Romantic Holiday (Event)/Tangram

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Tangrams are scenario events exclusive to the Romantic Holiday (Event). Completing the Romantic Holiday missions triggered scenario events where the player was given three different options for three different results.

Each guy had 30 different events with 3 choices each, for a total of 90 different results. The following is a complete list of all of these results.

Event Name Scenario Options Results
Lucky Star A shooting star crosses the sky. Your first reaction is-- Put hands together and make a wish After making your wish, you sneak a peek at Victor, but to your surprise he's looking right at you. Victor looks away and mutters one word under his breath: Childish.
Take out your phone and take a picture The shooting star's already gone before you can get your app open. "You can't get that shot with your phone anyway." Hearing Victor's decidedly uncomforting words of comfort, you don't know whether to laugh or cry.
Grab Victor and make a wish together You thought Victor would call you childish, but he doesn't stop you from making the wish, and even closes his eyes obediently when you take his hand.
BGM Familiar background music starts playing in the store, but you can't think of the love song's name-- Think really hard You can't think of the song's name. While you're racking your brain, Victor reaches out and taps you on the forehead: "Don't trouble yourself."
Ask Victor Victor gives you a resigned look and pulls you out of the store.
Use an app on your phone Just as you open your app, you hear a familiar voice say what you're trying to think of. You mutter to yourself: "Naturally, there's nothing that can stump Victor."
Flower Girl A girl selling flowers looks at you and Victor: "Mister, buy a flower for the pretty lady?"-- You buy one for Victor instead Victor takes the rose you've handed him with a complex look on his face. Seconds later, he buys the rest of her roses and gives them to you as a "return gift."
Find an excuse to avoid her You tell the girl: "This gentleman never carries cash when he goes out," and a wonderful look comes over Victor's face.
Look up expectantly at Victor "Do you like them?" After getting your approval, Victor buys seven roses. As you take them, you seem to hear a whisper: "Happy Double Seventh."
"Weaver Class" You've come to a handicrafts workshop. What should you sign up to learn?-- Handkerchief embroidering You give your embroidered handkerchief to Victor. A "thankful" Victor folds it carefully and puts it away, with a glimmer of tenderness in his eye.
Mitten knitting You give the mittens to Victor, but you realize that you made them based on the size of your own hands. There's no way Victor can get them on...
Cross-stitching Victor immediately discovers the crooked stitches on the back of the cross-stitch, but he accepts your gift anyway, saying, "Not bad."
Time-limited IQ "This kind of person isn't front and centre, but you do get a kick out of them." You look at the riddle before you and scratch your head-- Challenge Victor to answer Victor let's out a "hmph", completely unprovoked by your challenge, and even retorts: "Whether I know the riddle or not, it's clear a certain someone doesn't."
Straight up ask Victor for help Victor doesn't tell you the answer right away. He just gives you a hint: "You fit this bill."
Look it up on your phone The signal here is so bad you can't load the webpage. As you rack your brain, you reach out to Victor and tug his sleeve. "The answer's a sidekick," he tells you.
Atop the Lighthouse After a long climb, you get to the top of the lighthouse. You decide to-- Shout your worries and cares into the distance However, you just notice Victor out of the corner of your eye, so you scuttle the idea. There are some words you just can't say around him.
Take a souvenir photo, pointing the lens into the distance At night, the scenery in the distance appears dim on your phone's screen. While you falter about what to do, Victor makes a couple of taps on your screen and it lights up like a light bulb.
Recite a poem about the wonder of life "Love is an ever-shining lighthouse." You say the first line, and Victor chimes in with the second. You turn around and meet his deep gaze.
A Second Look Nightgowns of different colors are on display in a store window. You can't help take a second look-- A bunny-shaped, plush, pullover nightgown "...It's summertime." Victor takes one look at the fuzzy bunny tail on the nightgown and is speechless.
A red and black lace gown in traditional style Victor, who was on your right side, is now suddenly on your left, blocking your line of sight. "Doesn't suit you."
A silk nightgown with a magpie design "It looks like it would feel cool." Hearing you exclaim, Victor takes one look at the nightgown covered in magpies and looks away disconcertingly.
Pitch Black You're almost at the "Real-Life Secret Room" place. Just one more flight of stairs, but they're pitch black. You-- Hesitate and don't go forward "Scared?" All you can do is nod at Victor's question. After a predictable "dummy", he extends his hand to you.
Muster courage and walk ahead Seeing through your facade of courage, you hear Victor let out a sigh behind you. Then he turns on his phone's flashlight and lights the way before you.
Make Victor go first "You're not scared of something coming up from behind you?" Victor casually tosses out this remark, and in the pitch dark you get so cared you jump forward and cling to his waist.
Holiday Dress Up For a Double Seventh date with Victor, you specially wear a pair of new shoes, forgetting that they haven't been broken in yet-- Bear the pain and keep walking No matter how steady your pace remains, the uncontrollable grimace on your face gives you away. Victor frowns and pulls you into a shoe store.
Stop and rest a while Noticing you subtly kick of your shoe and rotate your ankle, Victor lets out a sigh and says: "Wait here for me." He then comes out of a pharmacy with a bandage.
Whimper to Victor "..." Victor's brow furrows and loosens several times, until he finally says with a sigh, "Throw this pair out."
Paper Cutter Lots of stalls with traditional handicrafts have set up shop on the street for Double Seventh. You pause in front of a paper cutting stall-- Ask the artist to cut out a little dog You give the dog to Victor and get this in return: "Why isn't it a shiba inu this time?" You respond in earnest, "Next time it will be!"
Ask the artist to cut out a little cat You hold the paper design up to Victor, thinking of the time he wore those cat ears. As if he can guess what you're thinking, Victor gives you a tap on the head.
Whisper in Victor's ear, "This is a real artisan..." You're not sure if the artisan heard what you whispered to Victor, but of his own accord, he takes out a "Double Seventh Lovers" paper design and gives it to the two of you.
Book Sunning Custom After hearing of a Double Seventh custom involving airing out books in the sunshine, you-- Decide to move your books out to the balcony to get some sun The fates don't smile on you. It suddenly starts raining, and your book sunning plans end up ruined.
Tidy up your bookshelf and then "air" it on your social media Amidst a bunch of likes, you immediately see the one response you were hoping for. He gave a like too, but out of habit he also left a mocking comment.
Call Victor and ask if he airs out his contracts on Double Seventh "I see you're a little fuzzy on the details, as usual." After the expected sarcasm, there is an invitation for this evening. Victor asks you to clear your schedule and have dinner with him so he can set you straight.
Holiday Snack What would a holiday be without its snacks. You see a stall selling traditional cookies and-- You buy a bag You eat one first and think it's delicious. Then you hold one out in front of Victor, saying "aaah" and try to give one to him.
Ask Victor if he knows how to make them "I've never tried before." Seeing the expectant light in your eyes start to dim, Victor then hastens to add: "But it shouldn't be hard."
Buy two bags, one for both you and Victor "You should just get what you want for yourself." Although, having said that, Victor still takes the bag of cookies you bought for him.
Double Seventh Wish Although you don't know why there's a Wishing Tree on the street, since everyone else is making wishes, you-- Do like the others and fold a crane and hang it in the tree After you finish folding your crane, Victor helps you hang it high up in the tree. As you watch him diligently tie the knot, you think to yourself, "It seems my wish has already come true."
Say a wish to the tree "How boring..." Victor says a few words and leaves it at that, but you sense that what he really means is-- Why make a wish to a tree when you can make a wish to me?
Ask Victor if he wants to make a wish Victor looks deep into your eyes, and for a moment you're under the illusion that time has stopped. Then you hear a low voice in your ear: "No need."
Street Spectacle You and Victor come upon sword-wielding performers on the street- You think it's dangerous and give a wide berth The next day in the City News you see a story: "Tourist Accidentally Injured by Street Performer". You feel lucky you made the right decision.
You think it's interesting and squeeze in closer to watch You finish watching the show but then realize you can't find Victor. As you start to panic, you hear a slightly angry "Dummy" from behind you.
You stand on tip-toes to see over the crowd Seeing you crane your neck in curiosity, Victor puts his hands on his shoulders and says with a bit of sarcasm: "Want me to put you on my shoulders so you can see?" You can't help but blush.
