Other Moments

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Search Scenario Obtained from Search Scenario Obtained from
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I wonder O011.PNG The Apocalypse Eve (Event) In these O012.PNG The Apocalypse Eve (Event)
Gavin is so cool! O009.png Gavin: Interrogation If I don't take O010.PNG Plot
Was sent out O007.PNG Victor: At Leisure OMG he smiled O008.PNG Victor: Special Assignment
If he disobeys O005.PNG Kiro: Milk Punishment This guy has gotten O006.PNG Kiro: Pretender
It must be a lovely O003.PNG Kiro: Bright Night I did Kiro's O004.PNG Kiro: Impeccable Dressed
Pic for the day! O002.PNG Visiting Hours Date (Gavin) So he was blowing O001.PNG Kiro: All Eyes on You
Kiro's new album O12.PNG Kiro: Singing for You Muscles! O11.PNG Kiro: Perfect Figure
Ha, gotcha, O10.PNG Kiro: Chance Encounter My neighborhood KikiMoment 00001.PNG Plot
The flu this time O4.PNG Plot Officer Gavin is O5.PNG Gavin: Sincere Instruction
I seem to catch O1.PNG Plot Someone just passed O2.PNG Plot
Woohoo! I finally O3.PNG Plot Everyone's a bit O51.PNG Kiro: Snooze
My idol, drinking O40.PNG Kiro: Milk Punishment An injured bird O41.PNG Gavin: Upwind
I just got through O43.PNG Plot Our Gavin is O44.PNG Gavin: Deduction
No wonder you O45.PNG Lucien: Get Well Soon Can't find him O46.PNG Kiro: Chance Encounter
Gavin almost O47.PNG Gavin: Wayward Offer Noooo my Kiro O48.PNG Kiro: Airwave Trail
Gavin still looks O49.PNG Gavin: Investigation Shouldn't have O50.PNG Kiro: Loving Mood