkward... "Don't be scared." Gavin takes you in his arms then twines one end of the string around your wrist and one end around his, saying "This is a blessing."
Scent of Cookies You see a stall making traditional cookies on the side of the street. You decide to-- Ask the stall owner his cookies-making secrets With the stall owner's help, you and Gavin make your first, very own ginkgo leaf cookies.
Buy one cookie You see a pathetic alley cat on the roadside and feed it the cookie. Gavin crouches down beside you and pats your head, saying nothing.
Buy two cookies Gavin smiles and eats his cookie with you, then wipes some crumbs from the corner of your mouth with his finger.
Temple Wish A temple is suddenly filled with people. You ask around and find out tonight is a Double Seventh wish event. You-- Immediately take Gavin to go make a wish Gavin writes a few words on the wish board, and you blushingly tie it to the thousand-year-old tree.
Consult with a monk about marriage prospects You draw a very auspicious fortune and show it to the monk. He strokes his beard and says "The person you love will be blow to your side on the wind. Don't let him slip away."
Are determined to hang your wish at the top of the tree Gavin has no choice but to wait until the crow has dispersed, then he flies you up to the tree top and you hang your wish from it.
Talent Show You come upon some street performers and find out that they are-- You slide up to Gavin and whisper, "Can you play this piece on the guitar for me next time?" Gavin sweeps a strand of hair away from your face and nods, "Sure."
A group of traditional minstrels "As they're reciting an old love ballad, Gavin squeezes your hand in his, flooding you with a feeling of security.
A juggling troupe One of the performers jumps before you, holding a rose in his teeth. Before you can react, a hand reaches out and takes the rose, and Gavin says with a frown, "Let's go."
Romantic River As you walk by the river side, you see someone in a boat making a marriage proposal. You-- Stand on the bridge and watch for awhile Gavin takes hold of your hand. You turn your head and are met with his ardent gaze.
Share your excitement with Gavin Gavin asks you with a smile, "You like this kind of thing?"
Shout well-wishes to them like others around you When you turn your head, you find yourself looking into Gavin's tender gaze. He ask, "If that was you, what would your answer be?"
Post-Dinner After having a Double Seventh dinner with Gavin, you-- Feel pretty full and suggest taking a walk It turns out every street and alley you turn down, you're greeted with the enticing smells of delicious food. You take Gavin by the hand and start chowing down again...
Decide to tack on a Double Seventh dessert Gavin let's out a little cough to stop you, then takes out a traditional cookies, saying, "I made it myself. Have a taste."
Accidentally let out a belch... You look up and realize that Gavin is smirking at you, and you can't help but feel a little embarrassed.
Plant a Seed You pass by one quiet stall and realize that it's a stall for the traditional custom of seed planting. You decide to-- Plant a soybean Gavin looks on a bit shocked as you skilfully plant your soybean. You explain, "I plant these all the time! There's a lot back at my place! I also...planted a lot for you..."
Plant a red bean The old lady running the stall helps you plant the red bean and says, "Next year at Double Seventh, I'll bring it back. You two don't forget to come get it, ya hear?..."
Plant a stone You pick out a round, shiny stone and bury it in the flower pot. Handing it to Gavin, you say, "You're my rock."
Double 7th Hair To go along with the day's festivities, what hairstyle will you wear? A drooping bow style You're accidentally bumped by a passer-by, messing up your hair. Gavin pulls you over to the side and sits you down, then helps you put it back bit by bit.
A tufted cloud-shaped bun Gavin takes a look at you, then takes out a ginkgo leaf hair clasp and adorns it on your bun. He smiles and says, "Good thing I brought it after all."
Looped top-knot style Gavin, having never seen you wear your hair like this before, is stunned for several seconds. His ears turn red as he says, "Very pretty."
Past Potables Just when you want to take a rest, you see a drink stand at the roadside. You decide to have-- A "Misty Sky" You thought it would be something special, but it just turns out to be a cup of oolong tea... Gavin's eyebrows perk up as he takes a drink from it, instantly scattering your disappointment to the winds.
A "River for Two" It's actually just a cup of hot water with two straws... You look over at Gavin and think to yourself: It's just river water served for two after all..
A "Gem on the Side" "Why did you choose this one?" Gavin asks as he gets the drink for you. You look at Gavin and earnestly say, "Because, I really do have a real gem by my side."
Loveland Tavern You come upon a traditional, ancient-style tavern. You decide to-- Walk in and pretend like you're a waiter in ancient times You suddenly say to Gavin, "Ho there, good sir! Please enter!" Gavin is stunned in place.
Order a full feast You hold up a spoonful of soup to feed to Gavin, only to see that he's holding a chicken leg up for you. The food pauses in the air for a dew seconds, and you both start laughing.
Buy some wine Gavin takes a look at the wine bottle in your hand, gets a small glass and pours you out one sip. "You're only allowed a little."
Happiness Flower Legend says that if two people grow a flower together, they'll have a long, happy life together. You decide to grow-- Lavender Gavin's brows perk up, and you quickly explain, "You said before you sometimes dream of a field of lavender... I know this is just one plant but I'm sure one day it'll grow into an entire field!"