Proposal Scene Since Double Seventh is basically Chinese Valentine's Day, it's no surprise you happen upon someone making a marriage proposal-- Seeing the man on bended knee, you can't help but say "How romantic" Victor furrows his brow in seeming disapproval of this kind of proposal, but he says nothing.
A proposal out in public in front of everyone makes you feel awkward You quietly ask Victor: "What if the guy gets turned down? Wouldn't that be so embarrassing?" Victor looks you in the eye and says matter-of-factly, "No it wouldn't."
You get excited just like the rest of the crowd To your great surprise, the guy actually gets turned down. Seeing your shocked face, Victor squeezes your hand and leads you away from the scene.
Summer Costume Even though there's air conditioning, wearing traditional clothing in the summer has you breaking out in a sweat-- Run over to the air conditioner and let it blow on you "What are you doing? You think dummies can't catch colds?" Victor walks over and blocks the cold air from blowing on you, even though his tone has you feeling even hotter.
Take some tissues and surreptitiously wipe under your neck Your less-than-refined action happens to be seen by Victor. He clears his throat and averts his eyes.
You figure Victor must be just as hot as you You get on your tip-toes to wipe Victor's sweat, but with one misstep you almost fall over. Victor quickly catches you by the waist and says with a frown, "Once an idiot always an idiot."
Joy of Eating You're too full from dinner. What to do?-- Walk it off Your tummy may be a little too uncomfortable, but since you're able to get Victor to take a walk with you, it's worth it.
Find somewhere to lie down The street is bustling, and you can't find a place to lie down, so you ask Victor if you can lie down in his car. After a brief silence, you are coldly refused.
Take a digestion tablet Victor snatches the medicine box from your hand and gives you a scolding look. You pitifully explain: "It's not my fault your cooking is so good."
Sprouting Life For Double Seventh, you decide to try the custom of sprouting a bowl of bean sprouts. Victor sees it and asks you-- "Do you know why people do this 'sprouting life' custom?" "Isn't it just...a Double Seventh tradition?" Your hazy response gets you called an idiot, as expected.
"Do you know why people use bean sprouts?" "Because then you can eat them, of course!" Victor only has this in response to your answer: "Eating is the only thing you think about."
"Have you ever sprouted beans before?..." You explain that you're sure you've done it before in kindergarten. Victor dumps out the bowl full of water and mutters: "You're gonna drown these beans."
New Hairstyle You're going to see Victor. How should you style your hair?-- A bun As Victor walks beside you, and because of the height difference between you, you have no idea how long of a look he takes at that "mound" on your head.
Fishtail braid "You've...never worn this hairstyle before, have you?" You boast to Victor about your braiding skills, and to your surprise you actually get a frank agreement from him.
High ponytail As you get closer, Victor lowers his head to talk to you and seems to take quite a few looks at the back of your neck. You just now realize how sensitive the back of your neck is...
Double 7th Drink A beverage shop has put out several Double Seventh-themed drinks. You decide to try-- "Lovesick Rain" It turns out to just be a banana and strawberry smoothie. The manager tells you that rain during Double Seventh is known as "lovesick rain", then gives you another cup, saying, "Here, it's buy-one-get-one for couples".
"Concubine's Smile" The tropical fruit-flavored drink tastes great, perfect for quenching a summer thirst. After you keep egging on Victor, he finally takes a sip: "Not bad."
"The Pleiades" The cup is more than half full of colourful tapioca balls, and there's no way you can finish it all after your big dinner. Victor chides you, saying, "Eyes bigger than your stomach..."
Ye Olde Hijinks You step into a noodle shop decorated in ancient style on the Double Seventh-themed street and yell out-- "Shopkeeper! See to our horses outside!" The other patrons in the shop bust out laughing, and even Victor by your side lets out a chuckle. The waiter plays along and says with a laugh: "Right this way, my lord and lady!"
"We'll have a flagon of wine and a side of beef!" "..." Victor looks embarrassed, and before you can sit, he drags you out of the noodle shop.
"A bowl of your finest noodles, good sir!" You ask Victor what he would like to eat, and he says he's not hungry. So then you call out again: "Bring a second bowl and set of chopsticks!" as you decide to share yours with Victor.
Maximum Awkward As you watch a movie, you get moved to tears, but then you realize you don't have a tissue-- Wipe tears with back of your hand Sitting to your right, Victor notices your action and hands you a pack of tissues.
Wait for tears to dry on their own The eyeliner you so painstakingly put on makes two little rivulets down your face-- to which you are oblivious. Stifling a laugh, Victor gives you his own handkerchief.
Grab Victor's arm to wipe tears away After wiping your tears all over his hand, you suddenly feel a twinge of regret. But Victor just gives you a look and wipes the traces of your tears away with his fingertip.
Misdial You accidentally made a call, and the person who answers is right by your side: Victor-- Pretend nothing happened and quickly hang up His phone doesn't ring, and Victor doesn't know what happened, but he finds that "nothing to see here" look on your face odd and funny.
Wait quietly and see what reaction Victor has Victor takes a look at his phone's screen, then looks back at you. He presses the green "answer" button: "Hello, I'm busy at the moment. What is it?"
Stand stunned for a while from embarrassment As you freeze up, Victor sees your phone's screen lit up and sees his profile there. He then gives a grunt and turns off your screen.
Double 7th Gift What kind of gift should you get Victor for this traditional holiday-- Give him a folding fan When the package arrives, you receive a fright. This "little folding fan" turns out to be a meter-long decorative'll have to ask Victor to come to your house to pick up his grand gift.
Recite him a poem You know that the meter and rhyme of your verses isn't perfect, but Victor doesn't nitpick, and he even gives you a rating of "not bad", putting you on cloud nine.
A tri-coloured, glazed pottery camel "A camel for a camel!" You can't help but laugh seeing Victor's speechless face. But you quickly wipe the smile off your face. "I'll give you a lucky koi camel too."
Olden Times As you stroll down the street, you run into a friend from Victor's school days. He waves at you both looking very warm and lively-- Introduce yourself As you're about to introduce yourself, the friend gives a knowing look to Victor, which Victor bristles at, saying "Don't let your imagination run wild."
Walk away and don't interrupt their reunion "I'll just go wait for you at that dessert shop." You let go of Victor's arm, but as you turn to go, he pulls you back: "No need."
Wait for Victor's reaction You take a peek at Victor and realize there's an impatient look on his face, and the hand around your waist seems to tighten up.
Public Affection As you browse your Moments feed, you see a group posting lots of public displays of affection-- Hit "like" on all of them Your thumb gets tired from tapping and still no end to your feed in sight. The situation reminds you of the time you helped Victor respond to all those comments at Souvenir.
Join them and post your own In the end, you give up on this idea: This is our holiday, a memory just between us. With that thought, you squeeze back on Victor's hand.
Show it to Victor standing next to you He responds with a look that says "So?" The look deflates your hopes, but to your surprise, he pulls you close and takes a selfie of the two of you on his phone.
Print Ad You walk past a photo studio, and the owner calls out to you, wanting to know if you'll be a model for their ad-- Refuse straight up "Sorry, we're in a rush," you say as you grab Victor's arm and walk quickly away. As you lean in to Victor you smell the cologne that you picked out originally.
Hesitate a bit, worrying it's a scam Unlike you, this time Victor seems unexpectedly open to the idea. "If you're interested, go give it a try. I'll wait for you." His words make you feel safe.
Use Victor as a human shield "He wouldn't agree...." Seeing Victor's cold face, the owner is a little hesitant. Finally, he bravely asks, "Then what about the two of you together?"
Hazy Start While playing the murder mystery game, you're picked first to talk-- Blindly peg a player as the killer That player takes offence and wants to argue back, but a cutting look from Victor at your side cows him back.
Urgently make the case for your own innocence Your attempt to clear your own name makes others suspicious of you instead, thinking "the lady doth protest too much". You feel like weeping, but Victor soothingly pats you on the hand.
Try to work out clues from the other players' expressions Your straight-faced nonsense has some of the other participants laughing, garnering you some popularity. You take a peek and discover that the "humourless King" also had a chuckle.
Fallen Hair A strand of hair has fallen on your neck, tickling you but your hands are full of loot from the Double Seventh fair-- Ask Victor to hold your things Victor's arms are full of your stuff. A couple passes by, and you hear the girl complain: "Look how nice that guy is to *his* girlfriend!"
