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When doing the Psychology Lover Type Test in the Events section, the game asks the player to provide a date for their birthday, which cannot be changed.
On this day, the player receives a birthday surprise consisting of birthday wishes from the boys, as well as a Greeting Card containing birthday gifts that must be claimed within the next 30 days.

The birthday surprise begins the moment the player enters the game after the loading screen, and starts by prompting the player to choose the boy they want to visit. Afterwards, players can either choose to visit another boy, or leave the birthday page to proceed with the Greeting Card gifts.

Players can revisit the boys' birthday visits in the "Review" tab in the upper left of the Greeting Card. The Greeting Card itself can be found in the "Recommended" tab of the Event page, and will remain there even after the gifts are claimed. The Greeting Card leaves after 30 days of the player's birthday.

Birthday Gifts[ ]

The Greeting Card features:

And includes four of the following:

Claiming the gifts does not automatically activate the 30-day VIP trial, so the trial can be activated on a later date. For example, you can wait until Monday to activate the trial so that you can purchase VIP exclusive Monday packs for an extra week (see Evol Supply for details).
Note that the trial does not include the standard 300 Gems that you would instantly obtain if you purchased the VIP, and you would not be able to obtain the random extra rewards if there are any (again, see Evol Supply).

Birthday Moments[ ]

Once you claim the gifts, the love interests post Moments about the presents they gave you. These moments can be found in Moments List, but are also repeated below.

Answer #1 Answer #2 Answer #3
1st Birthday Ki43.PNG Ki43Alt1.PNG Ki43Alt2.PNG
2nd Birthday Ki149.PNG Ki149Alt1.PNG Ki149Alt2.PNG
Answer #1 Answer #2 Answer #3
1st Birthday Ga41.PNG Ga41Alt1.PNG Ga41Alt2.PNG
2nd Birthday Ga144.png Ga144Alt1.PNG Ga144Alt2.PNG
Answer #1 Answer #2 Answer #3
1st Birthday Lu46.PNG Lu46Alt1.PNG Lu46Alt2.PNG
2nd Birthday Lu138.png Lu138Alt1.png Lu138Alt2.png
Answer #1 Answer #2 Answer #3
1st Birthday Vi45.PNG Vi45Alt1.PNG Vi45Alt2.PNG
2nd Birthday Vi141.png Vi141Alt1.PNG Vi141Alt2.PNG
Answer #1 Answer #2 Answer #3
2nd Birthday Sh17.png Sh17Alt1.PNG Sh17Alt2.PNG
3rd Birthday [[File:|500px]] [[File:|500px]] [[File:|500px]]

Birthday Wishes[ ]

The birthday messages vary by year. In addition to the love interests, the player receives a birthday message from Shaw starting in the second year.

1st Birthday 2nd Birthday

Video Timestamp Link
1st Birthday 2nd Birthday

Video Timestamp Link
1st Birthday 2nd Birthday

Video Timestamp Link
1st Birthday 2nd Birthday

Video Timestamp Link
2nd Birthday 3rd Birthday

Nice to know[ ]

Your game birthday doesn't have to be your real birthday. You could hypothetically set it on a day of the year when you expect you'll need extra gems (like holidays or the boys' birthdays), but of course, that takes away from the spirit of the birthday messages. The amount of gems given is 520, a number that plays on the phrase "I love you" in Mandarin.

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