Psychology Lover Type Test

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The Psychology Lover Type Test is a one-time quiz given to new players and can be accessed from Events. Be careful to enter your correct Birthday Date. The Game starts a personal surprise Event with various gifts on this day.

Question 1[edit]

In terms of emotions, what kind of person do you think you are?

  • Very laid back. I go with the flow.
  • I'm capable of weighing pros and cons rationally.
  • I yearn to be loved. I yearn for warmth.
  • I want to throw all caution to the wind and love somebody.

Question 2[edit]

You receive a letter on a white piece of paper. What do you think is written on it?

  • There's no moonlight right now, but I like you.
  • It's a long answer and I'll need a lifetime to tell you.
  • If one of us have to love the other more, then let it be me.
  • My heard is a wild bird, and in your heart it's found the sky.

Question 3[edit]

If there's one detail about a person that you remember, what is it?

  • Warm eyes fixed on you
  • Smile shining like the sun
  • Towering figure silhouetted in the setting sun
  • Beautiful hands as they turn the pages of a book

Question 4[edit]

If you have the chance, what would like to try with the person you like?

  • Spend all day curled up on the couch
  • Call each other pet names
  • Walk the streets hand in hand
  • Go on a vacation together

Question 5[edit]

At the movies, when you watch a moving scene, what are you like?

  • I'm very emotional. I get moved to tears easily.
  • I bite my lip and bear it. I never cry in front of people.
  • I cry, all the while commenting on how cliché the story is.
  • Get my kleenex out and quietly wipe away the tears.

Question 6[edit]

What do you believe in most?

  • That every girl will be treated kindly
  • That you can meet the perfect someone
  • That if you work hard, your dreams will come true
  • That there's something you love and will pursue


Result Description
Cat Girl You're like a proud cat, standoffish and not easy to win over. You're egotistic and a little sensitive. You actually want to show your vulnerable side, but you keep it to yourself. You believe you can reason with your emotions. You want to be doted on, you want constant companionship and you yearn for a warm embrace.
Puppy Girl You're like a pure, open-book puppy dog. You wear your heart on your sleeve and are frank about expressing your feelings. When you like someone, you wanna be with them 24 hours a day. You want to give everything good in the world to that person--even your true heart.
Bird Girl You're like a bird flying freely through the air, but you'll stop and land for the right person. You're independent, not afraid to fall in love (or out), and you have a sort of male charisma. You take an active role emotionally. If you like someone, you let them know. If you love someone, you go after them!
Bunny Girl You're like cuddly, cute little white bunny. You don't have schemes, you kind of fear loneliness, and you get upset easily. You don't know how to get a boyfriend, and you're passive emotionally. You need that person to take action but your will to love back is as much as that of significant other.