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Author: Editor Wukong

News: The Seventh Assassination of Evolver {context}
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Stay safe and enjoy this Christmas Eve The Underwater Museum was completed recently and would be opened for the first exhibition
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Famous Entrepreneur in Car Crash. Offender Hospitalized Forest Fire on Loveland Outskirts with Suspected Casualties
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Unexplained Explosion at Special Task Force Mysterious Weightless Zone? Loveland's Unsolved Mysteries?
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LFG Acquires Giant Pharma Research Company, Expands Industry Territory Kiro Holds Press Conference, Assault Incident a Hoax
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Today's Top Story: Evolver Clash Happens Again! Superstar Kiro Exposed As Evolver!
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Disasters Increasing Worldwide, Safety First Severe Earthquake Rocks Loveland's Neighboring City
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Evolution Accelerator Announced, Evolver Suicides at Official Launch Murder in Agio Street, Victim's Identity a Mystery
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Underground Organization Behind Quarantine Zone Crime Spree, Special Task Force Working Around the Clock Black Swan Declares War, Special Task Force's Hardline Response
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High-risk Evolvers Arrested, Special Task Force Urges Community to be Vigilant Brilliant Neuroscientist Develops New Vaccine. World Gene Organization: Savior of the World.
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Pianist meets satelite tower on the sea?? It'll be a restless night tonight on the Loveland City shore! [Important Notice] Special Task Force Issues Evolver List
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Serial Explosions on North Mountain. Case co-investigated by two cities Who was racing downtown late at night?
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Loveland City Police cordially reminded the public: Evolvers, don't forget to register! Downpour vs blizzard! New updates on Loveland City's extreme weather?!
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Explosions at River-Crossing Bridge, Cause under Investigation Is LFG Entering US Market after Buying Stakes in HBS?
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Quarantine Decreed for Escalating Outbreak! A Real Truman Show? Experts: Cause of Heavy Snow Last Night Still Unknown.
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New-type Flu Outbreak with No Cure Alert! Massive Explosion at the Lazaretto! Terrorist Attack Suspected!
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Chain of Apartment Explosions! 5 Dead, 47 Injured! Your Guide to Homecoming Festivities At Loveland University
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Breaking! Twin Towers Corridor Broken by Strange Black Wind 8th Global Investors Summit Opens, Why is LFG's Victor Absent?
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Big News! Malicious Hacker Paralyzes Internet City-Wide HBS Eyes Domestic Market to Grow Film & TV Business!
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Heinous Kidnapper on Loveland High School's Anniversary! Astrologer: Look Out for Cupid in Wake of Loveland Rainbow
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Shootout in Loveland, Marksman Saves the Girl & the Day Loveland High School to Hold Anniversary after Exams
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Win or Lose? Black Friday is Here Now. Are You Ready? Exam Season is Coming
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Loveland Zoo Killer Whale Gives Lovers Cold Shoulder Lost Kid Helped by Young Lovers, Kid: I Want New Parents
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Flower Shop Girl Bewitched? Sits in Shop Till Midnight Youtuber Hollow Gets Spooky, Posts Selfie with Police
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Fireflies Nearly Extinct, Don't be Blinded by Love LFG's Luxery Ship Sets Sail, Shocking $1B Price Tag
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Gossip Spotlight

Author: The Handsome Feynman

The schedule of Kiro's new song launch is announced!! Self-driving train ran automatically bizarrely, with the cleaner claiming to have seen the ghost during the day
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Well-known Film & TV Company Suspected of Drug Dealing Mr. Victor Discharged And Picked Up By Girlfriend
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Controversy Erupts Over Evolver Rights, Ultima Bioresearch to Host Ethics Symposia Time for Romance is Back! Are you prepared for this Valentine's Day?
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LFG Stocks Rebound. New High Set. Unexplained Evolver Disappearance. Supernatural Forces at Work?
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An audiovisual feast on HMS Victoria! See you tonight! CEO of LFG is Evolver? Loveland City Institution in Crisis!
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Topic Today: Does Super Power Really Exist? Major Crisis for Miracle Finder! The End to this Classic Variety Show?
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Kiro's New Film a Hit, Kiro Praised for Hard Work Day and Night Are Reversed. Real-Life Fiction?
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Blazing Light in a Mysterious Alley Said to be a Good Omen by a Folklorist! Anchor's Sudden Death with Bloody Tears! Destiny or Devil's Curse?
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Shootings in a Warehouse! No Casualty Reported for Information Withholding? Friend to Foes! Confrontation at the Press Conference!
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Kiro Visits Haunted House, Ghost: I Touched Kiro! High-risk Contagion Spreading to Repeat SARS Crisis?
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Kiro's 5 Mins Late to Concert, Apologies with a Smile Halloween Is Coming: The Legend Continues
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Entertainment World Shocked! Kiro Calls it Quits! Kiro Appearing at TV Tower? Fans Get Out of Control!
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Black Wind and Lightning Suddenly Appear, Abandoned Factory Suspected Haunted Tower Elevator Malfunctions: Faulty Operator or Paranormal Activity?
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"Lonely Star" Producer Flees Reporters, Apparently Guilty Victor Appears with Mystery Girl, Netizens: "3 Months Tops"
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Kiro's First Day on Set! The Same Cotton Candy He Bought Sold Out in 1 Hour As LFG Makes Moves, Young CEO Victor Looks Ambitious
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Loveland Life

Author: Rice Ball

Are YOU Ready for Jack-o'-Lantern Contest? Let's have a romantic and memorable New Year's Eve countdown!
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A Night of Darkness into A Different Kind of Fairytale world Saturday Lecture Announcement
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Don't Miss Out on This Amazing Autumn Trip Sign Up For the "Up-To-You" Skating Comeptition!
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Carnival at Verdant Plaza is waiting for you! Who Can Resist Kitten Power?
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Daily French

Author: Editor Moon Shadow

Top 10 of Most Romantic French Quotes
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Variety Express

Author: Editor Emily

Kiro to Join Plan X! This Summer Just Got Hotter! Superstar Comeback? Kiro Kicks Off World Tour!
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