Ask Victor to find that wayward strand of hair Victor's breath falls on your hair, so now not only is your neck itchy, but even your heart.
Stick your candied apple in your mouth, freeing your left hand Victor plucks the candied apple out with a frown: "Aren't you afraid of choking." You take a bite out of it as he does. Tart and sweet.
Puzzle Challenge This street even has some brain-teaser stalls. You walk toward-- A crossword puzzle game You know you're not much at crossword puzzles, but you've got Victor with you! You're sure you'll complete it without breaking a sweat.
A guess-that-song game You listen to music all the time when looking for inspiration for show proposals. You win the grand prize. You look to Victor, fishing for praise, and he says with a smile, "Next time, sing the answers."
A "klotski" sliding block puzzle game You're pretty lost when it comes to this game and only ever complete it with luck. This time Victor leads you hand-in-hand, and you actually get the big block out within 100 moves!
Event Name Scenario Options Results
Lucky Omen You look up to find the stars Altair and Vega, and you happen to see a shooting star. You excitedly decide to-- Rub your eyes to make sure you're not seeing things Lucien takes your hand gently and with great concern asks, "Did you get something in your eye? Need me to help you blow on it?"
Turn to Lucien and ask if he saw it As you turn, Lucien is just about to ask you the same thing. You both smile in silent understanding and keep walking, but you can feel him clasp your hand tighter.
Hold this joy quietly in your heart Lucien sees you smiling happily, and his own mouth perks up in a pleasing smile.
Speak to the Heart A very familiar love song plays from the car radio. You decide to-- Change the station Lucien sings the next line of the song after it's cut off: "Yes, all we're looking for is love from someone else". He's obviously just saying the lyrics, but it also seems like he's speaking from his heart.
Hum along quietly While waiting for a light to turn green, he softly pats your head and says, "I like your version better".
Surreptitiously tap to the beat with your fingernail He starts humming along quietly too. Those tender lyrics hummed by his deep voice become the most moving of love songs, making your whole face blush.
Clingy Child A little girl holding a basket of flowers clings to Lucien's leg. You decide to-- Buy a flower yourself Lucien holds your hand tightly, so you can't take out your wallet. He bends over and picks one out for you, which just so happens to be the one you wanted.
Have Lucien buy you a flower Lucien lets you pick one, and you crouch down and struggle to decide. But he doesn't press you at all. He just stands to the side and laughs.
Try to talk sense with the girl Lucien smiles as he watches you try to reason with the girl, but in the end he still buys a flower and gives it to you.
Worked to the Bone After hand-crafting a Double Seventh gift for him, your hands are covered in cuts. So he doesn't worry, before you go out you-- Spray on some disinfectant Lucien smells the disinfectant right away and takes you back to his house to treat the wounds. "Next time you hurt yourself, just come to get me to help you."
Swap on transparent bandages Lucien looks at your fingers criss-crossed with bandages and, half-laughing and half-annoyed, says, "Are you trying to fool yourself too, or do you just think my vision has gotten that bad, hm?"
Keep the same bandages on Lucien plants a kiss on the bandage and asks, "Does it still hurt?"
Brain Trust You're playing a lantern riddle guessing-game online with friends, but there's one you just can't figure out, so you decide to-- Turn to Lucien for help Lucien takes your hand and spells out the riddle's answer on your palm. "Got it now?"
Search for the answer online yourself Seeing you totally preoccupied, Lucien says nothing and just holds your hand as you walk, making sure you don't run into anything.
Think about it a little longer Lucien reaches out and caresses your furrowed brow. "Is there something I can help you with?"
I Was Here During Double Seventh, the observation tower set up a magpie bridge as a photo-op. Seeing the endless line, you decide to-- Just give up Lucien takes you to the other side where there are fewer people and takes a photo of you leaning excitedly by the window enjoying the night scenery.
Ask for Lucien's suggestion Lucien takes out a "fast pass" that you had no idea he had arranged ahead of time. You skip the long line and get a beautiful picture together.
Lead Lucien to the back of the line While waiting in line, you and Lucien chat a lot and the time flies by.
Dream Couple A brand you like has put out special Double Seventh nightgowns. You decide to buy-- A sexy little lace gown Lucien smiles playfully as he helps you get down the gown. "I don't think I've ever seen you wear this style before? How about trying it on?"
A conservative yet cute magpie-print onesie dress Seeing you unable to choose between the pink and sapphire colors, Lucien has the store clerk wrap up the pink one. "This color's material seems a little softer."
A somewhat pricey silk pyjama set In the end you didn't pull the trigger on it, but just a few days later you receive the same ones as a gift from Lucien.
Flower Emergency A guy carrying a huge bouquet of flowers is running toward you, and you see a "caution: wet floor" sign in front of him-- Run over and stop him Lucien gets there a step ahead of you and prevents a tragedy from unfolding. The delivery man bows effusively to him, but he points at you and says, "She's who you should be thanking."
Yell at him to look out The delivery man doesn't hear you, and you and Lucien end up helping him to a clinic after a nasty fall.
Freeze up and go blank The delivery man avoids the puddle of water, but you still feel guilty. Lucien guesses what's going through your mind and rubs your head to soothe you.
If the Shoe Fits To go with the new skirt you're wearing today, you also put on a pair of new shoes, but they rub your foot the wrong way-- Bear the pain and keep pace with Lucien Lucien immediately realizes something is amiss, and leads you to a bench, and helps treat your blister. "If you're in pain, why don't you just tell me?"
Sheepishly ask Lucien to stop for a bit Lucien sweeps you off your feet like a princess and nuzzles your neck with his, saying: "I was starting to doubt whether you'd ask."
Pull on Lucien's sleeve Lucien squats down and looks at your blister. As you look at his soft black hair, you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Your Silhouette You stop in front of a paper-cutting handicraft stall, transfixed by all the portrait cuttings done in such vivid detail. You decide to-- Have the artisan cut out a single portrait You hold up Lucien's portrait and have him turn to the side so you can compare the two. He does so, but his gaze still remains on you the whole time.
Have the artisan cut out a double portrait The artisan adds a heart-shaped frame for the two of you. Lucien teasingly touches the back of your scalding hot ear, saying, "Your face is even redder than the paper!"
Watch the artisan cut someone else's portrait "If you like it, give it a try," says Lucien as he leads you over to the line. "I want one too, as a souvenir of our first Double Seventh together."
Unruly Clouds You planned a Double Seventh tradition of airing out books in the sun with Lucien, but it suddenly turns cloudy. You have to-- Give up on airing out books Lucien picks up a poetry anthology and takes you in his arms. You sit on the couch listening to his deep voice recite graceful verses, and then accidentally fall asleep.
Makes plans to do it another day Lucien holds down your hand as you go to pick up your books and has you leave them here in his apartment. "Who knows? Maybe tonight we can air them under the moonlight."
Lay some out on your balcony as a symbolic gesture A torrent of rain starts falling out of nowhere, and Lucien covers the books with a plastic tarp. "Don't worry, we can take our time picking them up."
Shape of Love As Double Seventh draws near, Kiki and the others invite you to make traditional cookies. After, you pick one to share with Lucien-- A heart-shaped cookie Lucien sends you a picture of a heart-shaped cloud in response: "And here I was just about to send you this..."
A glasses-shaped cookie It's night before Lucien sends you a response: "Sorry, just saw my phone. Will I also be lucky enough to taste this cookie?"
An "abstract art" style cookie "So is this a rabbit done in abstract style?" Lucien guesses your intention right away. "If we have a chance, I'd like to make some with you too."
Highly Auspicious A temple is holding a Double Seventh fortune-drawing event. You want to try, but you're afraid your luck is too terrible-- Look at Lucien and ask, "Can you cast some luck on me?" Lucien puts his left hand on top of yours too and holds it tight. "How much do you need? Is this enough?"
Hesitate in front of the drawing line Lucien takes you by the hand to the line. "We'll try together. Even if we pull a terrible fortune, we can figure out how to undo it together."
Pull Lucien away from that place "Aren't you really into these things?" Lucien leads you back into the temple. That day, he and you draw a "Match made in Heaven" fortune.
Wheel of Fate As you walk, the two of you come upon a "sugar painting" stall with a wheel game. You decide to-- Give it a spin You hold your sugar painting, eating it as you walk, and accidentally get your hair stuck to it. Lucien helps you extricate the hair and then carefully pins it up for you in an attractive bun.