Lily of the Valley You hold the lily of the valley bud in front of Gavin. He places his hand over yours, just like he's grabbing a hold of happiness.
Nothing You pull Gavin away from the stall, but Gavin doesn't understand. You smile and squeeze his hand, "I think we're already happy enough!"
Swaying Lights Lots of people are selling lanterns on the street. You decide to buy one, and you pick-- A lotus-shaped lantern You carry the lotus lantern as you walk along the river with Gavin. A little later, you see a whole stream of lanterns come floating down the river from the distance, looking wonderfully romantic as they drift with the current.
A gorgeous palace-style lantern Your palace lantern is magnificent, but the street is really crowded for Double Seventh. Gavin shelters you as you carry the lantern, and the two of you slowly traverse this boisterous sea of lantern lights.
A rabbit-shaped lantern The cute little rabbit design melts your heart. Gavin pats you on the head, saying, "Good choice. Very cute."
Your Book You pass by a bookstore that's doing the custom of airing out books in the sun. You and Gavin help out, and you a see a copy of-- The Complete SAT Study Guide You laugh, musing about all the days you spent doing practice tests in the library. Gavin cocks a smile and says, "Those were the good old days."
The Book of 10,000 Whys "They say every person is like a book of 10,000 whys, full of riddles and full of answers..." Hearing that, Gavin lets out a laugh and says, "For you, I'm all answers."
The Collected Poems of Lord Byron You go to pick it up but find another hand already on it. Gavin's hand pauses a moment, then slides towards yours and grabs hold of it. You look at each other and smile.
Under my Umbrella You pass by a stall selling paper umbrellas and decide to pick one out. You pick out-- A mulberry tree design After walking awhile, you realize that your umbrella has a hole in it... You feel really let down, but Gavin takes you to a stationary store and helps you fix it.
A corn and poppy design It's a red umbrella, and when you open it, the top blossoms into a bunch of Winter Sweet flowers. Gavin walks under the umbrella and takes it from you, saying, "When winter comes, I'll take you yo go look at some."
A weaving loom design After opening it, you find out it's actually a lotus leaf umbrella... You and Gavin squeeze in close under the umbrella, and you suddenly feel that everything is wonderful.
Bamboo Grove You and Gavin walk into a patch of bamboo trees. You hear a whistling noise and say-- "Ah, a ghost!!!" You're scared out of your wits. Gavin quickly holds you in his arms and pats your back to soothe you. "I'm here. Don't be scared."
"Is someone whistling? Listen!" You suddenly realize that there's a noise coming from nearby. You turn to find that Gavin has plucked a bamboo leaf and is blowing on it to make a whistling noise.
"I can do that too!" You start to whistle along to the shrill sound of the wind in the leaves. Gavin pats your head gently in appreciation, a big smile on his face.
Kaleidoscope You see a stall selling kaleidoscopes and excitedly pick out-- A dragonfly-shaped kaleidoscope "Wow... where'd all these Gavin's come from?" you exclaim. Gavin takes the kaleidoscope from you, "I could say the same for you."
A telescope-plus-kaleidoscope combo Gavin directs you where to look. The lanterns hanging from the tower seem still, but then the next second you see them get carried off on the wind.
A music box kaleidoscope The music box plays one of your favourite melodies. You gleefully let Gavin listen. He leans in close to you, and the music drifts between you...
A Night Adrift It's still early in the season but there are still a couple leave drifting in the air. You-- See the falling leaves A leaf falls right on Gavin's head. You chuckle, then stand on your tip-toes to help him take it off, saying "Looks like this little guy likes you!"
Don't see the falling leaves A leaf falls on your head. Gavin draws near you and reaches out to take the leaf off.
Catch a falling leaf "A ginkgo leaf?" you ask surprised, but realize that there are no ginkgo trees around. Gavin nods, "Like it?"
Perfume Sachet You see cute traditional scented sachets on sale and decide to get one for Gavin-- A normal sachet You watch the stall owner for a while and then make your own for Gavin to wear.
A heart-shaped sachet Gavin's eyebrows shoot up as he holds out another heart-shaped sachet to give to you.
A gold ingot-shaped sachet The gold ingot shape is a little over-the-top ridiculous, but it looks quite fetching tied to Gavin's waist.
Street Magic While you're walking, you see a magic show on the side of the street, so you lead Gavin over, and the magician-- Makes a handkerchief appear The magician is about to give you the handkerchief, when suddenly a gust of wind blows it into the magician's face.
Makes a rose appear You shout out, "Incredible!" Then suddenly a gust of wind reduces the rose to just a stem. You turn and find that Gavin is giving an icy look to the Magician.
Makes a magpie appear The magpie flutters into the sky, but it leaves behind a feather in your hand.
Moat Ride You see a boat on the moat that surrounds the city and decide to invite Gavin to take a nighttime ride.-- Gavin paddles, and you take pictures Gavin realizes that you've turned the lens on yourself. He pauses for a half-second, then chuckles genially.
You and Gavin both don't paddle. The boat captain paddles you around singing "That's Amore". You place your head on Gavin's shoulder and soak in the beautiful evening together.
You and Gavin paddle together. After paddling halfway around, you get a little tired, so you propose stopping for a rest near the bank. Then you see shimmering lanterns come floating past on the water.