Relieving Date

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"I came across Gavin in the pub. He took me to his secret base to help me decompress. A challenge is waiting for me."

General Requirements[edit]

  • Character: Gavin
  • Required Intimacy: 1
  • Date Reward: Get Heroine's Moments [Secret Ba...]

Required Karma[edit]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[edit]

Section 1

Colleagues took me to a bar to chill out from work.

Section 2

I didn't really like the crowd and the thumping music, especially when strangers tried to hit on me. Then I saw Gavin and couldn't believe the lone wolf actually brought a friend.

Section 3

I left quietly but was cornered in an alley by the creeps who hit on me. I don't even want to think what might've happened had Gavin not come to my rescue.

Section 4

Gavin brought me to a boxing gym. He was good enough to fight professionally if he wanted to. Under his watch, I put the gloves on for the first time. I took a shot at the punching bag and froze when it swung back toward me! Fortunately, he pulled me out of the way and shielded me.