You just want the rabbit-shaped candy You land on the Ultraman design, and you look none too happy about it. Lucien gives it a spin too, and trades the rabbit he gets with you for your Ultraman with a bite taken out of it.
Curb your impulse and turn and leave Lucien lands on a kitten design and you take turns taking bites as you walk down the street.
Will You? A marriage proposal is suddenly projected on the side of a building, causing a stir in the crowd. You decide to-- Let out a jealous shout While you're busy looking up at the building, you stumble on a rock. Lucien steadies you in his arms, "That kind of thing isn't a reason to envy others".
Take a picture like the rest of the crowd Seeing you struggle with capturing a good image, Lucien takes your phone from you to help. When you take it back, you find that he just took a picture of you standing on your tip-toes to see.
Squeeze Lucien's hand tightly You are bumped by a passer-by into Lucien's arms. When you look up, you're staring into his tender, reassuring eyes.
Look Hot, Feel Hot Even in air conditioning, you break into a full sweat wearing traditional clothes. Lucien even has on a wig, so you decide to-- Wipe his sweat with your silk handkerchief To facilitate your movements, Lucien bends down a little, placing his face close to your ear. He spots some hair plastered with sweat to your neck and says, "In a moment I'll help you wipe off too."
Give him a cooler hairstyle You hold back laughter as you give Lucien a big braid. Half-smiling, half-annoyed, he flicks your nose and says, "I think you're the one who should be wearing this hairstyle."
Lower the temperature of the AC He grabs your hand as you pick up the remote control, saying: "Turn it too low and you'll catch cold."
Post-Meal Activity After dinner and a dessert, you stand up and see you have a little paunch. Just then you decide to-- Hide it with your purse Thinking that you've got an upset stomach, Lucien places his hands on your shoulders with great concern and asks, "Are you feeling uncomfortable?"
Suggest to Lucien that you both walk home "There just so happens to be a place I want to show you." He leads you to a practically-empty little park, and you wait on a bench for the hourly fountain show.
Walk behind Lucien "You shouldn't have forced yourself to finish off that cake just now. There's always next time." Lucien takes you by the hand and pulls you to his side.
Sow and Reap The flower shop downstairs is selling Double Seventh beans, and you want to try growing some, so you choose-- Red beans "Ah, red beans, a symbol of lovesickness in ancient culture," says Lucien as he "plucks" a little red bean from behind your ear and places it in your hand.
Mung beans You and Lucien go back and put the beans in a bowl of water to sprout, each keeping some on your respective windowsills.
Beans for carving letters into You have the shopkeeper carve Lucien's name on a bean, and he sees it. He laughs and quips to you, "Isn't one of me enough already?"
First Things First As you prepare to go out, you still haven't decided how to do up your hair to go with your traditional clothing. In the end, you-- Just keep it the way it usually is Lucien pins a cute hair accessory in your hair, just the one that you had your eye on earlier. "Yes, a nice match, as expected."
Switch it up with a mature-looking bun "I'm simply stunned. This hairstyle really suits you." After pausing for awhile, Lucien finally smiles and compliments you.
Put it in a casual, cute double-bun With just a few steps, your butterfly knot comes undone. Lucien helps you tie it up again, but it's a little crooked. "It seems you need to give me more opportunities to practice in the future."
Drink the Feeling In summer, it's still scorching even by nightfall. Halfway down the street, you decide to beat the heat with a beverage-- "Perfect Pair" You can't figure out what it tastes like. Seeing the puzzled look on your face, Lucien takes a sip, and with feigned earnestness says, "It tastes like the essence of you."
"Fond Dream" The shop forgets to make your order. Lucien pats you on the head to console you. "I'll make you some tea after we go home."
"Crane Cloud" You get a glass of milk with coconut. You take a drink and then start to choke. Lucien pats you on the back, saying, "Next time don't try to gulp it down so fast."
Profession of Love A din of voices comes from the Double Seventh street market. You turn and here someone sing-- "Falling leaves blot out the moonlight..." The melody sounds a little bleak, disturbing your good mood. Lucien notices the change in your emotion and puts his arm around your shoulder as he leads you out of there.
"A pair of lovebirds on the horizon..." You subconsciously sing the next line in the song, and you can feel Lucien's fingers entwined with yours tighten a little.
The phoenix soars, searching for his mate..." Lucien makes a bird with his hands and lands it gently on your lips. "Found it."
Changing Weather A storm kicks up out of nowhere, and the two of you are stuck in a little bookshop. You decide to kill some time with a book-- A Brief History of Time Just a few pages in and you start to feel sleepy. Lucien snatches the book from you and pulls your head onto his shoulder. "I'll wake you when the rain stops."
Collected works of Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska Lucien sits beside you to read along with you but you feel like his gaze is falling more on you.
The Three-Minute Breakfast You ask Lucien if he likes Eastern or Western style breakfasts. He looks at you with a slight smile and says, "After I tell you, will you make it for me?"
Object of Fate A hand-crafted hair clasp stall attracts your attention. You take a liking to-- A silver-inlaid enamel clasp Lucien helps you coil your hair into a bun, and the stall owner erupts in praise: "Miss, your boyfriend sure seems good with his hands."
A feather-accented clasp Lucien holds the clasp up to your head and eyes it. "This colour suits you nicely."
A wood-carved clasp Lucien picks out a pretty pattern for you, saying, "In the past, this pattern meant eternal health. Now, will you accept this blessing?"
Tangled Web Under the streetlight outside your building, you discover a massive spider web, and it's in the shape of-- A heart You make a heart with your fingers and hold it up to the web from a distance. Lucien covers your hand with his, saying, "Does this count as a heart-to-heart?"
Some words, seemingly As Lucien walks you back home hand-in-hand he suddenly says out loud, "Will you?" You freeze for a moment, then he adds, "Wasn't that what was written in the spider web just now?"
A chess board You say to Lucien that you guess he's probably pretty good at chess, and he nods without a hint of modesty. "If you're interested, I can teach you."
Fall Into Place Lucien's long fake hair gets blown into a tangled mess by the breeze. It looks so bad that you decide to-- Fix it with your hands The strands of hair get wound around your fingers, and Lucien patiently helps you unravel them one by one.
Help him comb it with a comb Your comb gets stuck halfway through. He just takes the whole wig off and says, "This is what I call a hairy situation."
Let him fix it himself He looks back and places the comb in your hand. "Help me, will you?"
Ink Blot During the kids' calligraphy class, you get ink on your sleeve. You marvel at your bad luck and-- Go to the bathroom to take care of it Lucien goes with you and carefully uses wet wipes and tissues to clean the ink blot.
Wait till after class to deal with it Lucien circles behind you and helps you roll up your sleeves. "This is a little easier, isn't it?"
Gruffly push up your sleeves "This is the first time I've seen such a bold female calligrapher." His words make you blush, and in your distraction you mess up a character.
Back Home After parting ways with Lucien, you discover his brush in your pocket. Just then you decide to-- Ring his doorbell Lucien opens the door and takes the brush, then he invites you in. "It's still early. Would you like to try some new tea?"
Send him a text He calls you back and asks, "Can you hang on to it for me?" Even though you've spent the whole day together, you still keep talking.
Put it somewhere safe until you give it back next time "It seems my brush was unwilling to part and went home with you. Can you look after it for me?" You laugh at this text and respond with: "Okay".
Added Bonus The restaurant you're eating at is having a buy-one-get-one promo. You decide to-- Order what you were going to order anyway Your selection didn't end up tasting good. Lucien pokes your face and says, "Someone looks a little unsatisfied. We can always go somewhere else and eat some more."
Only select the buy-one-get-one items You accidentally ordered too much. Lucien holds down you hand and urges you, "If you can't eat it all, don't worry about it. Don't stuff yourself."
Ask Lucien what he thinks "Just order what you originally wanted." Lucien sits down beside you and flips through the menu together with you.
Love Abounds As the elevator doors open, you see the couple next door kissing at their apartment entrance. You feel compelled to-- Go straight for your door Lucien feels your flushed face and asks with feigned ignorance, "Why is your face so red?"
Close the elevator doors Lucien holds your hand and walks out of the elevator, saying, "If you're embarrassed, how about going to my place first to sit down.
Let out a cough Lucien laughs at your side, then leans into your ear and says, "I think I need to thank them for giving me the chance to see you being so cute."
