Overseas Date

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"I couldn't help feeling worried when Lucien didn't come back in time. So I decided to visit the country he was in..."

General Requirements[edit]

  • Character: Lucien
  • Required Intimacy: 7

Required Karma[edit]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[edit]

Section 1

Lucien has been on business trips frequently in recent days. This time he even left me the key to his home and asked me to take care of his plants. We agreed that he would return when the daisies bloomed.

Section 2

I tried hard to win the chance to work in Denmark collecting materials for a show, and found Lucien's address by drawing it out of him. I waited for him in the park full of blooming purple hydrangeas, but as soon as I relaxed, I pass out and fell in his arms due to a cold.

Section 3

Waking up in the midnight, I found that Lucien had been by my side. Due to illness, my mood fluctuated a little, which he considered as a blame for his previous failure to keep the promise, so he committed seriously that he wouldn't leave me alone any more.

Section 4

Lucien asked me if there's any place I wanted to go. I finally decided to revisit the park of hydrangeas. Despite the abrupt sun rain, we embraced freely in the rain, feeling the love flowing between us.