Concede Defeat Before going out, you make a bet with Lucien about whether you'll be able to see stars tonight. Having lost the bet, you decide to-- Try to act cute to get out of it He buys your cute act, taking your face in his hands, pecking you on the cheek, and saying "There, you're off the hook."
Readily accept the penalty "I'll think it over and let you know your penalty some other day," he says smilingly as he caresses your worried face.
Try to haggle He pretends to seriously consider your suggestion and pats you resignedly on the head, "I guess I just can't say no to you."
Event Name Scenario Options Results
My Love Song You hear someone on the street performing a familiar little love song. You can't help but-- Hum along Kiro takes your hand, humming along with you as you walk.
Look at Kiro beside you Kiro asks you to wait a second, then he borrows that guy's guitar and plays a love song just for you as he stares into your eyes.
Take a long look as you walk past You haven't gone far when you hear Kiro's voice singing softly in your ear: "This is a little love song I'm singing for you~".
Homeland Flowers On the central street, you're accosted by a cute little girl selling flowers. You decide to-- Buy some flowers to give to Kiro Kiro gleefully hugs the bunch of white-and-yellow daisies you give him, and then plucks one off and puts it in your hair.
Distract the girl by saying, "Look, a UFO!" Your plan works, but Kiro looks up at the sky too, and so you lose your opportunity to escape.
Find a way to politely decline Kiro sees your hesitation. He bends down and picks out different-colored flowers, giving you a rainbow.
Nice Handiwork With Double Seventh here, you decide to flex your handicraft skills and embroider a small bag. What design do you choose?-- A magpie for Double Seventh, of course You clumsily turn your magpie into a roly-poly sparrow, but Kiro quite likes it: "It's just as cute as you are!"
Just embroider a simple Kiro Looking at the crooked lines, you decide to take it apart and start over, but Kiro has already taken it and tied it to his waist. "It's got my name on it, and that means it's mine!"
Challenge yourself with a peony flower After you're done, you let Kiro guess what the design is. He happily tells you: "You know me best after all, Miss Chips! This cookie looks yummy enough to eat!"
Unsolvable Riddle There's a lantern riddle guessing game to win a lantern. You're excited to try and decide to-- Stand under the lantern and ponder the answer You rack your brain, but can't figure it out. Just then, Kiro leans in and whispers the answer in your ear.
Turn and ask Kiro Kiro blurts out the answer right away and says to you with sparkling eyes: "I've been hoping you'd ask me!"
Might as well try to search it online Just as you take out your phone, Kiro stops you. He looks at you sternly and says, "Why don't you try asking me instead of your phone?!"
Freeze Frame Fun At the top of the observation tower, there's a Double Seventh-themed photo area. You plan to-- Ask someone to take a photo of you both On either side of the Milky Way, you and Kiro look at each other from afar like the fabled Weaver Maiden and Cowherd. You both get a good giggle when you see the photo.
Sneakily take burst photos of Kiro Kiro notices your furtive motion. He takes out his phone and to "return the favor" takes a bunch of pictures of you too.
Use your phone's selfie cam to take the picture You only get a small corner of the backdrop, but you and Kiro squeezing your heads together to fit into the frame looks very cozy.
Pyjama Art In a display window decorated in beautiful antique style, you see a creative, old-fashioned sleeping gown. You then-- Take a lingering look because it's so interesting Kiro thinks that you like it, so he eagerly leads you into the shop and picks out several items. You realize that they're all part of a couple's set.
Push open the door and buy one The shop is full of couples. You pick a semi-transparent white gown, ignorant as to why Kiro is blushing a bit.
Put your head down sheepishly and keep walking After you've walked a distance away, Kiro leans in to your ear and says: "I bet you would look great in that number just now!"
Hard to Move After walking a little while, you realize that the new shoes that go with the set costume are rubbing your feet raw. You decide to-- Just bear it in silence Your awkward posture is soon noticed by Kiro. He feels terrible, and he won't let you walk another step.
Complain to Kiro Kiro sternly orders you to sit on a roadside bench, then runs off and buys another pair for you.
Take them off and go barefoot Before you can move, Kiro has already bent over and put you on his back. The kind smiles of onlookers makes you feel bashful.
Artful Cutting The paper-cutting artisan on the street artfully cuts out a Double Seventh design in a matter of seconds. You-- Look on in admiration The exactly similar looks of wonder on the faces of you and Kiro draw the artisan's attention, and he specially cuts out a design based on the two of you.
Try to do it yourself Your inability to make it come out right discourages you. Kiro on the other hand quickly gets the knack for it and guides your hand to cut out a cute little kitten.
Buy one as a keepsake Kiro buys the same design as you and calls it "a special souvenir of Double Seventh spent with Miss Chips".
Book Deal In ancient times, people had a custom of airing out their books during Double Seventh. You want to try to, so-- You get your books ready to air ahead of time You bring out your box of books, but after just airing out a few, Kiro says the sun is too intense, and you end up just watching him air out the books from under an awning.
You find some books with Kiro last-minute You accidentally let Kiro find a diary from your school days. You bashfully snatch it away and hide it quickly.
You completely forget to prepare anything Kiro and you lay side by side in the sun, and Kiro pats his chest and says this still counts as following the custom because his "heart is an open book".
Traditional Snack The central street has all kinds of traditional cookies that catch your eye. You decide to-- Buy one and see how it tastes You just take a bite, and Kiro says he wants to try it too. He stretches his neck and takes a bite right from the same spot where you took yours.
Buy a bunch to munch on slowly You take one out to share with Kiro, but he brazenly takes a bite out of the one you were eating. "Yours tastes better!"
Watch and learn so you can make them at home Your staring makes Kiro think that you want to eat one, so he buys a little rabbit-shaped cookie that you split 50/50.
Double 7th Wish A Double Seventh wish-making event at a nearby temple has drawn attendance from quite a few couples. You want to try-- Hanging a wooden board with a wish on it You write down your Double Seventh wish on the front side and Kiro writes both of your names on the back. Then you hang it up together.
Drawing a paper slip with a fortune on it The fortune you draw says: the person you yearn for is by your side. You turn your head and see that Kiro is looking back at you.
Tying a ribbon to a branch You've heard that making a wish like this will be heard by the gods. You look at Kiro by your side and make a silent prayer that your wish comes true.
Marry Me Since Double Seventh is Chinese Valentine's Day, you're not surprised to see a romantic, lantern-lit proposal scene. You-- Exclaim, "That's Double Seventh for you..." In response, Kiro thinks for a while, and then asks you earnestly: "Is that something you would like?"
Exclaim, "How romantic..." Kiro tells you that if one just proposed on a normal day that wasn't Double Seventh, then that would make one extra day in the year to celebrate. After thinking it over, you agree with his logic.
Muse that the couple is a good match Kiro looks at them, then looks at you, then indignantly says: "But obviously we're the best-matched couple, right!?"
Catch a Breeze The novelty of wearing traditional clothes has worn off. You're getting a bit hot under the collar, so you decide to-- Find a cool place to relax You're search turns up nothing, and now you're even hotter. Kiro decides to take you to a little water-side secret hideout where it's just the two of you.
Fan yourself with your long sleeves Seeing you work so hard to flap your sleeves, Kiro helpfully starts to fan you with your sleeves too, resulting in you breaking out in a sweat from embarrassment.
Think chill thoughts to cool down You try to remain calm but realize it's useless. Then suddenly there's a gentle breeze, and you find that Kiro is holding a fan and fanning you.
Head Start While you're on the ancient-looking set and dressed in traditional clothes, what hairstyle should you wear to see Kiro?-- Just let your hair hang down like normal Seeing your dishevelled hair, Kiro volunteers to style your hair himself. As you feel his fingers gently part your hair, you forget to even ask what kind of hairdo he's going to give you.
A cute double bun You tie a bell on either side, which make a ringing sound as you walk down the street. Kiro keeps wanting to reach out and poke the bells.
An ornate fairytale-esque hairdo Kiro circles you, staring wide-eyed, and compliments you as the most beautiful fairy goddess he's ever seen.
Name That Flavor You're a bit thirsty, and you see that a shop has given ancient-sounding names to each of its drinks. You decide to try-- "Elixir of Life" After you both drink the deep blue beverage, your tongues are dyed blue. Kiro laughs and says: "It's like we have a whole Milky Way in our mouths!"
"Essence of Past" This incredibly attractive-looking beverage makes you both scrunch up your faces with its sour taste. You feel like they really picked a good name.
"Nectar of Spring" After just a taste you feel a little buzzed, but Kiro's eyes light up as he says the flavor of this peach wine reminds him of you.
Eternal Legend It's said that any couple that passes over the "Lovers Bridge" hand-in-hand will remain happily ever after. You-- Are willing to believe this myth You and Kiro walk over the bridge, fingers entwined. He tells you: "There's a lot of bridges in this world, but I only want to cross them with you."
Know that it's just a marketing ploy and don'y buy it However, Kiro takes an interest in it and wants to take your hand and cross the bridge like the other couples. You suddenly want to believe in this myth too.
Want to try, but the crowd is too big You feel a little disappointed, but Kiro takes you in his arms and says confidently: "We can be together forever even if we don't cross it."
Cute x2 To your pleasant surprise, you actually come across clay figurines in Kiro's likeness on the central street. You-- Say how cute they are and compare one to Kiro Kiro sees how much you're fawning over it and asks unhappily: "That thing or me, which do you like more?"
Buy one right away to take home You happily put down your money to buy one, but then Kiro stops you, saying, "Why would you want to bring that home when you've got me here?"
Have Kiro hold one up to take a picture with You laugh a little too hard at the photo, and Kiro starts to act upset. "I'm gonna need a kiss before I forgive you!"
Solitary Earring You discover that one of your earrings that go with your costume has fallen off. Where do you think it fell?-- In the tavern where you ate You find it under the table. You crouch down to get it, but you end up colliding with Kiro who is doing the same.
On the bridge you just crossed You both search all over but don't find it. Finally you discover that it somehow got hooked to Kiro's sleeve.
In the alley where you hid The alley has no lanterns, so it's quite dark. You accidentally collide with Kiro and your fingertip touches something soft.
Moving Art You see a statue of the Cowherd in the square. As you near it, it suddenly moves. You-- Jump out of fright Kiro gets scared by your sudden movement. You both stare at each other and then decide to go get something to eat to settle your nerves.
Wonder if the cow he's leading is real or fake When you go to touch it, the cow really moves. You jump in fright, and Kiro pats your head and says, "Don't be scared."
Look for the Weaver Maiden You don't see the Weaver Maiden, and when you tell Kiro, he says quietly: "He definitely has found his Weaver Maiden yet."
Needle Threading There are lots of traditional games of skill on the central street. You see a needle-threading stall and decide to-- Give it a try You accidentally prick your finger. You're about to wipe away the blood droplet with a tissue when Kiro hastily snatches your finger and sticks it in his mouth.
Hesitate and give up Kiro is curious and leads you over to try. After you both busily thread seven needles, you wipe the sweat from your brows and both admit that you'll never be hired as Weaver Maidens.
Be a spectator As you watch Kiro, he pricks his finger. He whimpers and holds up his finger, a bead of blood forming on it, and asks you to console him.
Spidey Sense You open a traditional "spider box" used to tell one's fortune. To your surprise, it really has a spider inside. You-- Scream and throw the box down Your exaggerated reaction makes Kiro think something happened, and pulls you aside worriedly checking for injuries.
Snap the box shut Kiro, who wasn't looking just then, asks you curiously what's in the box. You're too stunned and just blankly hand him the box to let him see for himself.
Check for a web to see your fortune There's a web in the box. Looking at the web's shape, Kiro says: "This kind of web means you're skilful and intelligent!"
A Dash of Color You hear some places are doing special Double Seventh fingernail painting. You're a bit curious and-- Decide to try painting your nails The light pink color you use looks great. Kiro picks up your fingers, lowers his head, and gently kisses your fingernails.
Make Kiro help you paint your nails Kiro diligently and patiently places your hand in his palm, applying paint to one nail after another. Beads of sweat even form on his forehead, but he doesn't notice.
Try painting Kiro's nails After you make multiple promises, Kiro finally agrees to let you. Seeing the sly smile on his face, you suddenly get the feeling that you've been had.
Needle in a Haystack The crowds are too thick on the Double Seventh street, and you accidentally get separated from Kiro. You decide to-- Search all around for him You can't find him and start to panic, then you turn around and see Kiro emerging from under a lantern. A brilliant smile lights up his face as he sees you.
Wait right where you are for him Someone suddenly taps you on the shoulder. Before you can even turn around, Kiro has taken you by the hand. "I just knew you'd wait for me here."
Make a loudspeaker announcement "Mr. Kiro, paging Mr. Kiro..." The announcement draws Kiro to you but also attracts a wave of fans.
Hide and Seek You and Kiro are accidentally noticed by someone. You decide to find somewhere to hide.-- An empty alley The dark alley has Kiro hesitating. Something suddenly makes a sound, and before you can react he has you wrapped in a tight bear hug.
A private room in a restaurant The two of you are almost seen through the window by someone looking up taking in the scenery. You both quickly duck beneath the window and breathe a sigh of relief.
The most dangerous place is the safest You're almost blocked in on the street, but thankfully Kiro uses his extensive crowd-avoidance experience to get you out of there.
One Shot You have your heart set on an archery prize, but each person only gets one shot. Facing that far-off bullseye, you decide to-- Try to do it yourself With great effort, you draw back the bow, but the arrow falls before it reaches the bullseye, Your spirits sink, but then you see that Kiro has already won the prize you wanted.
Ask Kiro for help Kiro easily draws back the bow that you find so heavy and hits the bullseye with one shot. He takes the little pouch tied with a red satin ribbon and places it in your hands.
Content yourself with just looking at the prize After you take too many looks, Kiro naturally takes notice. He asks you to wait a minute, and then he comes back holding that embroidered pouch you had your eye on.
Dainty Fans Along the street there are quite a few hand-crafted fans made with exquisite detail. You decide to pick one out as a souvenir-- A silk fan with an embroidered design The silk fan feels so fine you can hardly put it down, and its cowherd and weaver design is quite romantic. Warmth flows from Kiro's hand to yours, making you feel warm inside.
A gorgeous feather fan You pick up the fan for a second, but it doesn't feel quite right. You turn to give Kiro a look. While he looks on confused, you stick the feather fan into his hand and then nod.
A folding fan with words written on it You open the fan that Kiro gives you and see the word "Fairy Goddess" written on it. Then you look at his fan and see that his actually has the words: "Fairy Goddess's Sweetheart".
Star Gazing As you lie looking up at the stars, suddenly a shooting star streaks across the sky. You quickly-- Give Kiro a tug and tell him You realize that Kiro was looking at you the whole time and missed it. But he shakes his head saying: "I saw it reflected in your eyes."
Check to see that Altair and Vega are still there The two stars are still right where they always were, then you realize you and Kiro both let out a sigh of relief.
Blink a few times and realize it was an illusion But then Kiro says to you: "It wasn't an illusion. I already made a wish on it for you."
Sprouting Custom You see a stall for the "sprouting" custom. Kiro asks you what that is, and you prepare to tell him-- It's an ancient fertility custom "Well, what's that supposed to mean?" You're about to keep explaining to Kiro, but you realize that he's looking at you with a sly smile.
Just soaking beans so you can eat them Kiro double-checks with you doubtingly, and you nod with a completely straight face, telling him that bean sprouts are very good this time of year.
You don't know either After hearing you say that, the stall owner patiently explains to you that it's a kind of ancient fertility custom. Your face gets red as you listen and look down sheepishly.
Long Lost Lines There are all kinds of ancient-looking sets in Studio City. The first lines from an old period piece show that come to mind are-- I have something to say, but know not whether I ought You look seriously at Kiro. He blinks and then snaps to and takes your hand, "Whatever you wish to say, I will listen well."
I owe you my life. This is a debt I can never repay. You use your sleeve to cover your face in modesty. Kiro immediately chimes in with the next line, "A life for a life, then?"
Let it be known, this is the emperor's decree! You solemnly recite the words. Kiro takes your hand and replies in a low voice: "As you wish."
I Can Go On! You lost control and got too stuffed from a huge dinner. What do you do?-- Go walk it off After you walk you feel a little hungry. You and Kiro look at each other and decide to go snacking on the central street.
Have some yogurt to aid digestion After the yogurt you feel even more full. You have no choice but to go buy indigestion tablets with Kiro.
Walk slower and pretend it's okay Kiro gives up on the rest of the evening's plans and just ambles by the riverside with you like an old couple.
Event Name Scenario Options Results
Meteor Shower On that tranquil Double Seventh night, a streak of light suddenly flashes in the sky-- "A meteor shower?!" you ask and quickly make a wish As you look up again, you see a smile on Gavin's face. He asks, "What did you wish for?"
You turn to Gavin and say, "A meteor shower!" Gavin takes you in his arms, saying, "You're all I need."
"What's this...?" "A meteor shower." Gavin pats your head and laughs warmly.
Rare Love Song You're drawn to a street artist singing a love song. The song is-- Drops of Jupiter After listening awhile, Gavin takes you into his arms, cutting you off from the crowd so all you hear is his breath and his voice: "Still remember? I'm your Jupiter."
I Will Always Love You You can't help singing along, but trying to hit those high notes makes you light-headed and you nearly fall over. Gavin catches you quickly in his arms and asks, "Tired? I can hold you if you want to keep singing."
My Heart Will Go On You sing along with the words, "Near, far, wherever you are..." Gavin reaches out for you and takes your hand in his saying, "You will always be safe in my heart."
Flower and Girl While walking down the street with Gavin, you're stopped by a girl asking if you want to buy flowers. You-- Don't want to and pull on Gavin's hand to go The girl turns pressingly toward Gavin, saying "Mister, buy a flower for your pretty girlfriend!" Your cheeks turn red, and you hastily buy the flower. Casting a glance at Gavin you see that he's smiling.
Ask the girl how much for one flower The girl picks out the prettiest flower for you. "You're so nice, Miss. I hope you and the nice man grow old and happy together!"
You go to pay but discover you have no spare change... Gavin stuffs a wad of money into the girl's hand with a smile: "I'll take the whole bunch. You can go home early." He picks one out and hands it to you saying, "Happy Double Seventh."
Embroidery Class On the street you see a Double Seventh-themed embroidery DIY class. You can't wait to try. You want to embroider-- "GAVIN" on a handkerchief You accidentally prick your finger and leave a dab of blood right inside the "A". Gavin helps you put on a bandage and then puts the handkerchief in his pocket.
Two roses on a handkerchief You take a selfie with Gavin and the roses, smiling as you say, "One rose is you, and one is me!" Gavin chuckles and replies, "They're all you."
Mandarin ducks on a handkerchief You give your finished handkerchief to Gavin, saying, "I only had time to make one!" Gavin takes it and tears it in two, giving you half: "A keepsake for you."
Clever Riddle The lantern riddle at the fair sure is difficult. You read it over, then look at Gavin and-- Ask Gavin for help "This?" Gavin reaches a hand out from behind you, draping his arm over you as he reaches for the riddle card. His touch melts away your ability to answer any questions...
Pretend like you've figured it out "A one-letter love letter? I guess 'u'?" Gavin thinks out loud as he looks at the card in your hand. You look surprised, but Gavin looks intently at you and says, "Because 'u' are all the love I need."
Want to escape but don't know how to drag Gavin away Gavin just happens to turn and meet your gaze. He sees what's on your mind, puts down the card, and takes you by the hand. "Let's get outta here."
Intoxicating Night The observation tower is packed with people, but the scenery in the distance is tranquil and beautiful. You decide to-- Take a selfie with the night scenery A person squeezing past knocks the phone out of your hand. Gavin steadies you with one hand and catches the phone with the other.
Have Gavin take a photo of you You hold your pose for a long time, but Gavin still hasn't started counting down. Then he gives you back your phone, and you realize he's already captured a ton of beautiful moments.
Take a photo together with Gavin You're pushed into Gavin by the crowd and he smoothly catches you while also taking your phone. He then takes a selfie of the two of you with the beautiful night in the background.
Shopping Astray You pass by a Double Seventh-themed clothing store. You drag Gavin in to look around and realize it's-- A pyjama and sleep wear store Looking around at all kinds of skimpy outfits you get red in the face and freeze. Gavin let's out a cough and asks, "You like this kind of stuff?"
A men's only store You pick out a few things for Gavin to try on and realize he looks good in practically any style.
Actually a photo studio Upon entering, you're warmly greeted by the manager: "Such a charming couple! I simply must take your portrait-- free of charge!"
Flowers Abound In the distance, you see a guy holding a large bouquet of flowers rushing toward you-- You try and nimbly dodge to the side You accidentally twist your ankle and end up tripping the guy with the flowers. Gavin scoops you up with a frown and gives a cold look at the man sprawled on the ground.
You freeze in place Gavin quickly pulls you away, shielding you with his body as he collides with the flower-carrying man. Rose petals even end up stuck in his hair.
You cling to Gavin at your side A gust of wind sends rose petals scattering in the air, and the guy running headlong at you is brought to a halt by the gust.
Bad Foot Rub To go with your new traditional outfit, you wear a new pair of shoes which end up rubbing your feet raw-- You ask Gavin for help Gavin's brow furrows and he scoops you up in his arms. "Don't wear these next time."
You stop to rest for awhile Gavin leaves after getting you situated, and he comes back holding a shoe box. "Change into these."
Try to hide it from Gavin so as not to bother him Gavin sees that you're in discomfort and picks you up by the waist. With a face full of concern he says, "If you're hurting, tell me."
Paper Cutting Seeing a stall full of vividly-detailed works of paper cutting art, you decide to-- Ask the stall owner to teach you how to cut out one of Gavin As you give Gavin your cutting of him, he smiles and places one he made of you in your hand.
Pick out a cutting in the shape of wandering swordsman You turn to show it to Gavin: "Looks like you, doesn't it?" Gavin doesn't reply and picks up a design of a knight and a lady instead: "One with you by my side is more like it."
Pick out a cutting of a happy couple You hold up the paper cutting and tell Gavin a story with a wistful ending. Seeing your disappointment, Gavin draws you into his embrace and says, "That's not us."
Heart String You pass by an old man who suddenly calls out to you and places a red string-- a symbol of fated love-- in your hand. You-- Use it to make a "telephone" with Gavin You give one end to Gavin and hold the other up to your ear. Gavin freezes for a long moment and then laughs. His low voice travels along the red string into your ear...
Tie one end around Gavin's finger and one around yours Gavin hooks his little finger around yours and presses your thumbs to get to "seal the deal".
Just stand there feeling very awkward... "Don't be scared." Gavin takes you in his arms then twines one end of the string around your wrist and one end around his, saying "This is a blessing."
Scent of Cookies You see a stall making traditional cookies on the side of the street. You decide to-- Ask the stall owner his cookies-making secrets With the stall owner's help, you and Gavin make your first, very own ginkgo leaf cookies.
Buy one cookie You see a pathetic alley cat on the roadside and feed it the cookie. Gavin crouches down beside you and pats your head, saying nothing.
Buy two cookies Gavin smiles and eats his cookie with you, then wipes some crumbs from the corner of your mouth with his finger.
Temple Wish A temple is suddenly filled with people. You ask around and find out tonight is a Double Seventh wish event. You-- Immediately take Gavin to go make a wish Gavin writes a few words on the wish board, and you blushingly tie it to the thousand-year-old tree.
Consult with a monk about marriage prospects You draw a very auspicious fortune and show it to the monk. He strokes his beard and says "The person you love will be blow to your side on the wind. Don't let him slip away."
Are determined to hang your wish at the top of the tree Gavin has no choice but to wait until the crow has dispersed, then he flies you up to the tree top and you hang your wish from it.
Talent Show You come upon some street performers and find out that they are-- You slide up to Gavin and whisper, "Can you play this piece on the guitar for me next time?" Gavin sweeps a strand of hair away from your face and nods, "Sure."
A group of traditional minstrels "As they're reciting an old love ballad, Gavin squeezes your hand in his, flooding you with a feeling of security.
A juggling troupe One of the performers jumps before you, holding a rose in his teeth. Before you can react, a hand reaches out and takes the rose, and Gavin says with a frown, "Let's go."
Romantic River As you walk by the river side, you see someone in a boat making a marriage proposal. You-- Stand on the bridge and watch for awhile Gavin takes hold of your hand. You turn your head and are met with his ardent gaze.
Share your excitement with Gavin Gavin asks you with a smile, "You like this kind of thing?"
Shout well-wishes to them like others around you When you turn your head, you find yourself looking into Gavin's tender gaze. He ask, "If that was you, what would your answer be?"
Post-Dinner After having a Double Seventh dinner with Gavin, you-- Feel pretty full and suggest taking a walk It turns out every street and alley you turn down, you're greeted with the enticing smells of delicious food. You take Gavin by the hand and start chowing down again...
Decide to tack on a Double Seventh dessert Gavin let's out a little cough to stop you, then takes out a traditional cookies, saying, "I made it myself. Have a taste."
Accidentally let out a belch... You look up and realize that Gavin is smirking at you, and you can't help but feel a little embarrassed.
Plant a Seed You pass by one quiet stall and realize that it's a stall for the traditional custom of seed planting. You decide to-- Plant a soybean Gavin looks on a bit shocked as you skilfully plant your soybean. You explain, "I plant these all the time! There's a lot back at my place! I also...planted a lot for you..."
Plant a red bean The old lady running the stall helps you plant the red bean and says, "Next year at Double Seventh, I'll bring it back. You two don't forget to come get it, ya hear?..."
Plant a stone You pick out a round, shiny stone and bury it in the flower pot. Handing it to Gavin, you say, "You're my rock."
Double 7th Hair To go along with the day's festivities, what hairstyle will you wear? A drooping bow style You're accidentally bumped by a passer-by, messing up your hair. Gavin pulls you over to the side and sits you down, then helps you put it back bit by bit.
A tufted cloud-shaped bun Gavin takes a look at you, then takes out a ginkgo leaf hair clasp and adorns it on your bun. He smiles and says, "Good thing I brought it after all."
Looped top-knot style Gavin, having never seen you wear your hair like this before, is stunned for several seconds. His ears turn red as he says, "Very pretty."
Past Potables Just when you want to take a rest, you see a drink stand at the roadside. You decide to have-- A "Misty Sky" You thought it would be something special, but it just turns out to be a cup of oolong tea... Gavin's eyebrows perk up as he takes a drink from it, instantly scattering your disappointment to the winds.
A "River for Two" It's actually just a cup of hot water with two straws... You look over at Gavin and think to yourself: It's just river water served for two after all..
A "Gem on the Side" "Why did you choose this one?" Gavin asks as he gets the drink for you. You look at Gavin and earnestly say, "Because, I really do have a real gem by my side."
Loveland Tavern You come upon a traditional, ancient-style tavern. You decide to-- Walk in and pretend like you're a waiter in ancient times You suddenly say to Gavin, "Ho there, good sir! Please enter!" Gavin is stunned in place.
Order a full feast You hold up a spoonful of soup to feed to Gavin, only to see that he's holding a chicken leg up for you. The food pauses in the air for a dew seconds, and you both start laughing.
Buy some wine Gavin takes a look at the wine bottle in your hand, gets a small glass and pours you out one sip. "You're only allowed a little."
Happiness Flower Legend says that if two people grow a flower together, they'll have a long, happy life together. You decide to grow-- Lavender Gavin's brows perk up, and you quickly explain, "You said before you sometimes dream of a field of lavender... I know this is just one plant but I'm sure one day it'll grow into an entire field!"
Lily of the Valley You hold the lily of the valley bud in front of Gavin. He places his hand over yours, just like he's grabbing a hold of happiness.
Nothing You pull Gavin away from the stall, but Gavin doesn't understand. You smile and squeeze his hand, "I think we're already happy enough!"
Swaying Lights Lots of people are selling lanterns on the street. You decide to buy one, and you pick-- A lotus-shaped lantern You carry the lotus lantern as you walk along the river with Gavin. A little later, you see a whole stream of lanterns come floating down the river from the distance, looking wonderfully romantic as they drift with the current.
A gorgeous palace-style lantern Your palace lantern is magnificent, but the street is really crowded for Double Seventh. Gavin shelters you as you carry the lantern, and the two of you slowly traverse this boisterous sea of lantern lights.
A rabbit-shaped lantern The cute little rabbit design melts your heart. Gavin pats you on the head, saying, "Good choice. Very cute."
Your Book You pass by a bookstore that's doing the custom of airing out books in the sun. You and Gavin help out, and you a see a copy of-- The Complete SAT Study Guide You laugh, musing about all the days you spent doing practice tests in the library. Gavin cocks a smile and says, "Those were the good old days."
The Book of 10,000 Whys "They say every person is like a book of 10,000 whys, full of riddles and full of answers..." Hearing that, Gavin lets out a laugh and says, "For you, I'm all answers."
The Collected Poems of Lord Byron You go to pick it up but find another hand already on it. Gavin's hand pauses a moment, then slides towards yours and grabs hold of it. You look at each other and smile.
Under my Umbrella You pass by a stall selling paper umbrellas and decide to pick one out. You pick out-- A mulberry tree design After walking awhile, you realize that your umbrella has a hole in it... You feel really let down, but Gavin takes you to a stationary store and helps you fix it.
A corn and poppy design It's a red umbrella, and when you open it, the top blossoms into a bunch of Winter Sweet flowers. Gavin walks under the umbrella and takes it from you, saying, "When winter comes, I'll take you yo go look at some."
A weaving loom design After opening it, you find out it's actually a lotus leaf umbrella... You and Gavin squeeze in close under the umbrella, and you suddenly feel that everything is wonderful.
Bamboo Grove You and Gavin walk into a patch of bamboo trees. You hear a whistling noise and say-- "Ah, a ghost!!!" You're scared out of your wits. Gavin quickly holds you in his arms and pats your back to soothe you. "I'm here. Don't be scared."
"Is someone whistling? Listen!" You suddenly realize that there's a noise coming from nearby. You turn to find that Gavin has plucked a bamboo leaf and is blowing on it to make a whistling noise.
"I can do that too!" You start to whistle along to the shrill sound of the wind in the leaves. Gavin pats your head gently in appreciation, a big smile on his face.
Kaleidoscope You see a stall selling kaleidoscopes and excitedly pick out-- A dragonfly-shaped kaleidoscope "Wow... where'd all these Gavin's come from?" you exclaim. Gavin takes the kaleidoscope from you, "I could say the same for you."
A telescope-plus-kaleidoscope combo Gavin directs you where to look. The lanterns hanging from the tower seem still, but then the next second you see them get carried off on the wind.
A music box kaleidoscope The music box plays one of your favourite melodies. You gleefully let Gavin listen. He leans in close to you, and the music drifts between you...
A Night Adrift It's still early in the season but there are still a couple leave drifting in the air. You-- See the falling leaves A leaf falls right on Gavin's head. You chuckle, then stand on your tip-toes to help him take it off, saying "Looks like this little guy likes you!"
Don't see the falling leaves A leaf falls on your head. Gavin draws near you and reaches out to take the leaf off.
Catch a falling leaf "A ginkgo leaf?" you ask surprised, but realize that there are no ginkgo trees around. Gavin nods, "Like it?"
Perfume Sachet You see cute traditional scented sachets on sale and decide to get one for Gavin-- A normal sachet You watch the stall owner for a while and then make your own for Gavin to wear.
A heart-shaped sachet Gavin's eyebrows shoot up as he holds out another heart-shaped sachet to give to you.
A gold ingot-shaped sachet The gold ingot shape is a little over-the-top ridiculous, but it looks quite fetching tied to Gavin's waist.
Street Magic While you're walking, you see a magic show on the side of the street, so you lead Gavin over, and the magician-- Makes a handkerchief appear The magician is about to give you the handkerchief, when suddenly a gust of wind blows it into the magician's face.
Makes a rose appear You shout out, "Incredible!" Then suddenly a gust of wind reduces the rose to just a stem. You turn and find that Gavin is giving an icy look to the Magician.
Makes a magpie appear The magpie flutters into the sky, but it leaves behind a feather in your hand.
Moat Ride You see a boat on the moat that surrounds the city and decide to invite Gavin to take a nighttime ride.-- Gavin paddles, and you take pictures Gavin realizes that you've turned the lens on yourself. He pauses for a half-second, then chuckles genially.
You and Gavin both don't paddle. The boat captain paddles you around singing "That's Amore". You place your head on Gavin's shoulder and soak in the beautiful evening together.
You and Gavin paddle together. After paddling halfway around, you get a little tired, so you propose stopping for a rest near the bank. Then you see shimmering lanterns come floating past on the water.